The Sanctum Gladiator Games [Read First]

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The Sanctum Gladiator Games [Read First]

Post by Arbitrator on Tue Mar 01, 2016 3:09 am

The Sanctum Gladiatorial Games

Please direct all questions and intentions to apply to the games to inbox of the Arbitrator on Sanctum.

Before getting into a description of the games themselves. It is very important to note that while the main theme of these games is combative, they are intended to be a source of play for all players. The games are hosted by Sanctum itself, and therefore are part of the larger storyline as a whole. The Games are not a singular event or individual RP. They are part of Sanctum that involves many groups and factions into a collaboration of demi-free form role play that will helps shape the story of Sanctum.

As such they can be interacted with in every facet, from using them to infiltrate minions, attempted assassinations, political agendas or public executions. Anything and everything you could possibly think of. As the games themselves are entirely an in character story event, and part of the ongoing plot. Get inventive, deceptive, corrupted or push for honor and glory. Whatever it is you could think you could do to interact with games can be done!

The first thing to understand is that the Gladiatorial Games are NOT a tournament, they do not follow a tournament format. But are instead an ongoing event that is entirely in character and hosted by Sanctum itself. There are three events that accepted gladiators can participate in. Two of which will be constantly ongoing, single ladder and team ladder matches. And the third which will consist of hosted tournament like events. These settings will be very different in nature, and will often consist of events or situations that characters must overcome.

The Games does not have a foreseeable ending period unless there is no longer any interest. So the ladders will remain indefinitely. There will be no resets, or new beginnings once the games have begun. However newcomers are welcome to join at anytime and will not be penalized.

The intent of the games is to create an ongoing sanctioned format in which those that wish to test their mettle can compete and overall improve. Every event will be overseen by the Arbitrator, which is  a single entity that serves in representation of an anonymous panel of judges. And as a fair warning the restrictions for entrance and participation are steep. This is a mandatory evil if a fair and common ground is the be worked upon. Only by ensuring everyone is participating in the exact same confines can the Sanctum Gladiator Games be truly established as sanctioned events. For some, this will establish a true ranking system of warriors; others a goal or ladder to climb. Ultimately it's about improving the caliber of players as a whole, and giving those of the more violent nature a place to practice their trade.  

Perhaps most importantly the goal is to set the standard and level of competence expected from players who attend and wish to contribute to the Sanctum community in terms of combat oriented role play. Sanctum seeks to avoid and diminish if not altogether remove the stigma of the OOC drama, and arguing that has become commonplace in role play combat in the various communities. It is the sincere hope on Sanctum that by hosting these games and creating a standard in which all members must operate that a common ground and understanding can be reached. Resulting in clean, efficient and fair play.

General Rules

1. All events are done in character. These events will be hosted in the Sanctum Rift Amphitheater. This means that whatever happens. Happens. If your character is killed. It is killed, there will be no arbitrary resurrections of vanquished foes. While in most cases actually killing your opponent(s) is frowned upon it is allowed.
1A. Combatants may agree to a non-death pact before a battle. Furthermore any participant if they fear for their life have the right to immediately forfeit at any point in the match. This must be done in your following post, and in a timely fashion. If a character calls forfeit, the match is counted simply as a loss.

1B. Participants can request a match be Sine Missone. No mercy, no quarter. If all participants accept this stipulation the right to forfeit the match is waived. And the battle does not end until only the victor(s) remain alive.

2. The Arbitrator's words are LAW. Do not argue. If a participant insists on defying the Arbitrator’s ruling, a first offense is disqualification in their current match. A second offense is subject to removal from the Gladiator Roster. This will be strictly enforced.

Note this does not mean you cannot approach with a clear and logical counterpoint. If you truly feel that the Arbitrator’s decision has been made in error, you can appeal the decision after the match. Given that system interactions will have been determined before the games and matches if in the event your appeal is accepted the match results will not change. However future interactions will adjust to the new standard.

3. Every participant must submit a character and system write up in order to participate. There will be NO exceptions. Players are allowed to submit multiple characters, however each character will require its own write up. These submitted character sheets are private and for the purposes of the Arbitrator. They will not be released to the public.

4. The combat format for Sanctum and these games is Turn Based Logic. No additional or special rules may be added or adapted.

5. Unless otherwise agreed upon by all participants in a bout, the time limit for posting during a ranked match is three to five days as agreed upon before hand by the participants. Ideally fights should conclude as quickly as possible in order to open combatants up to new challengers and advance any events that may be underway.

5A. All ranked fights will have a hard two month cap, if the fight is not concluded by then a winner will be determined by decision. If Gladiators would like to compete in non-ranked matches utilizing the Games rule set they are not subject to the one month hard cap, but must state their desired time limit for posts before the match.

The Ranking System

The Sanctum Gladiatorial Games will be utilizing a simple but multi-layer ranking system. The intent of this ranking system is to satisfy all aspects of the Gladiatorial Game designs. The first Layer is a Class ranking system. Which will assess the general tier or maximum power capabilities of a participant. These are X, S, A, B, C and D classes respectively. The second layer is a numeric ranking system within each class. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. And the third layer of the ranking system is a Star System. The number of stars a participant has varies from 0 stars to possibly 5 stars. The Star rankings are given based on the participants class and used only as a balancing factor in the team matches and special events.

To give a general Idea.

S Class 1st - 5th
A Class 1st - 5th
B Class 1st - 5th
C Class 1st - 5th

S Class = 4 Stars
A Class = 3 Stars
B Class = 2 Stars
C Class = 1 Star
D Class x2 = 1 Star

A note on the classes. These are not absolute, and the differences between tiers may be smaller then you think. With the exception of the D class which is mainly reserved for combatants who can participate in melee only. That being said X, S, and A classes are all generally considered High tier. B Class is Mid tier, and C class is low tier. The primary difference between X, S and A classes is the capabilities a combatant displays. Having a lot of power does not necessarily mean they are adept with it.

In some cases the games may assess certain individuals the S Class 5 star rank. This is entirely at the Arbitrators discretion based on the individuals displayed capabilities and must be approved by a unanimous decision.

There are some individuals who are so potent, the threat they possess so great that attempting to classify them among even those of the S class would be inadequate to the danger they present. These exceptionally rare and unique individuals are placed within the X class. Individuals placed in this class are only done so at the unanimous decision of the Arbitrator and upon placement will be given a unique star rating.

In addition to the actual participant roster, there are two additional forms of ranks. There will be 'Illustrious' rank, as well as the 'Formidable' rank. Not every noteworthy character is capable of combat, nor would various characters who may be exceptionally dangerous choose to enter or take place in the games for multiple in character reasons. However that does not exclude them from being implemented into the system for the sake of its design.

In these cases, the Arbitrator will pre-rank an individual based on their knowledge of the character. This is likely to only occur with well known characters that would not take place in the games but have displayed their capabilities on multiple occasions without question. These individual with formidable reputations will be given a class and star rank that the Arbitrator feels best represents the threat they pose to others if crossed. The numeric rank given to these non-participants will be 0 to signify they are not active in the games themselves.

As well not every character needs to be skilled in combat to be a threat or of note. As such they will be placed in the 'Illustrious' rank. These individuals will be described as they are known in character Sanctum. So as not to give away whatever means it is they have used to achieve the rank.

Remember the Sanctum Gladiatorial Games are completely in character and hosted by Sanctum itself. While the games have vast out of character goals for the community itself, they also have deep intentions that are tied Sanctum’s story and lore. Sanctum would not host such an extravagant event without reason. These story intentions will not be listed as it will be up to the various characters to discover these motives if they are so inclined.

Restrictions on Participation

As stated one of the goals of this event is to create as finite a rule set as possible. Only in a setting where everything has already been accounted for and taken into consideration can a true level playing field be had. And there individual skill can take precedence, through player and or character. Do note this does not mean the playing field is by any means fair. Some people are just more skilled or talented than others. This is not a field to coddle people but give a common ground where people can improve or display their skills. Nothing is personal, do not take it as such. If you get soundly defeated by a particular team or opponent. Live learn and move on. Understand that perhaps they are simply the more skilled warrior and work to improve.

Every participant MUST submit a formal character sheet. It doesn't matter if your character uses a self created system, is based off an anime, or a tabletop RP. Be it D&D, Whitewolf, Rogue Trader, Pathfinder, whatever. These character sheets must prove to the Arbitrator that your character is actually balanced and logical to some extent. This is mandatory so that it can function in a Turn Based Logic format. Adaption is the name of the game, and if you're unable to find a way to adapt a D&D rule set to your character and make it work in a non-dice logic driven environment you might want to try another system. A character sheet does NOT mean a stat sheet. Stats are not required in Turn Based Logic. You must only explain the reasoning behind your abilities and how they work. Make them make sense


The Three Events

Single Ladder Match

The first event is simply a ladder match system. Where Gladiators will battle one on one and may the better combatant win. It is here the true 'best' of the Gladiators will be forged and prestige can be earned. The single ladder match system will always be open and ongoing. At the conclusion of the match the ranks if applicable will be adjusted.

A gladiator may only ever challenge another gladiator in the same class as them. S, A, B and C ect. Unless they are the top ranking member in their class. IE. C Class Rank 1, can challenge the lowest ranked B Class gladiator. If they win and become B class they can then challenge anyone in the B class.  This means a new gladiator must work their way through the ranks. One cannot simply challenge the first ranked gladiator of a class on a whim. The only exception to this is the S class. Where you must work through the ranks consecutively to claim the top spots.

Team Ladder Matches

The second tier of events is the team ladder matches. This is one of two formats that utilize the Star Ranking system. Given the general chaos and varying skill of Gladiators. It would not be a balanced playing field if teams could consist of only the top ranked Gladiators. As such there is a restriction set on team types. Each team must meet the Star Rating Requirement in order to form a sanctioned team.

Teams must consist of at least 4 stars worth of members but no more than 10 stars. This means that yes There can be single man teams if a Gladiator is dangerous enough. But the general team will usually have two to three members.

This is done to make team battles as evenly matched as possible. The team ladder match ranking system is separate from the standard Gladiator Personal rank. It is a plain numeric system 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on for each team. Every team must come up with a team name and once the initial rank of teams is created, a team may challenge any other team for their spot. With exception to the top three teams. Who they must defeat consecutively just as a gladiator must in the single ladder match system. At the conclusion of a match the ranks will be changed if applicable.

Scripted/Hosted Events

The more complex of the three tiers, as it will routinely change. These will be hosted and often scripted 'game' type events. These will most often be team participation. Teams can be those from the team ladder or newly created teams. But must follow the Star Limitation System. Scripted events will consist of things like certain objectives participants must complete while competing against one another. Or different variables that may be introduced into the matches such as golems that are aggressive to both sides.

These events will not be ranked but simply have one overall winner per event.


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