Rules! Please read before participating

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Rules! Please read before participating

Post by Conservator on Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:10 am

1. Read the FAQ!

2. Profanity is fine within reason. Slurs/degredation in OOC forums is however, not allowed.

3. Strictly no OOC in IC forums! Please use private messages. All out of character posting in IC forums will be removed immediately. Repeated infractions may lead to a temporary or permanent ban.

4. Keep your private fun, err...private. Come on, have some decency. Note that Sanctum is rated NC17, however. Some things may get graphic. But there is no need to roleplay outright porn.

5. Harassment is taken very seriously. Our style of roleplay invites a certain "shit talking" comraderie, ribbing, etcetera. But if it crosses the line, action will be taken. We do not permit: doxxing, stalking, flooding the site to gang up on a certain user. Remember its a game. If you have beef you can sort them out in rp. Make it worth the investment. But please, leave old scores, bitter rivalries and drama that crosses the rp barrier off the site. Check it at the door!

6. Sanctum is strictly freeform, open and TBL (turn based logic). No dice, t-x systems, prep systems or methods that enforce a creation mythos or override other systems permitted.

7. Do not spam. Spammers will be thrown into the incinerator.

8. Do not advertise other roleplaying chats or forums on Sanctum unless you have express permission

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