FAQ/Our Mission - Hello newcomers! Please read this before participating in Sanctum!

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FAQ/Our Mission - Hello newcomers! Please read this before participating in Sanctum!  Empty FAQ/Our Mission - Hello newcomers! Please read this before participating in Sanctum!

Post by Conservator on Mon Jul 11, 2016 11:35 pm

Demi freeform

What is it?  Demi freeform, or restricted freeform in our definition is a shared continuity.  There are little to no restrictions on who or what may join the RP setting as a whole, or what one character or group of characters can accomplish outside of their desire to do so.  

Why?  Through the use of Demi-Freeform RP we aim to create a large interactive setting where many story lines can converge and create something greater than the sum of their parts.  By sharing a single continuity many different groups which may of never interacted with each other may now do so with real consequences to their actions.

What does “Everything adds to the canon” mean?  Everything from the smallest interaction in a tavern, to a major military engagement adds to the canon of Sanctum.  Opening a colony on a lone island in the sea, means you make yourself a target for other towns, states or even empires.  This could be good as some people are naturally more peaceful than others.  However not everyone has the rest of the groups In Character best intentions in mind.  Rivalries run deep on Sanctum, and every action can echo throughout the whole of Sanctum.  Anyone is capable of bringing their own lore into Sanctums.  However the stakes and consequences of actions in Sanctum can be very high.  

Using forum and chats interchangeably, explain encouragement to submit chat logs of rps to the forum for archival purposes  even if incomplete  While some players may be unable to commit to chat based RPs, due to time constraints we do not discourage the use of chatrooms.  In fact the use of them can help greatly speed up a scene that may of taken a week or two to complete into a single night or two of continuous RP.  What we do ask is that these logs are submitted into appropriate sections of the Sanctum forums.  If there is no appropriate subforum, you can always submit them under the creative writing sub-forum.  The reason for this allows people to see ongoing plot lines they might be interested in joining, but also to prevent meta-gaming.  If a log is submitted and a character was not present for that event, and has no way of knowing about it, they cannot feasibly have that knowledge.

Greater canon - How does Sanctum work?

Sanctum is one big interactive, open and ongoing storyline. Everything that happens on Sanctum becomes a part of the canon. If your character dies they are simply dead— unless you have found a legitimate way (which is rare) to bring them back to life. You cannot compartmentalize in demi-freeform, meaning you cannot be alive to some and acknowledged as dead to others. However, if new to Sanctum (while still respective of outside storylines if you have interacted with other players or factions) you are free to ‘restart’ your character within our lore. Ex: if a player or faction dispatched you on another site and that faction or player migrates into our lore, your player is still dead. They would be free to complain to the Arbitrator about the complication.

We do not allow closed settings!  You cannot bring an RP to Sanctum that is separate from the universal lore. This does not mean you cannot have private rps by any means, but if it has nothing to do with the greater lore there are plenty of other sites to host your roleplay. We recommend The Keep.

Not all factions and players will survive.  No player or faction is required to tiptoe around your skill or power level. The stakes and risks are high on Sanctum. There are weak factions and strong ones, regular humans and beings with god-like power. So long as all characters are balanced and no one is being intentionally disruptive via tavern burning and the like— it is allowed. Sanctum is not a place where “But I’ve had this character for 10 years or “I’ve waited long enough” and “They can’t die” will fly. You cannot retcon a death or a wipe out and it is extremely bad form to bail on a storyline because you’ve discovered you are outclassed and losing is inevitable. Remember: its a game! You win some, you lose some the smallest back alley scrap or assault to the largest world shaking intergalactic war.

Is this a Sandbox rp?  Not necessarily. There is no GM, obviously and rather than the world being fully established, we encourage players to claim a part of the map, establish a town or empire or simply set up camp. We are not the GMs, you are. Worldbuilding on Sanctum is a collective effort. But, understand— there are hostile factions and empires who may be inspired to seize what you have established through violent means or even a peaceful attempt at alliance or annexation.

What you do in X might have consequences in Y.  Save for private forums awarded to each major faction with enough players and activity to warrant a subsection and usergroup all activity on Sanctum is out in the open for all players to peruse at will. Outside of blatant metagaming, something happening in your neck of the woods could have consequences in another depending on the event. For example: A brawl or attack on a ship in the Vaasten ocean may belong to another empire, thus, making those who attacked appear on a wanted list. And, suddenly, you have head hunters after you or appearing in a certain territory has you marked as arrest or kill on site. We encourage this kind of risk and depth in rp.


How to join a pre-established faction or nation  Almost all factions, groups, empires and hoards welcome new players. You can try to hop in IC [In character] and do it through storyline, or, you can contact the heads of the group and ask to ease in or make a new character to join up. Most often, empires are looking for additions within their lore and are always in need of someone to cook up a new character and throw their lot in. Major factions will have color coded usernames assigned to each character (example, Celesin is slate blue, Black Sun is gold, Dorian is red) and clicking on the legend at the bottom of the forum provides information for each group. A private message to the group moderator is usually sufficient enough to begin a dialogue.

How to start a faction or empire/kingdom  You can bring a faction along in any fashion. You’ll have to choose a meeting place, encampment within the neutral or contested territories or your faction will need to have their lore tied in with one of the major empires in order to operate within them (and you will need to contact their group moderator). For empires, we encourage the creation only if you have more than three active members in your group to run it. If you can show us that your empire/kingdom is active and balanced you may contact the Conservator handle to have a group and a subforum made. You will need to submit small detailed descriptions for each section (three to start with) and choose a handle to be your group moderator. You are free to use the Wanted! Recruitment Station forum to look for willing volunteers.

To be native to Sanctum, or not?  Either is fine. However, for a group native to Sanctum we will be providing a small wiki article on the planet so one can be prepared to integrate properly. Those not native to sanctum are free to bring lore with them that doesn’t effect the creation myth of our specific universe. Canon characters from fiction are welcome as well— you simply cannot bring the universe with them. Sanctum encompasses both the world as its namesake as well as the pocket universe/nexxus it is contained within (along with some worlds far away which are invested in the storyline). How your character, faction, group etc got to Sanctum is up to you. Get creative. Contact the Conservator to have your location added to the map. What spot you choose does matter! Certain areas can be within empires or on the menu to be claimed. Consider your location carefully.

So you want to add a town or tavern?  A post in Wanted! Will suffice along with a private message to the Conservator to establish a location on the map. If your town is open and active for more than two weeks within the Neutral Territories we will assign a subforum to you and move it to Contested Territories. We encourage and welcome new locations! Towns, villas, pubs and encampments must be open. Larger factions and empires once established will be awarded a private subforum that only members of their group, if formed, can see. Offworld settings must have some lore tied in with Sanctum or major empires and factions. One cannot simply make a neighboring homeworld that has little to do with the greater canon. Sanctum must be the fulcrum. Otherwise, its basically just a closed rp. Also, just because you make it doesn’t mean it will survive and thrive! Anything can happen.

Who is the Arbitrator?  An anonymous seven member panel of Sanctum users from various chats and forums chosen for a lack of bias, dutiful dedication to the site, combat skill, investment level and ethics. No one except the Arbitration panel knows who the makes up the names behind the Arbitrator. The panel’s primary function is to act as a fair and unbiased judge for combat if needed and also the Sanctum Gladiator Games. The Arbitrator can even be summoned for lesser fights or points of contention outside of the combat forum if a second opinion is needed in a violent situation (we take munching and godmoding seriously site-wide. Please do not hesitate to involve the Arbitrator if needed no matter how small the issue).

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