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Post by Arbitrator on Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:48 pm

The Gladiators
Note: Members that are found inactive will receive a notice, if the notice is unanswered they will be removed from the roster.

A Class

Fenris of Olfwood
Daul Fatima Dra'sen
Drustan Draghurst
Caden Dra'sen
Nikolai Krause
Sune'ere Dra'sen
Mesiphidon Dra'sen
Arcerion Vileur-Shuinsai
Khooey Redpointe
Gertubt Calerat/Crystal Night*

B Class

Tera Tyne
Meng Die
Sergei Deker
Corban Alesiter
Sirhan Melarr
Mathias Seraph
Vann Reviam*

C Class

D Class

NOTE: A * next to a name means that the participant has not submitted or has an incomplete character write up

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