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Shadows of Ultonis Empty Shadows of Ultonis

Post by ALIS-Ultonis on Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:47 pm

It was here, that The Primoris Ultonis found himself to be most at home sometimes, and yet he had sent his men here. The wilderness was his domain, it was only fitting for the predator incarnate, and yet he knew Sophonax was near here, and the Dead-Eyes had lived near here. He wanted to establish a presence. Thus 25 Ultonis were sent into the woodlands to begin establishing checkpoints, 5 each spread across 8 miles from west to each at the North side of the forest.

The Ultonis would begin crafting wooden towers from the materials at hand, not seeking to impose a new environment upon their location, but rather seeking to harmonize with it. They would be the rangers here at least that was the idea. And within a few days time unless contested they would establish a small network of semi-hidden towers along the forest. They had been told to stay away from Red-Pointe unless invited and to even defend and help its people if they were in need of assistance.

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