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Neutral Territories

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  • Market

    Also known as the "Grand-Market" or "Market-City" is an independent city state ran by a Patron which has a seedy reputation as a haven for both corruption and commerce.
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    Neutral Territories 202-49[TRANSER] The ol...
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  • The Lowborn

    The most popular watering hole and dive in the center of the market sprawl favored by warriors, merchants, criminals, hired hands other 'independant entrepreneurs' of all sorts. A corkboard on the wall promises endless jobs, some of them honest offers and others traps for the gullible: Opportunities to join various empirical militias around the globe, fishing and hunting gigs, seeking weapons for hire, transportation and protection. The bartender [NPC] is a tall, strong and stout woman of dark hair inexplicably known to the patrons as 'Goliath'. Rooms are for rent on the top floor and highly prized clean and hot food is a legendary service the establishment is rightly proud of.
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    Neutral Territories 160-36[TRANSFER] A Spa...
    Thu Oct 13, 2016 7:44 pm
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  • Arena

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    Neutral Territories 164-84A meeting place...
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  • Vasten Ocean

    Vaasten is the only body of water on Sanctum with access to all continent. Known for its dangerous, choppy waters and storms, blessed with plenty of yield for fisheries, cursed with fantastic beasts of legend and riddled with numerous gangs of pirates and traders. Several nations understand it is wise to guard their coasts connected to Vaasten waters
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    Neutral Territories 10-60Diamond in the R...
    Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:17 am
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  • Haluud Trading Outpost

    A proxy territory island of the Black Sun Empire; includes a small nation of indigenous which have been partially annexed by House Maur. There is a small maritime militia of the empire residing on the island but mostly they police the shipments, seafaring bodies and stores of goods and supplies. BS jurisdiction does not extend to the water and the island of Haalud is known for being dangerous, a hot house of organized crime and human trafficking and quite chaotic.
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    Neutral Territories 10-60Diamond in the R...
    Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:17 am
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  • Arthis

    An uncolonized island once home to an ancient and forgotten Empire. Resource rich, but dangerous to outsiders it serves as a large frontier of Vasten. Though possibly sparsely inhabited the flora and fauna on Arthis are so vicious that even the closely neighboring empires and settlements have learned to keep clear of its coasts.
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