The Female Titan's Retreat [closed]

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The Female Titan's Retreat [closed]

Post by Annie Leonhardt on Sun Apr 03, 2016 5:20 am

Her part of the plan had been completed and she was freed from the "partnership" that had been created with the one known as Bradley. That man was on his own now as she knew she was on her own the moment she started her portion of the city's destruction. She had made a run for it, running past any lingering Titans she had brought in with her from the West. The West had been deemed the safest and most clear route out of the city and that was where she was heading.

Through the large gap that had been made in the Western wall, the Female Titan began her long sprint away from the area, away from the battleground. The West only presented her with more desert land as far as the eye could see and eventually, the Female Titan began to travel a bit South-West once she was far enough away to be out of eye sight from the city. She knew better than to keep going head on West. During her time at the Agency while she had been under Eren Jaeger's radar, she had learned that was were more monster and larger creatures came from apparently. And she was in no shape to deal with any of those. She hadn't taken a beating from the City's battle, but she was worn out and pushing her limit.

She continued onward in her run, her normally thunderous footsteps were slightly softened due to the desert sand. Her mind went to that man, Bradley. When the battle was over and if he lived, she hoped he did not manage to find her. Annie had only agreed to do what he said out of fear for her life. He didn't look it, but the man was strong and he proved it to her. He could kill her. She didn't want any of this, she didn't want to kill people. Not here, not back at her own home...

'I am a warrior. I am a warrior...'

But the mantra wasn't working this time to quell her feelings. She wanted to be over all of this, to stop hurting people around her, to stop killing. But nobody back there would ever give her the second chance she'd want and she was never the type to beg and grovel either. She would get far away from Nexxian City and find somewhere else to start her life in this universe over.

The Female Titan was reaching at the 20 mile point out from the city before her speed started to decrease. She was breaking her limit. No, she needed to keep going. She needed to find somewhere to camp out and recharge herself. She needed...

She was done. The Female Titan was unable to keep pushing forward and instead found herself tumbling forward and collapsing onto the desert sand from exhaustion. Unwilling to give up, she brought her hands by her sides and tried to press against the sand to push herself back up. But it was useless. There the Female Titan laid helpless. All she could do was hope that nobody followed her out here or that nobody discovered her on their way towards Nexxian City. The Female Titan closed her eyes, as did Annie whom was nestled inside the pink goop that made up most of her Titan form on the inside. If she could get a grip onto one of her blades, perhaps she could manage to slice her way out of this Titan body and-


Her eyes snapped open in surprise at the sudden voice, a voice she could have sworn was familiar. Before she could do or think much of anything else, she was greeted with a sudden rush of fresh air and the sight of a black night sky filled with billions of stars. She had been cut free from her Titan's body and she could feel herself being pulled out. With what strength she had left, Annie was prepared to fight back, but the voice spoke again.

"Annie, it's alright. It's us."

Turning her head to actually get a good look at her rescuer, she was met with two faces she knew well. Her instinct to fight melted away and for one the few times in her life, she presented a small smile. She was lifted and carefully, she and her rescuer made it onto the sand.

"Oi, come on. We need to get going." The blonde male moved away from the two as he spoke, making sure he had good distance between them. He would take it upon himself to get them to safety.

Annie fought to keep herself alert to everything, but her exhaustion was getting the best of her. All she could make out before finally blacking out was a loud thunderous crack of lightning and a large armored being lifting her and her rescuer up in its hand before continuing the sprint on South-West.
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