The Beginning of the End (Closed)

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The Beginning of the End (Closed)

Post by ElricBrothers on Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:29 pm

16:05:04 [Edward_Elric] "So this is the place huh?" They had made their way to this area of the desert today. He had told Angelo that he intended to finish a job. He had promised Grand Duchess Jophiel that he would see his recapturing of the woman known as Korra through to the end. He intended on finishing that promise. The alchemist moved across the underground area quietly with his companion as he eyed the many buildings that had been built from the ground up. Golden eyes assessing the markings that connected to the many walls to the ground. Suits of armor were left around as empty sacks. Red markings etched out from the inside out as Edward lead his companion through the area. They had gone through the desert and eventually made it to the mountain area. She had told him about this place. Told him how she had found it while exploring the land. Edward, while suspicious, had decided on taking her up on it and driving with the young woman out in his car. "They were definitely here. But I don't know about her." There --

16:05:31 [Edward_Elric] -- was no evidence of the woman Korra's presence in the large city. She could have been held up in one of the many dorms. But still the alchemist looked annoyed. The underground city expanded far and wide across the area. The lighting was still going on but the generators were likely to not last all that much longer due to the lights flickering. Whatever plantations they had were ripped out by the roots. Fruits and vegetables it looked like. "So have you found any leads on the woman Korra? The one we captured with" If the other's help involved turning into a large Titan could be considered that. "Thank you again, Annie." He stood on the long road underground as he eyed his companion now. A frown marred on his face. His attire was the dark clothing with the red overcloak. A luger pistol holstered to his hip as he eyed her. For now she was his only lead and he intended to use her as he saw fit. "I'll need to call this in soon. Then we can try to go find another location."

16:18:26 [Leonhardt] Convincing this man with her seemed much easier than she expected. But even with that thought in mind, Annie kept her guard up in case this man, Edward Elric, had something up his sleeve just in case. She had a specific task to do and so far, all was going according to plan. "Mm." Was her only response for the most part whenever Edward made a comment or asked a simple question. Icy blue eyes glanced down once or twice, taking notice of the gun the other had holstered to his hip, and made a mental note that it was there. Eyes were back on Edward as he began asking her about any leads. "… No. But I figured this place wouldn't be a bad spot to look for her. Call it… a gut feeling." Yeah, her "help". Turning into a Titan wouldn't have been so bad but she had been smashing her way through the buildings of Nexxian City to try and fight this woman. "… Yeah." She'd give a light nod, only taking the thanks half-heartedly. She stood there, not making a move ever since they both came to a stop +

16:18:28 [Leonhardt] + upon the long road. Edward's frown was met with a blank stare from Annie. She'd give another light nod of her head, showing she understood about having to call the area in. Lazily, Annie brought her arms up to cross them over her chest, waiting for something. Any moment now…

16:25:46 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand :they had been watched since they had begun the drive through the desert, the shifting sand hiding it's own secrets. Outside the empty base a sensation of movement, the flash of fleeting shadows along the walls as her people moved into position along the rock lined ridge of the mountain. Outside she waited, arms crossed over her chest, resting under the swell of her breasts. Blue eyes looked upon the entrance to the base waiting for the uninvited to finally step out. A breeze blew lifting dark hair, her legs sliding apart slightly, as she'd exhale and keep waiting. Part of her said she should cause a rock slide, maybe turn the opening in that rock face to molten slag and see how well they could swim in a flood of surging lava. That would have been the smart way to deal with this, and while she knew that... part of her wanted to have this fight, to test herself against the alchemist. Pride always had been her greatest flaw, but she had to know, had to as the Elric boy wished to do so end this.-c-

16:26:00 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand No orders were given to those that watched with her, the people hidden amongst the sand. They knew that she wanted to fight Edward on her own.

16:38:15 Edward_Elric had a hand on his hip as he regarded the young woman. "It was a good one." His lip twitched and his digits slowly slid from the weapon as he turned and walked further down the road. "They must have built this place with alchemy." The vast size of the underground city astounded him to no end. "Whoever designed this was smart. They made an elevator that hooked up to ground level. With a lot of rooms in between." They hadn't explored all of it yet but he was going to put the call in soon. He had a communicator in his left ear to do just that. "I know you've done bad things." The unannounced statement might catch her by surprise. "We've all done things. Terrible things." He stops his walking and raises his gaze up to the ceiling for a moment. A moment of remembrance perhaps? "Some of us have commited sins against God himself." And slowly he looks behind him at the woman with that faint smile on his face. His golden eyes bright as they once had been long before he ever--

16:38:25 [Edward_Elric] -- came to the Nexxus. "But I think we can change. I don't think we're bound to the sins we've done. I think if you play your cards right, make your peace with Eren, that you can move past the sins you've done with the life you had in your world." He knew somewhat of her history with Eren Jaeger. He knew they had bad blood and it needed to be resolved. "It doesn't matter who we were when we die. It matters who we are, Annie." Was he preaching to the young woman? Perhaps. The alchemist stepped over a blue torn tapestry before pausing. His head peering down at the material that surely was some banner or flag or another. His golden eyes narrowed in assessment before he leaned down to pick up the material and slowly turn it in place to see just what it was. Annie would see it as well. A white crescent moon over the blue cloth. There was no visible reaction from the alchemist. No cry of shock. No exclamation or tears. Instead he regarded the torn tapestry with a frown on his face and a look --

16:38:40 [Edward_Elric] -- that showed he knew what it was but not what it was doing there. The material was soft and the symbol meant so much more than any others might know. His head bowed, the shadow from his hair covering his face, as he only sighed. His shoulders slagging some before the material slowly slipped from his fingers and dropped to the ground. His head raising then as he looked back at Annie with a frown. No tears or any joy. Only bitterness and regret were evident now in the young man's face. "Let's get out of here." He needed time to organize a search of this place. He would get the call in when he got top-side and had a good signal. The alchemist lead Annie to the elevator and once more started it up to get up to the stairs that would lead to the entrance. "So we've reached the mountains. Maybe she could have gone to the farm areas. Or......" His head turned and he saw her now. Blue eyes with a dark skin and short hair now. She had obviously changed her look so she could go into hiding. His eyes are-

16:38:56 [Edward_Elric] -- wide and slowly he reaches for his holstered pistol and maintains a grip on the weapon. She had evaded him for some time. Edward had been busy with the Redpointe mission as well as the other problems in the city. But she was here. The woman had arrived and he intended to bring her into custody. "You."

16:51:05 [Leonhardt] ". . . ?" She hadn't been expecting what the alchemist said to her, no. For the moment, she only stared back at him, a small hint of surprise showing on her face while the blonde spoke. Patch up things between herself and Eren… ? ". . . . ." The woman said nothing, not wanting to somehow ruin anything with the orders she had been given from another. To be honest, she didn't think that any patching up could be done between the two of them. She was a murderer and she had her reasons. ". . . Hm." Was all she'd give as a response before they started moving again, making their way up towards an elevator which would lead them to some stairs. Her arms were uncrossed and hanging by her sides as she walked behind Edward, all the while her eyes were shifting about to hopefully spot that woman. As soon as they found her, it meant she had done her task. ". . . ." And there she was. She didn't even have to speak up or point to where she was standing, because Edward had already seen her. The +

16:51:06 [Leonhardt] + blonde woman remained silent as Edward's attention was now on the brunette and she'd move to step away, looking like she was getting out of their way, and she'd move to leave them both here to fight once it was apparent Edward no longer had an eye on her.

16:54:59 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand Met that golden eyed gaze, and slowly her lips curled into a smile. Her right hand lifted and with it so did the gathering of her guard, rising from the sand before stepping away from her to offer the avatar space. ”He told me you'd be coming here. Honestly it's the only reason why I even bothered to show up.” The wind would pick up as she spoke, helping to carry her words to him. ”For one with only a single eye he is hardly without foresight though.” Desert sand would begin to trickle in the wind, and all the while she waited for Elric to make his way closer. The Blonde stepped aside as if aware that her presence in the coming brawl wasn't wanted, and Korra made note of it. ”I know why you came out here, and if you're ready to begin we should get this over with I have other things I need to do once this is done.”

17:04:35 Edward_Elric was unaware of what was truly at play here. His own face had a frown as those golden pupils assessed the other before him. And the others who had joined her. There was a sudden tension as he realized there was more than just one person he needed to deal with. "He?" The alchemist asked with some dread before she confirmed just who it was. The one eyed man. Bradley. "But how did he know....Oh." His head slowly turned to look over his shoulder and he saw the blond woman moving away. A bitter smile on the young man's face as he regarded the departing figure. "I'll deal with you when I'm done with her." It was another promise he intended to keep. The wind was picking up now and he could see the sand also meshing with the wind. Slowly he approached the assembled group with caution. His right hand on that holstered pistol as he assessed them with every step. "Then you know that's not going to happen. Whatever you have planned after this won't happen." He unclipped the pistol and-

17:04:44 [Edward_Elric] -- had a good grip on the weapon. "You're coming back with me to the city. Dead or alive." And with that said, the pistol whipped out and he would open fire against her center mass. It was fast but hopefully the woman would be taken down. But life was not so easy....

17:23:32 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand The first shots were fired, the Elric boy's words making her smirk slightly. Bullets tore through the air and as they got close they would meet the sudden resistance of risen earth pulled free with the quick stomp of a foot. Sand fell in rivulets along the coarse face, Her left arm would draw back as soon as the gunfire ended, and drive itself into the barrier of stone creating a barrage of sharpened arrows of rock to slip through the air with a matching velocity of those fired bullets. Following it she'd jump and use a quick rising pedestal of stone to launch herself into the air. Using the air to keep her aloft via a roaring storm of relentless shield of wind and sand to obscure her from the alchemist's aim. While it also made it impossible for her to locate Edward also. Soon though she'd finally touch back down the sand around her heated to the point of turning to glass before fully melting in pool of lava that surrounded the area she landed.

17:37:27 Edward_Elric had moved to his right the moment after he had pulled that trigger. The sound echoing in the distance not to be heard. They were in the desert. No one would be around for miles. Those fired arrows from the slab of earth met nothing but air as he moved quickly and raised that pistol still to open fire on the woman's form to no avail as she was pushed upward due to a pedestal of earth. Shit. There was a problem with her bending compared to his alchemy. She was instantaneous with her reactions. His required some time and thinking. His pistol raised up to the sky as he would pull the trigger two more times at her air shield as though to see if his rounds would make a difference in breaking through it. If the sand obscuring his vision didn't make things worse that is. "You can turn yourself in!" He moved through the sand as quickly as he could. He had fired four rounds. He had four left. "It doesn't need to be like this, Korra. You could make a deal of some kind with the Grand Duchess." The-

17:37:34 [Edward_Elric] -- type of sentence that was a life sentence compared to a death sentence certainly sounded better, no? The sand still obscured everything but when he heard the sound of what had to be some kind of melting. The sudden heat and light that appeared through the sand storm said it all. He would turn and continue to open fire at her form through the sand. It was a blind shot and he had no clear line of sight on the target. Six shots fired. Two left.

17:55:34 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand With a sudden upheaval the lava would rise to stop those next shots bullets meeting the relentless heat of that wall of lava, swallowing them before she'd lash out at the alchemist with lashing arms of heated earth. Her steps were carefully played out dance those sweeping, and reaching tendrils of lava seeking to grasp and burn the gun-toting boy, while she'd snap out spinning blades of super heated stone at Edward turning this into a mad dash of dodging as she orchestrated the show from her patch of safe earth. ”The gun isn't what you should be using alchemist, we know how this fight needs to happen, and seeking to shoot me like a rabid dog is just a waste of your ammo.”

18:11:11 Edward_Elric grunted as he saw the rising lava that was fired in his direction. He swung his hips to his right as his upper body lowered into the swing and he would duck to avoid any of the heated earth that came above him. He continue to step away from the other as fast as he could. His heart rate speeding up as the adrenaline started to kick in. This was what he needed. A proper fight against someone who he was on almost equal standing with. The woman's taunts were heard and he grunted as he turned in place and raised that pistol once more. "You asked for it." The sigils atop of the pistol were starting to activate as the trigger was pulled two more final times. The rounds firing would be blurred through the sand but she would certainly need to defend herself, no? The moment she brought up that lava then it would come into contact with the electrified bullets. The result, hopefully, would be an explosion before the bullets were melted. The electric current going through the lava hopefully causing it to explode-

18:11:18 [Edward_Elric] -- and send some of the lava towards the woman in response. With that done, Edward would move more to his right to circle the woman from her left with his pistol being holstered. It was time to use alchemy in this fight than just his weapon.

18:24:00 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand There it was the fight had really started and with the firing of those last two bullets she'd find herself tossed backwards from the resulting explosion. The blast sent her hurtling backwards scouring her clothes on the harsh sand and she rose to her feet arms scraped and bleeding in places,, her clothing worn through at various points. Her steps brought her forward though three quick footfalls followed by a hop and stomp to cause the ground to lurch towards Elric. Underneath his feet a slight rumble the only brief warning before a jutting rise of rock shot from the ground causing him to suddenly be sent flying much like she had into the air. Unlike Korra though he'd be aided with meeting the ground if she happened to toss him skyward with a sudden snap of a watery clawed hand it's fingers freezing to grip and hold the airborne alchemist, and with a pull of her arm that immense strength she seemed to possess mingled with the raw power of her water bending-c-

18:24:14 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand would if he couldn't get out of the grip or evade the attack at would send him face first into the sandy ground where he'd be swept along the unforgiving harsh sand and then hurtled savagely to the right to be sent bouncing like a skipped stone on a calm pond. If all that worked she'd make her way to him slowly moving with a predator's caution.

18:51:30 Edward_Elric hadn't noticed the observer from above. No. This fight was between the two of them. One a bender. The other an alchemist. He moved quickly to meet the other as fast as he could. That was when he felt the ground shifting underneath him and he only had a moment to react before he swung his hips backwards to minimize the damage as he found himself hit in his midsection. Edward rolled the moment he hit the ground and finally stopped when he was on his knees. That was when the watery hand sought to claim him. But he was prepared for this. His hands came together and the clap echoed in the distance as she sought to grip him with that large appendage. His hands parting as he brought his right hand to the side of the controlled water. The blue alchemic sparks going across the water in seconds. The hydrogen in the water would be altered before suddenly dispersing into nothing. All that existing from the water being the oxygen it was composed of. The alchemist would drop before he was flung, those hands coming fast--

18:51:36 [Edward_Elric] -- together before slamming to the ground. She had wanted him to use alchemy. This was the only way to solve their conflict. The blue alchemic sparks spread forward fast as those stone pillars would launch out from the ground at a fast velocity. Coming from the right and then the left and then repeating the process. There would be a total of eight stone pillars that sought to come into contact with the bender and send her flying back, possibly breaking bone upon impact, as Edward held his ground. Unaware of who lurked above them all.

19:03:53 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand Much like the alchemist the bender was far too focused on the fight at hand, and as her watery construct was broken down she was already on the move herself, the quickest of leaps brought her up as she'd sweep right leg to the left, body spinning quickly as a blade of fire was unleashed, it was quickly followed by a second as she used the momentum of her spin to unleash another five blasts of flame towards Elric. Her feet would touch ground just as those coming pillars neared, the first would make impact her arms lifted and crossed as it slammed into her, and drove her backwards with a grunt of pain the fall caught by a gust of air that righted her and brought her once more upon the sandy desert floor. Gracefully she moved around the air circling before she'd use it to buffet the alchemist with the coarse sand turning the desert into her weapon as well, by lashing the alchemist with a barrage of sand carried blades of wind. It would also work as a distraction keeping him busy trying to protect himself-c-

19:04:31 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand from the sun scorched blasts of sand and wind.

19:23:23 [Jophiel] --a lone bird circles in the sky, it's watching.

19:32:23 Edward_Elric 's eyes widened as he saw the woman leap up and spin towards him. The arcs of fire certainly had him concerned just as he raised his right arm. It came out for a wide swipe against the first burst of fire from that kick in the air. The red cloth and the white gloves scorching black from the flames as he stood up to have a better standing and flexibility. His red coat still fit well to him as he stood up and quickly moved to his left to avoid the first thrown burst from those blades. His right arm came back to swipe against the second burst as the flames burned through the material. But the pain didn't seem to matter to the alchemist as he showed no pain. He stepped in closer as he brought his arm back around to his chest against the third. The flames dispursing with each swipe of the appendage. "Hope ya liked that!" He had seen her get hit by the stone pillar. It had likely knocked the breath out of her. That was when he knew that he could win this. He would bring her in dead or alive. That was for --

19:33:00 [Edward_Elric] -- certain. The fourth and fifth bursts would be met with the arm swiping against both and dispursing them. "That all ya got?!!" He had both arms raised now and she would get a good look at that burnt material. There was no skin underneath. No further clothing over that right arm. Instead of a scorched arm would be pure steel. The glove burnt away as those fingers curled into a fist. He spotted the woman moving through the air and he would turn to face her as she sought to circle him. His eyes were wide and he brought both arms up, right over the left, as he felt the first blast connect to him. It was unexpected and it sent him flying back with a loud THUD! But the alchemist would roll and be on his feet. His golden eyes wide as he pressed onward. His hands came together for that clap once more as he extended the palms outward to her. It was time to fight fire with fire. Or in this case air. With the distance between them, he hoped to get time to attack. The air was being frozen quickly before it was--

19:33:09 [Edward_Elric] -- suddenly vaporized. The transmutation activating with the air moving around his palms as the lighting was blue and formed before his palms with no electricity. It was fast and the resulting reaction caused a large burst of air to fire forward. It was hot as well and was strong enough to destroy an entire building if done right. Edward was using full force. Korra would likely be pushed back if she had her air shield up but the kinetic force would still be harsh against her.

19:46:26 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand It was a game still a deadly one true but still a game, a sort of feeling each other out if you will, and while it seemed she scored a hit or two against the boy he was still able to keep coming. She watched his movements the way he “bent” the elements was slower than hers, but the results were harder to predict all the same. It when he sought to blast her with that super heated air that she did smile the training as a airbender making it far to easy fro her to ready herself for it, and with a skilled shift of her body a practiced grace that came with the years of training she received she would take control of it the heat burning her hands as she redirected and in a show of pure skill sent the blast of heat back to the alchemist with even more power than he had put forth into it originally, and unlike the basic kinetic blast eh sought she would cause it to become a swirling vortex of wind, the pressure and speed accelerating within a instant of coming back into contact with him.-c-

19:46:39 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand It would lift him, seek to encase and hold him within the restricting confines of artificially manipulated air letting him bake for a few second in that intense heat before simply dropping him to the ground unceremoniously. ”You do intrigue me... the way you bend is impressive.”

20:06:01 Edward_Elric was unprepared for the attack that came next. His eyes had gone wider than before as his air attack came in contact with the bender. Except it delivered a result that he found not to his liking. The attack that came was damn near instataneous and hard to avoid. The alchemist leaped backwards as the vortex came down upon him. The intense typhoon of wind unfortunately would catch the alchemist as he struggled against it. The air was lifting him up from the ground. The heat becoming unbearable as the heat would slowly lower. But all the same it hurt to be held in place. It was hot. Scorching in fact. His eyes closed shut as he struggled in place in the air. He couldn't breathe! Each intake of breath for those seconds felt like a lung full of poison to the alchemist. His eyes were covered with sweat and stung and he closed those pupils shut. "Ah!" He cried out then, his head throwing back as he 'baked', before he was deposited on the ground. The alchemist was dropped and would land on his hands.--

20:06:08 [Edward_Elric] -- His skin redder than before as he panted heavily. The sweat at his brow was dripping and hit arm and leg were baking due to the metal limbs. "N-Not.....bending." He panted more as he did his best to get up but he felt tired. His bones ached from the landing and he grimaced as his left hand slid across the ground. "You''re coming back with me, Korra. Then you're going to tell me everything about them." He needed the information she had concerning the Homunculi. Concerning their leader. He would get it one way or another. The alchemist rolled to his right with a clap of his hands and slamming his palm on the ground beside him. The ground was once more transmuted and the alchemist would do what he could to attack. The ground being altered as a metal spike emerged from the ground up. The spike shooting up fast to go for the bender and pierce her side if need be. It was hopefully able to puncture whatever air shield she may have had up in defense.

20:39:51 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand It wasn't bending, more impressive was his simple tenacity, the ability to stand after all that was amazing. Still his words the way he used his alchemy was so easy to read, and when he clapped his hands she was already moving. Hands touched earth the scream with air from the expelled spike came almost too late, her body twisting as it was fired. Pain burned along her side. The heat of fresh blood staining her shirt darkening the fabric as she lurched to the right, and almost stumbled to the ground. A hand touched the sand and she had to slowly rise while she held that bleeding side with a grimace. A scowl crossed her lips as she'd set her jaw and slowly pulled her blood stained hand away. In retaliation she'd slam her own fist into the sandy earth, and the ground under Elric would erupt into jagged spikes around him each angled to impale tender flesh, before she would stretch her arms wide and cause those rock growths to burst inwards towards Edward.-c-

20:40:01 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand Looking to rip through him further rupturing flesh and organs.

21:48:37 Edward_Elric had rolled to his side as he slowly pushed off the ground with his palm. His eyes closed shut for a moment as a grunt escaped past his lips. His left wrist came up and slid across his sweat covered brow. "You won't win." He had to let her know that the end was near. Her time would be done out here in the desert and he would find out what he wanted to about the Homunculi. His eyes opened and he regarded the woman before him. The blood from the woman's side indicated something very important. She was wounded. "Give--" Her fist slammed down to the ground now and he knew she was going to react. The jagged spikes came all around and he turned his head to quickly assess the situation. "!" He moved forward as fast as he could towards the woman. His right foot raising as he stepped onto the side of the spike and use it to springboard off of the spikes. His knees coming up to his chest as he curled up and propelled himself towards the woman. If all was well, he would descend towards her and --

21:48:43 [Edward_Elric] -- snap his legs out. His boots hopefully landing with his boots connecting to the woman's upper body to send her flying back. If all worked out, he would move atop of her and do what he could to bring his right fist down on her face to wail on the woman before she could bend

13:24:45 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand Evasion was key, and the Elric boy was quite swift, it must be his rather diminutive size. She hurt in places blood staining the sand from the two combatants. Part of her knew how to finish this fight, but she resisted falling upon that option yet, even as Ed hurtled himself like a missile at her. Instinctively her arms lifted and crossed to protect herself from the brunt of the impact though it still sent her tumbling back to the ground, her left arm feeling a slight numbed weakness. His second leap was met with a rising outcropping rock rising up to try and slam into the alchemist's chest, that earthen manifestation thrusting up from the area of ground that Korra had just managed to roll herself out of with a sharp gasp of pain. The second she was on her feet she'd lash out with a sweeping kick, unleashing a wave of heat and flames at her hopefully stunned opponent, looking to singe and burn clothing, catching the fabric alight with flames.

13:33:43 Edward_Elric had moved in on his opponent. There was a wild look to him now. Ba-Bump! Ba-Bump! His heart beat against his chest as sweat poured down from his brow. He was in the heat of battle. Kill or be killed was the rules of this fight. He would not yield until she lost. The alchemist had gone for a secondary leap at the woman after his dropkick connected. However as he moved in on her, the earth itself came up to attack him much like he had used it against her. The impact from the earth hurt his chest and it sent him rolling back. He fell on his back once more, wheezing, as he clutched his chest with his right hand. Ba-Bump! Ba-Bump! Ba-Bump! It hurt to even breathe after taking such a blow but he did it all the same. That pain in his chest hurting even more so. His eyes flickered to his left where the bender was on her feet and doing a kick in his direction. Once more the burst of flame came in his direction and the alchemist raised his right arm as best as he could to swipe along the path of-

13:34:06 [Edward_Elric] -- fire. The metal hot as ever as more of his red and black clothing was burnt to a crisp. All that remained of his red coat was his from his back to his left side. He rolled to his knees and, with a clap of his hansds, slammed those palms into the sand. The earth transmuting towards the bender with a beautiful display of light as a stone spike emerged from the ground up to seek to impale her once more. She was bleeding out and he was going to likely get more burnt before this fight was over.

13:34:24 [Igz] Jophiel bird laughs.

13:57:33 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand There was a primal joy in the battle the pain in her left arm ignored save for that dull ache. She watched his hands clap, then touch the ground, and she moved as the earth spike came at her. Legs parted her right arm pulling back before she shot it forward. The result was half that spike cracking free of the base, to be hurtled back at the alchemist while she followed. It's throw would be followed by her own charge using the thrown rock as a possible distraction to mask the sudden push of air she would unleash as a focused hurricane of force into Ed's side to try and once more lift him off his feet and back down into the sand. Still her steps were slower than before clothes stained crimson and her left arm hung for the moment uselessly at her side. They both seemed to be nearing the end of this, proven as she'd work to catch her breath .

14:09:48 Edward_Elric had thought that making a spike form up to attack fast would be good enough to catch her by surprise once more. But she had moved fast and had broke the spike from its base to send it flying back at him. His eyes going wide, the alchemist stood on his feet on instinct and brought both hands up. A clap made fast before his palm reached out towards the incoming stone. The transmutation activating as the blue electricity coursed through the stone and broke it apart in its entirety. Small debris in the form of rocks fell to the ground as the alchemist tried to relax for a moment. He knew he was losing the momentum of the fight when she stormed in on him then. The push of air came fast and the alchemist was lifted off his feet once more by the powerful bender. The force was too much to fight back and the alchemist landed with a slam into the ground! His eyes closed shut, he groaned in pain and would hold his chest once more. The side of his brow wet with not only the sweat coming from his pores but also the red-

14:10:01 [Edward_Elric] -- blood that came from his temple due to the impact of the landing. "You're not....getting away." He grunted and did his best to get on his feet. One knee to the ground, the other brought up so he was on his foot, he looked up with a pained expression before his hands came together once more. He had to be quick about it. Those palms slammed into the sand and brought the blue electricity once more towards Korra. Spreading out far and wide around her as the sand itself was transmuted. The large burst of sand and dust might even blind the avatar momentarily as Edward got to his feet. He would try for a sneak attack now.

14:29:37 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand That labored breath made it hard to speak but she managed though it came out as a wheeze. ”I.. don't... plan on it.” They both would fight till the last it seems. Then again it was hard to be sure if they they would survive after the fight at the moment. These thoughts were pushed aside as she saw him once more clap. This time it was a storm of sand that greeted her, and she covered her mouth with her scarf. In that sand cloud there would be barely anything to see for both of them. Korra's leg moved on it's own a powerful stomp that caused the earth to tremble, the sand to quake, and ground to split. With it came a heat, a terrible rise in temperature of the already hot desert. the sand covered ground glassed and then melted under the sweltering heat of that rising lava. In the midst this destruction on an island of floating rock stood the avatar, and with a twist of her body she'd lash out blindly with a wave of molten earth, simply seeking to wash the area around her in every direction under-c-

14:29:57 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand a tide of hungering heat. For the moment keeping Elric back while she tried to catch her breath.

14:51:18 Edward_Elric had a rough idea of where the woman was in the transmuted sand storm. He had moved as fast as he could. His chest hurting, eyes narrowed till they were almost shut, as he closed the distance in the sand storm. He snaked across to his right as he sought to try and circle the girl. A clap might be heard with a transmutation echoing through the mini storm. But the earth started to quake now and the alchemist lost his footing for a moment and stumbled to a knee once more. His dark outline maybe tough to see as the sand was thick. That was when he felt the heat rising and the alchemist knew what was coming next. "!" He had moved aside within the sand storm and did his best to remain hidden as she lashed out blindly. The red hot lava was bright even in the sand storm. She would faintly hear another clap, another transmutation made, as the sand and dust only worsened her vision. More foot steps made as he waited for the opportune moment to strike. And, when she made her next attack of lava, there would be--

14:51:30 [Edward_Elric] -- one final clap. The earth underneath him propelling the alchemist upward from her left as she'd see the form come fast above the lava as he sought to tackle her once more to the ground, far to close to the lava for his liking. The sand and dust slowly ceasing as it raged around them. IF he was able to take her down, that right arm of his not a blade, but instead the knuckles were spiked. Brass knuckles would be used as he sought to pin her down under him. His left arm snaking down to go across her throat and perhaps choke the girl as he tried to adjust his right arm before bringing it down for a punch to her jaw. He was tired. Exhausted of it all. But he would end this as much as he could.

15:05:01 ( Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand flips a coin => Pass )

15:25:12 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand The heat of the lava would cast it's glow even as the sandstorm raged on. Her head turned eyes narrowed against the stinging sand, and it was too late as she turned just as Edward lunged. The weight of his body would meet hers, and they would fall to the ground Korra pinned for the moment as he sought to choke the air out of already ravaged lungs. She struggled her right hand rising to meet the spiked fist with her palm, arm across her body fingers clenching the metal under them as she'd feel the bite of those spikes in her skin, causing rivulets of blood to run between her fingers. Still she knew her left arm wasn't going to be able to force the arm form her throat, heart racing as she'd panic briefly before her eyes would close for a second, then snap open. No pupils, or irises, only a brilliant white glow as that settled sand would suddenly erupt once more. The power that pulsed from her was an unsettling cascade of unkempt force that seemed to be everywhere.-c-

15:25:42 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand Her right hand's grip would tighten furthe, dark fingers actually beginning to indent the artificial hand, and looking crush the replacement limb. The ground once more began to quake, and they would both be sent hurtling into the air by the expulsion of broken ground in a sharply rising plateau of earth. Electrical sparks would dance along her right arm, before she'd subconsciously try to discharge it from her fingers into Ed's currently held fist. Hoping to force him off her. If she could then She'd seem to rise to her feet, head lowered eyes for the moment unseeing. Slow steps forward as it seemed that the very laws of nature fell unto her beck and call. The Wind was a hurricane at her command, the Earth nothing more than her armor, the Fire a sword, and Water her shield. The weight of her aura would be suffocating. Korra's chest rose and fell Mouth set in a snarl, one more step and then the collapse, all that intense unstoppable power faded like a candle being snuffed out.-c-

15:25:57 Queen-of-the-Scarlet-Sand Simply a slouched limp crumpling of the body that left her unconscious, and seemingly dead.

15:47:13 ( Edward_Elric flips a coin => Fail )

15:56:58 Edward_Elric knew her left arm was done for. With his own left over her throat, he sought to hold her down and pummel away at the girl. This was his duty to Nexxian Kingdom. This was a past mistake that he needed to fix. It was either going to be him or her. He knew that. And so did she. Her remaining hand had raised to grasp his steel fist and hold his punches back. He grunted for a moment and, in response, did what he could with his left hand. The palm pressing down as his fingers dug in as best as they could. And for a moment he actually thought that he could win. That was when her eyes snapped open with a bright glow of white. His own pupils were wide as they were gold. A look of surprise on his face as he struggled against the woman now. Her own hand seeming to break his metal appendage. The metal breaking under her grip despite all logic and science saying she should not have been able to. The ground was shaking and the alchemist did all he could to pull away as they were both lifted into the air then by the rock-

15:57:16 [Edward_Elric] -- underneath them exploding in a cascade of force. That was when he felt it. The power that coursed from the girl was something he had felt only once before. The energy produced coming from her very being, her life force, and going into him. His eyes snapped open even more than before as he felt the electric shock course through every cell of his being. The electric burst causing him to snap back and tense up. Muscles tightening under the pressure of it all. His head going into a twitching fit as he felt that electricity course through him. It was an unpleasant feeling of course. But it was made only worse due to the metal appendages that he had attached to him. Alphonse.... The alchemist screamed louder than he should of. Louder than he ever possibly had. The gears and wiring within both metal appendages were fried instantly. Blacker scorch marks appearing there as some smoke came from the advanced prosthetics. The alchemist was thrown back off of her of course. His eyes fluttering as he seized upon-

15:57:32 [Edward_Elric] -- the ground. Saliva spat out from the alchemist, who could only lay there twitching, as he lay on the ground. His head turned and he saw the demon before him then. The killer that had been crafted over the girl's lifetime. She was going to kill him. He knew that now. There was no escaping it. He had gone up against dangerous odds time and time again and this one he felt was different. She was too alike to him. The alchemist's mind scattered in that moment. Al.... His brother's smiling face came back to him. Another face came to mind. A young joyful red headed woman who had, at one point in his life, been someone he could see himself loving. Lina....I'm sorry I couldn't stop them. He thought of the Magic Academe. And its final days against the undead who had crashed against it. The last survivors of Silvermoon. He thought of how he hadn't been able to find out about his Lina's fate. It had been something that had haunted him. And now he thought of the woman he had loved and the brother--

15:57:49 [Edward_Elric] -- he had cared for as the demon approached. Each step bringing him closer to his fate. Everything ached. Bones refused to move and his own, damaged, heart sped faster than it should have. The aura crushed him and he thought this was it. He thought that he would meet whatever his Maker could be until...the girl collapsed. Her own slouched form evident on the ground. Blood loss? Exhaustion? The alchemist had ceased his own seizing as he lay there. Beaten. Unable to get up. Much less get over to inspect and ensure her death or state of unconsciousness. I get up. The alchemist, whether by sheer will or delirium, would roll on his right so he was on his stomach. Those golden hues fluttering as he started a slow crawl. The cavern. He needed to see if they had medicine. He needed to see if the troops had left anything in the slightest that he could use. The alchemist continued to crawl, wheezing all the while, his right arm and left leg limp as he used only a leg and arm to try to move to shade.

16:28:19 [Hohenheim] How had events come to this point? He could not be certain. Things had slowed to a certain point. Other events taking precedence in the city as the local guard, no the Agency, protected its citizens from whatever threats lay beyond the walls. He knew of course. He had known all along how this would play out. Events had shaped many other events. Plots within plots. He had thought about a great many things and eventually the plan to come to the city himself had formed. He had taken up a position within the Meta Academy. And he had slowly started to work at getting close to the leader of this city. Jophiel Shuinsai. She was a dangerous creature from what he could see. So unlike another Queen he had known. Of course this Queen was a dangerous player. She was playing the political game with a very dangerous empire and trying to maintain the state of her own city. But she knew not what was coming for her. What was coming for all of them. He knew of course. He had designed it all. He had planned

16:28:30 [Hohenheim] each portion of his plot. I have sowed the seeds. He moved quietly along the treeline. Each step echoing across the distance. The ground had shook with a power unlike any other. A power that he had known existed in the girl. And watched them grow. He had remained hidden, out of sight, out of mind, as he surveyed the battle taking place. I cultivated......a long chain of events leading to this. He thought of the Kingdom of Silvermoon. He thought of the experiments performed there and here as well. Nexxian City had been a fresh start for him. A chance to truly grow. He had never had the opportunity to grow under the pressure of not only Serenity and Jason Baane, but also the forces of Morrigan, Ren, and even Galaxia herself. Galaxia he had seen as a possible ally. She had the potential to show him much of the universe and even more. The man continued to survey from the shadows as the final blows were struck. Power unlike any other going through as the young alchemist fell victim to

16:28:47 [Hohenheim] the raw power the young Korra possessed naturally. And now the alchemist tried to crawl to safety. To crawl to a place where help might be. This is my design. The final step was heard and seen as Edward would see that foot step into his way. Blocking the path to possible safety and freedom. The trees above obscuring any view of the interaction between them from the bird. The man was dressed in an attire fitting for the desert. A dark cloak over his visage and a hood over his head. Concealing every feature of his hair and body. With an all to familiar mask over that man's face. Did you think I would not return? Did you think you could escape me, Edward? Did you think you could escape your fate? He hadn't asked for this. Dante had done this too him. Released him. Freed him from the depravity that was human existence and conscience. So he bends down until he is eye level with the boy. Those golden eyes piercing behind the all to familiar mask of the Virindi. One that even Thaddeus had worn

16:29:00 [Hohenheim] in Silvermoon. Hohenheim had crafted every event to this moment. Building the army. Framing his own son for it. Getting the girl to bring the wall down and build a conflict with her and the Agency. Getting the girl, Annie, to lead his son into the valley of shadow. It had all come to this moment. The moment that would change everything. His right hand would rise and gently stroke the cheek of the young man before him. A fatherly sign of affection. His left hand reaching across to grip the other and pull him to his feet. That right hand continuing to stroke the boy's face in what had to be a loving embrace. Goodbye, Edward Elric. The alchemic energy coursed from the hand into the younger alchemist. Consuming him in an array as the light brightened the area from under the tree and possibly alerting the bird to another presence. There would be no escape. No last ditch effort. No fight to the death. The reunion of father and son, something that had been years in the making, would seal Edward's fate.

16:29:13 [Hohenheim] When/if the bird flew downward for an inspection, it would find nothing in the slightest. Some burn and blood marks by the open doorway. It had built to this moment. Everything he had twisted had come to this. He had seen fit to do so. And now the end would be at hand.

16:46:25 Edward_Elric crawled as much as he could. Each movement ached unlike any other. I can do this. It was a vain attempt, some part of him knew. But he would do it all the same. The Fullmetal Alchemist would not die here. He knew that much. He would keep fighting for as long as he needed to. It had been engrained into him as Captain of the Royal Guard. He knew what that had meant. Taking up the role of Captain. He had been the only one worthy of it after all. No others had come close to being Jason Baane's equal in that Guard. "Come on....Get up!" It hurt. It all hurt and he couldn't stop the pain. The pain ached all over his being, but most of all in his chest, as he tried to get to the cavern. His eyes watering as he had his bowed for a moment. That was when the footsteps echoed. Slowly, he raised his head and saw the person before him. The all to familiar purple cloak and the mask catching his attention. His eyes narrowed in suspicion as he wheezed for a moment. Who was this? An ally? An enemy? He knew not-

16:46:37 [Edward_Elric] -- except that they wore the attire of a Virindi. And that meant trouble. "Who...." The hand rose to his cheek in a loving gesture. His cheek gently stroked as his eyes shut for a moment from the cold touch. Who? His eyes open and he looks up into that face. Struggling to see what lay beyond there. That was when he felt the power. The red alchemic lights engulfing him as his eyes widened. "Y-You!" He gasped out in pain. The pressure in his chest building as he gasped. He could feel every cell in his being lighting up instantly. The pain overwhelming once more as he realized who it was. His father. Or whatever was left of the monster. They had not seen one another since before the Fall of Silvermoon. Silvermoon.... His life had truly ended there. He was haunted too this day of the Kingdom he had sworn to protect but couldn't. He had known that, someday, he would pay for it. For failing where Jason couldn't. His life flashes before his eyes. Mom....Al.... He thinks of his smiling --

16:46:48 [Edward_Elric] -- brother. His mother who was kind and good. He thinks of his time in Silvermoon. Admiring the man who was known as Captain. Working under him, side by side, against all threats. He thinks of Lina. The woman he had loved with all his heart and who he had lost. He thinks of the day they first met, the laughs and the eventual kisses that they had with one another. The days spent together. He thinks of his mother's smiling face, he thinks of the Queen, he thinks of everyone back home in Amestris. He thinks of his failures and he knows that his time has come. All of this flashes before his eyes as he struggles to fight. How long had he been fighting? How long had he tried to win against these threats? His eyes slowly shut then. The fight leaving him as his body slowly slumps to the cool touch of the other. His very being ripped from him as his body gives out finally. I'm......sorry. He feels the blackness of death reach out and grip him. Taking him away as his eyes close shut and his body slumps forward--

16:46:59 [Edward_Elric] -- against the man who had given him life in this world and, coincidentally, was taking it away. It was over. The Fullmetal Alchemist.....was dead.

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