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Post by War Torn on Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:27 am


{The Solace of an Almost Silence.}

There was traveling, there was orbital investigation and finally there was a drop. From the atmosphere down to the planet, it was hard to keep quiet, but unseen? That was something that could mostly be arranged. Gazing up, one wouldn't be able to see much in the sky other then the crisp white clouds and blue canvas they floated upon and something, something that appeared to be transparent but vibrating waves. Occasionally those with tuned in ears might hear something like a metal thump here and there, but overall? Peaceful, nothing awful, nothing to detect...but perhaps for a certain spot in the ruins something very slight to see.

It was very unassuming, other then a firm thump, the indention in the ground was rounded, a half sphere shape one could easily see but not to thick or tall either. It almost seemed random until one took a gander at four points around the indentation were four more dents formed in the ground only sitting in square shapes. Again, unassuming, literally nothing there...other then one final thump, two rectangular dents in the grassy ground and a thick two and a half foot long and one foot wide black colored hyperrectangle with a glowing red glass like lens fell a foot in front of the initial dent in the ground. The flatter rectangular dents vanished only to reform here and there until they settled in front of the black box. Quite suddenly the black box was picked up and tilted upwards lens first and were peered by what appeared to be two glowing dark purple, almost black, dots, evenly spaced from one another.

Shifting and 'floating' towards the left, the black box moved around various parts of the main thicker dent. Various smaller dents in the ground of all shape and sizes formed as a result all quietly at the behest of the wind and apparently looked down upon by those two purple orbs. There was a soft click sound and quite suddenly, back and front, the orbs vanished. The reforming rectangles turned from the many other dents in the ground stopping once, tilting the box down then straight again as both the forming and vanishing rectangles and box moved onward. All was in place...for now, but the ruins must be reached next.
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