[Chat Log] Drugs, thugs and hugs in the Market city

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[Chat Log] Drugs, thugs and hugs in the Market city

Post by Conservator on Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:05 am

17:29:55 [Herzog] had been told by him never to come here. Not with an escort and certainly not alone. He’d said the venders and patrons here were some of the seediest, manipulative and dangerous people on Sanctum. And least of all they were known to cheat. And so after being warned Herzog knew that this venue was officially grandfathered into her schedule for exploration. Between studies within the Ziggurat and tutoring Prince Adama when she wasnt being whisked about by the Ultonis, life could get pretty boring. And while she had the utmost respect for the Ultonis, telling her not to go somewhere was a surefire way for the Orda Acolyte to find the locale irresistible. Under her voluminous Konstari silk robes was a satchel hiding a small fortune; chits of metal currency from the Black Sun not unlike a milkier looking sort of platinum. Much rarer and more valuable than gold. Thus, Herzog wasn’t worried about any ‘cheating’.
17:30:05 Herzog She had plenty more where that had come from. It was a naive mindset at best— and dangerous at worst. She’d already given a chit no bigger than a fingertip to one of the questionable charcuterie vendors selling something savory on a stick. The young femme nibbled on it while walking with ease through one of the market’s broader and more well lit areas.

17:42:26 [Hepner] A thief at heart, that is what a Hepner is. From Chilvalrous Knights to Traitorous knaves... and unto rulers of a land. The Duchess di Caerleon however suffered. Caerlon was sacked twenty-five years ago, terrible thing. It wasb't until the woman was sixteen that she wrestled it with her bloodied hands from her invaders Now it's a safe haven for criminal kind and so long as they swear fealty to her and not harm her lands she will harbor any and all. The mass majority of her citizens are sadly farmers, it's all Caerleon was save for three metropolis cities. Caerleon's life blood is it's agriculture and that is where the gold is. Wheat, produce, and the such. There was a small area where there was nothing but the Caerleon merchants. "Serrah, Serrah!" called a child to Herzog. "Come, see our fine silks!" Then a woman calling out to her. "Serrah, buy some of our food! Pastries, sweets! Come, come!" she'd beckon, along with the aroma of freshly backed bread filled with cream. But among the tanned skined and -c-
17:45:51 [Hepner] blonde haired folk was one with silver hair and one eye. She wears green atire, simple and fancy. Clearly above these common merchants. At her side is a rapier of ornate design and her right hand resting upon it's golden hand guard. The woman seemed quite bored as she looked about, occasionally raising a hand to rub at her eye-patch. It was as if there was a phantom pain there... Quite depressing really but she had that glow about her, her hips spoke for her: She has had children. Her feet said she has walked far. Her eyes speak of deaths witnessed... She has a story to her.

17:48:41 Ig`Tah enjoyed the seedy destitution of the Greater Market. Small towns, and even the more “civilized” places were all a cauldron of bubbling turmoil for someone like Ig'Tah who stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb. However, here, few would give him a questioning glance. They afforded him a comfortable space in the passing crowds and that was enough for him. Nearly two heads taller and twice as wide as your average humanoid, Ig'Tah nevertheless commanded a great awe. The Saurian was currently seated at a street cafe peddling tea and other more exotic foodstuffs, he mulled the spoken menu over before tossing a few of the strange coins he'd acquired onto the table and waited patiently for a roast something-or-other. The hustling streets passed beneath his slitted eyes as the world carried on around him. He'd forgone the cloak that usually masked his great visage, instead his ocher hide with its protruding osteoderms was displayed proudly. Occasionally his head swiveled to track strange sites and beasts of<c>
17:49:15 [Ig`Tah] burden. Ig'Tah carried himself as a warrior, scars criss-crossed his flesh, and knotted muscles tensed and eased as a coiled predator simply watching and waiting for his prey.<f>

17:53:07 Fenris Even the Empire tended to avoid this place unless it had to come, it was a dump. Not that Fenris was a snob, these kinds of places made it easy for one of his skills to thrive, but he had told the Ordo Acolyte not to come through here. What the hell was her bodyguard Sirhan doing? He sighed and growled concealing his Celesin garb by coating it with his intrinsic-arming and turning it "grey" with his hood drawn up. Fenris was trying to catch her scent and it was hard in the mix of smells that pervaded the area. She had not seemed overly fond of the Coliseum and this place were the ones most of the people there came from. He continued through the streets searching. -As Herzog passed through the brightly lit street, two men on opposite sides watched her after she passed. One of them jerked his head in her direction, and one slowly hung back following her from behind, while the other moved around an adjacent alley to get ahead…

17:58:02 Herzog had been wanting to explore more of the sprawling market-city. It really was more like a state than only a market, it was simply a sort of capitalist overdrive run amok. The entire planet’s economy had a stake in this hole. Herzog thought it fascinating— especially since she’d passed many vendors who were also natives of the Black Sun empire and had given them customary nods and greetings spoken in the Maurin language. She even passed something, or someone, sitting in a cafe who was so far removed from human that she couldn’t help but gawk. Only a child’s voice broke her admittedly rude staring. ’Silks? Oh, no—’ she’d say. There was no silk on this world finer than Konstari and she, perhaps dangerously, was drowning in it currently. ’But sweets?’ That was enough to get her attention. Forgive Herzog, for she is still young. ’Does your fa— ‘ but she’d lost sight of the child in the throngs.-
17:58:47 [Herzog] Perhaps she’d just run ahead of her? In the meantime, Herzog brought some of the mentioned Konstari silk up to her nose. Some of the people in this place smelled awful. There was a nasty undercurrent beneath those incredibly fetching, fresh scents of sugar, yeast and spice. Perhaps it was simply...poverty? That caused Herzog to cringe at herself. An Ordo wasnt supposed to be vicious and snobby.

18:05:16 Fenris Fenris found a few BlackSun natives. He asked them if they had seen an Ordo Priestess, and told them she had wandered off from her escort. They themselves might mistake him for a native despite his lack of accent. If they aquiesced to his questioning he would at least have a trail. Perhaps the scent of Konstarri silk might be enough to pick up his scent. Meanwhile as Herzog continued forward the man behind her picked up his pace. "Eyy! Sweetie!" he began to whistle at her. "Where you off too?"

18:10:28 [Hepner] A single eye fell upon the priestess, her only eye but still! She looked out of her element and as she'd observe the woman Charlotte took notice, a cringe. For what? Are her hard working merchants not living up their roles? She'd approach the woman and draw her rapier and point he blade's tip at the man who came up behind her. "Bugger off..." she'd say flatly and simply. The rapier was a just being polite as she can be... quite demanding without it. Her eye rolled slowly to view Herzog for a moment before returning to visage of the man. "Do you know this man?" she'd ask of the priestess, a mere answer could decide one's fate.

18:14:52 Ig`Tah had been scanning the crowd, not noticing the young monkey's stare until just a few seconds before her attention was drawn by calls of hecklers and fetchers. Ig'Tah made watched the interaction, the approach of a stranger and the drawing of a sword. Ig'Tah felt his muscles tense, his fangs crushing together in sudden anxiety. He waited. The Saurian was hopeful that blood would be shed and where there was one death, more would follow. Or, this was Ig'Tah's hope. Absent of mind, his claws grated into the wooden table, so transfixed was he that the waitress had to clear her throat before placing his meal on the table before him. Ig'Tah tore the charred meat from the strange bovine-like animal free with his bare-hands and chewed on it. His eyes still anxiously awaiting the outcome of the hoorah.<f>

18:16:32 Herzog cringed all over again. Not at her latent, internal classism but at the gruff voice behind her. A grimace was etched deep into her features as she turned around to look at the man who had addressed her and wrinkled her nose. Immediately a hand darted into her hair. A nervous tic, most likely as more than one of her pale copper dreadlocks had come loose and tumbled nearly to the backs of her knees. Herzog turned her nose up, snorted and began to walk faster. However, a woman had emerged from one of the vendor’s yurts and had her sword out and levied at her— the Ordo thought that tonight might be her last— and yet, she realized she was speaking to someone behind her. Stopping and whirling on the soles of her slippers she turned around with wide eyes and finally saw the vagrant. ’I do not know this man, Matrice.’ she’d say; addressing the woman with a title meant to denote respect and authority in her culture but translated into the common tongue.
18:16:38 [Herzog] ’He was being rather lude.’ All spoken as haughtily as expected.

18:21:09 Fenris The man continued his approach, trying to play "harmless" as his friend made his way around the corner. Scenes of violence were common in the slums of Market, no one was likely to care if they saw anything happen. "Aww don't be that way baby!" the man said. Closer inspection would reveal bloodshot eyes, and dilated pupils. He saw the younger female and frowned. As he spoke his buddy came from around the corner as they were looking at the first guy and sought to rudely shove Hepner away from the Acolyte and then put a knife to her back, leaning in so his gruff voice, and greasy smell would be upon her ear. "You're coming with me." -
18:21:20 [Fenris] -Fenris followed the trail given to him by the other BSE natives, he was not too far off from Herzogs position, but could not yet see her. He hastened his step, and moved further down the street.

18:34:44 [Hepner] What horrid tricker was this? She'd be shoved from behind and the priestess taken hostage! Charlotte stumbled into a stall and was helped to her feet proper by the owner who'd point at the pair. Her weapon is already drawn and she'd hold it out in fighting stance. "Unhand the woman and I'll endevor to forget your faces this day... If you don't your ends will be ten-fold!" Yes, threats. They're no soldiers or worse. Just... slum crazies, the look in the first man's eyes... They were bloodshot. The work of some drug no doubt! As they'd move she'd move after them keeping her distance.

18:38:33 Herzog grimaced again. The man said something else horrific and she realized the smell hadn’t been the market itself, but him as he had followed behind her. ’Ugh…’ she grimaced and seemed relieved without hindsight that the good Samaritan with silver hair had stepped in. Not that Herzog was helpless, of course. Even if she was about to be. ’I’ll be any ‘way’ I so choose…’ she’d say; feeling nearly triumphant until she felt the sharp tip of something at her back and went still. ’...If you insist.’ she’d say; glowering with knit brows and trying to will tears of frustration to stay ringed around her eyelids rather than take their inevitable tumble down her cheeks. ’If you allow me to reach into my clothing I can pay you heartily. I don’t mind at all. Money is no object.’ she’d say; attempting to reason with her captor. He himself didn’t smell. It made her wonder if the stench and drunken hobo act of his partner was completely orchestrated down to such fine details. Clever,-
18:38:35 [Herzog] they were.

18:40:54 Ig`Tah stood up at last. His hunger for bloodshed had readily out-weighed his desire for food. Plate and meat rolled to the floor as Ig'Tah flipped the table in his passing, reaching down and ripping a leg from it with ease. Talon-like feet clawed the dirt, adding locomotion to force as Ig'Tah shrugged his way through the crowd, people spilling from his path or simply shunted to the side by Ig'Tah and his brandished club. Another, smaller female monkey brought the attention of the thugs to herself, enough so that Ig'Tah was within two meters of the assailants before loosing a terrible roar. A feral, thunderous sound that brought with it the smell of tulleric gore, deafening and furious. Perhaps, the crowd would abait around them, leaving the prowling Saurion and the monkeys alone. Ig'Tah's tail swayed back and forth, both for balance and soon a brutal bludgeoning weapon. Saliva dripped from his gaping maw, dribbling to the dirt beneath. Crocodile smiles.

18:45:52 Fenris "Well take what we want!" the man snarled before the monkey woman danced around him, the distractor drew a pistol and aimed it at the lizard. Apparently whatever he was on was making pretty damn brave, though his eyes were obviously fearful of the mansized lizard. The man was trying to hoist Herzog towards the alley, when Fenris turned around the corner and saw the whole thing, his dark brows furrowing as his long canids showed as his lips drew back and the hair on his neck and arms stood on end. He sent a piece of intrinsic arming through the cobblestone street, knowing if he followed directly he might entice the man. The thunderlizard had already posed a distraction and Fenris turned a corner to move around. The other male trying to force Herzog into his desired path down the alley, as the first guy with the gun kept it trained on the reptilian and turned to walk backwards towards the alley his partner was moving into.
18:46:17 [Fenris] brutish lizardman*

18:55:50 Herzog cringed and let out a nearly pained wail at the roaring. The inhuman and scaled giant from before had made an appearance? Herzog pondered if her staring had been some act of clairvoyance! But, now wasn’t the time to worry about him as she was nearly stumbling; being yanked away from the chaos by her captor and it was time to get him talking. A small oil filled glass pendant around her neck was seized and held onto before she began to speak. ’O-of course you do. You are clearly men of industry, clever and experienced and unafraid of getting what you want. But if you allow me to reach into my silks, you will no longer have to want ever again….do you understand me? Does a well moneyed retirement from this mean nothing to you? Or do are you simply someone’s lackey and have no freedom toward your own fortunes?’ Both of Herzog’s hands were up and she was trying her hardest to think, to be clever. She had never before been-
18:55:56 [Herzog] in such a situation and now she understood why Fenris had told her not to come here. Perhaps she should have brought Sirhan after all, but he could be so smothering…. ’Ah! See? I have no weapon that can harm you. Please….watch my hand’ And unless he jabbed the knife into her back she would hold up her palm— which seemed to suddenly seep golden smoke around what looked like a few shards of broken glass and blood. It curled from the ball of her hand and seemed to give off enough amber light that it brightened the alleyway. And suddenly, she was holding a teeming fistful of gold and other precious metals. Currencies of all kinds spilled onto the cement. ’I am worth more to you alive and unharmed.’

18:57:49 [Hepner] Ghastly! What manner of beastial creature was that? To appear so abruptly and so... rabid. It appeared it was here to aid the priestess as she is as well. it roared and such a powerful roar it was! "Brace yourself, Lizardman!" she'd shout out. This was an opportunity for the both of them. Charlotte bolted into a run and leaped onto the lizard man to use as a stepping stone to get into the alley. She'd leap towards a wall and kick off it to propell herself over the man with the firearm. If he wants to shoot he can aim at her, but by doing so he'd leave himself open for Ig'Tah to pummel him or... worse, those teeth of his looked quite dangerous. Charlotte herself pointed her blade towards the gunman, his choice was clear. Shoot the woman or the beast lizard. Seems Herzog is blessed with good samaritans this day.

19:03:59 Ig`Tah took que and a knee as Hepner raced across the opening and leaped from his back. Just like a monkey, Ig'Tah noted in a moment of lucid clarity. Whether or not the gunman tracked her instead of him, Ig'Tah would hurl the table leg at him. It would strike, Ig'Tah was a trained armsmen, and it would strike hard. Muscle and hide rolled forward onto all fours like bull, Ig'Tah following the thrown beam within seconds. He tore up clods of dirt in his furious scramble to reach the gunman. The Saurians jaw was open, ready to snap with hunger as the pit-fighter finally closed on his foe with a feral snarl. The dexterous sword-mistress would aid the priestess, meanwhile Ig'tah's clawed digits would wrap around the man's gun-hand wrist and break it like a twig before biting the arm off at the elbow. The thug would have to be fast, since despite sounding of thunder, Ig'Tah moved like a lash of lightening. He sensed the sparkling of magic, smelled the newly arrived male, but it was lost to him in a haze <c>
19:04:08 [Ig`Tah] of blood and screaming.<f>

19:06:45 Fenris Herzog had never encountered men like this. Born of desperation, and being under the influence of potent alchemics, they were not exactly reasonable. "You talk too much you whore, I'll take what I want, now shut up or i'll cut you..." he growled. The man did not immediately perceive Hepners acrobatics, but instead in his drug-addled state fired off at the lizard, his aim was actually not too bad, his focus enhanced by the drugs. The rounds were nothing special 9mm hollow-points which would probably be less effective at penetrating the beasts hide. The woman kept prattling on to the thugs ears, and as she showed him his hand he was about to strike her, he did not want to cut her just yet. However he was blinded by the strange flash, his eyes squinting as he flinched. Before he had a chance to answer Fenris was coming around the corner from a higher elevation having climbed up to the balconies of the tightly packed houses to make a falling knee towards the mans head from above. Striking him as he flinched -
19:08:13 [Fenris] -and forcing him towards the ground with the force, crushing his skull as it hit the pavement when Fenris landed upon him. The pistol wieding male however was struck by the beam after his third shot and he managed to brace against it with one arm but it smashed against him and caused him to hit the ground at his side, the mans arm numbed, but the drugs suppressing the main. The man scrambled to get to his feet.

19:13:22 [Hepner] There... was an odd smell in air as she landed on the floor. She'd turn to loom at the success of Ig'Tah, the Lizardman seemed to be on top of this. However when she turned back to make ready to continue onward there was a woman infront of her, it made the Duchess's heart thump immediately. She was taller than she was, such brillaint golden eyes and magnificent long red hair... "Tira..." she murmured and reached up to try to grab hold of the halucination. Yes! An illusion... followed by gold and jewels that seemingly appeared out of no where. "NO!" she'd shot and kick about at nothing as it would appear to anyone else. Charlotte had caught the same effect the Priestess had held in some hidden vial. She'd pause her chase, forget it infact. If only to see the woman again. "Tira!" she'd shout again. What manner of trickery was this? What cruel joke shows a woman her lost love? Someone she could no longer hold and shower gold and riches about? What had she done to deserve this manner of curse...?

19:18:14 Sirhan Sirhan arrived a moment after Fenris, furious the Primoris had gotten there first, but even more so at Herzog. He was dressed in robes of crimson, and a shield was hung at his back. A pistol hung at his hip, as well as the sheathes to a blade similar to a Dha, and a strange polearm weapon that was retracted. He wore a black turban and his grey-black beard was meticuluosly combed and groomed, impregnated with warm-beeswax. He moved around the corner of the alley and drew his sword with a "shink". "What did you think you were doing?!" he asked in their native tongue glowering at Herzog, as he saw Fenris raise his eyebrows, apparently surprised to see him. He took some solace in that. He also saw the woman pining and calling the name of some woman. "Look at what you have wrought..." he continued.

19:24:26 Herzog was abruptly released by the flinching man and he’d all but flung her. The moment took her stumbling over the mess in the alley, her satin slippers and silks into the far wall which she hit with a thump and a whimper as the impact knocked the wind out of her. The satchel under her layers of actual currency came loose and spilled to the ground; little square pits of milky silver precious metal pouring from a scented leather drawstring bag. Herzog immediately forgot about it; trying to press herself into the wall rather than step away from it. In her panic, she thought she imagined both Fenris and Sirhan; turning away from the lizardman and a woman calling out for “Tira” repeatedly. Herzog had fled exactly six steps down the alley before the familiar voice of her oath-guard yelled behind her. She froze; her shoulders bunching up before she gathered herself, turned around and made the conscious decision to, as usual, sass poor Sirhan for doing his job.
19:24:32 [Herzog] ’Buying! Exploring! I am no bird to be kept in a cage! I did not cause this!’ Herzog was clearly upset and no doubt in some form of shock; her hands in fists and shaking at her side.

19:28:34 Ig`Tah soaked up the bullets. The rounds dug furrows, bleeding him decently, but they were far from dibilitating. The pain registered as far away and dulled. Muscles moved, Ig'Tah's jaws didn't rip through the man's arm like he'd planned. The Saurian turned and followed through with it not stopping the momentum, only changing it. As the men struggled to rise four-hundered pounds of reptile would fall on him. Claws flailing, primed by evolution and trained by a warrior's life to become natural tools of murder. Much like a boxer swings his fist, Ig'Tah put his entire body behind each savage blow causing him to thrash back and forth in a frenzy. The claws would literally butcher the man, if he couldn't escape, shredding blood and flesh from bone like a knife until the man was a barely recognizable pile of mutilated tissue and fluids. In the aftermath, Ig'Tah stood up and turned his gaze to the sky, letting loose another ear-splitting roar this time charnal and sated. A good time for Hepner to come back to the <c>

19:31:42 Fenris Fenris growled as he felt the mans skull crack satisfyingly beneath his weight and momentum before rising and giving Sirhan a funny look. He frowned and cursed he did not speak Blacksunnese or whatever it was called. He moved forward towards Sirhan and the man raised a blade to block Fenris' path, the Lupine glowered at the older looking male. He was about to say "I just did your job for you, let me pass." but thought that was probably the last thing he should say to this man right now. "I just showed I care for Herzog, and do you really want to threaten a representative of Celesin...?" he asked. "It is not her fault." he said trying too ignore Hepners pained wails.\

19:37:07 Herzog ’s little temper tantrum was broken by the lizardman bursting forward and, well...pummeling the remaining living party that meant to hold her captive into bits and pieces. It seemed to happen in slow motion for her. Every blow, bone shatter, flesh rending from bone, tendons popped and snapped and blood rained out in a spray her mind wanted to convince itself was only red flower petals and nothing more. The attempt of her subconscious at saving her failed miserably and just as the beast was letting off a triumphant roar Herzog stumbled backwards and spread a hand over her belly before turning to the side and vomiting. Perhaps it was for the better that the questionable meat from earlier didnt rest in her system for too long. Fenris and Sirhan bickered in the background while she retched; unable for a moment to consider that she could be next on the big lizard’s menu. Though he certainly seemed satisfied.

19:39:56 [Hepner] She was there hiding in the shadows, the corner of her eyes. That tall lady love of her recent past. It hurt to see her but knowing she couldn't possibly be here, in this realm, this plane of existence, in the here and now... It hurt. She'd struggle to keep moving foward, pulling a dagger from behind her coat to cut into the flesh of her free hand, the pain would surely help her concentrate on the real issue. However as she neared Herzog it appeared she was alreayd saved. Her now cut hand rested upon her hilt and she'd stare down this woman. All of this started with her appearence, it did. During her bout of lunacy the Lizardman had gone foward, leaving a trail to follow no less. She'd come up from behind him and pull a handkerchief to cover her nose oft eh freshly made gore made by is persons. "You! What did you do, witch!" called out Hepner, muffled from her cloth.

19:42:21 Fenris The remaining thugs bullets apparently did nothing as the lizardman moved forward and mauled him, blood spraying as the mans dying gurgling screams echoed throughout the square, and his fluids stained the streets, his hand still somehow firing into the lizard despite the fact his guts were hanging out, before it stopped. Only checking the gun would tell if the man had died before he ran out of bullets or vice versa.

19:46:00 Sirhan "I don't care who you are." he said to the man. "This is none of your buisness outlander." he all but spat. Fenris growled. He then sighed and lowered his blade, knowing it was pointless to continue flexing. He could not even think with Hepner crying. He moved towards her, and took a vial out, an antidote to the enchantment that had been done upon the woman. Being an Ordo-Bodyguard they were given such things just in case one ever went renegade, or were being irrationally willfull. He opened the vial, and a bright greenish haze moved from it towards Hepner where it would turn white and dissipate dispelling the illusion.
19:52:35 Herzog ’I’m not a witch yet. Not even a Sibyl.’ she’d say; looking somewhat deflated and ill after having vomited. Her own silk handkerchief was retrieved from her robes and used around her mouth as she moved to escape the landing zone of her own sickness. Hepner likely wouldnt understand the cryptic words she had spoken, but, Sirhan sure would. And it appeared he was arguing with the Primoris. Lovely. Herzog couldn’t bare to step over the mess the drug aggled mess had made after being torn apart by the lizard. It was effectively a nearly ten foot barrier between herself and the pair of men she needed to address. ’Sirhan. Primoris Ultonis Fenris is of a high rank and caste for his nation. You must not address him with such flagrant disrespect.’ she’d say; grimacing at her oath-guard’s frustrations being taken out on a fellow she was becoming more and more enamored with. The Ordo Acolyte sometimes wondered if it wasn’t simple xenophobia -
19:52:37 [Herzog] that lead him to react so strongly to the Primoris. ’The rewarded marks you wear are far too high for such an odious disposition toward other men of rank.’

19:56:20 Fenris Fenris took the opportunity of Sirhan tending to Hepner to move towards Herzog. "Are you okay?" he asked her. He did not go into "I told you so's." he knew that was the last thing she needed to hear, and apparently she could take care of herself, he might even daresay it was good for her. As far as popping ones combat cherry goes, this could have gone far worse. He did not mention that either. He rubbed her shoulder to try and alleviate the stress of her nausea, though he too was a bit on edge towards the feral lizardman in a mixture of predatory territoriality, and common sense. "Herzog I don't care." he told her. "I daresay I can respect one who will say what they think regardless of consequences as foolish as it may be, I never claimed to not be foolish myself."

20:03:59 [Sirhan] Sirhan looked back at Herzog. "Do not think to correct me child, I daresay this man is a distraction, and one who works for an Empire that has openly threatened our nation no less." he said. "That is not disrespect, merely a fact. And you're words are twisted Primoris Ultonis, however you are not one to take such things to heart." Sirhan said judging Fenris' character. "Herzog, I have watched you for years, and cared for you. But ever since you have started associating with this man you have been shirking protocol and showing far too much willfullness and independence for a neophyte... I'm afraid I'm going to have to report this to the Matron, as soon as I can get a meeting." he told her. "I will let you spend your remaining time till you are recalled as you see fit, but I am done playing games with you. This is for your own good..."

20:12:02 Herzog ’s resolve broke when he asked if she was ok and her face crumpled a bit. Only for a moment and she’d knit it back together. ’I-....I’m fine. Thank you. How did you know I had come here?’ And just for a moment she allowed herself to rest against his chest— at least until Sirhan started popping off the cuff. Herzog disengaged from Fenris and stared; her mouth open as her oath-guard spoke. ’You wouldn’t! You know I am mere months from attaining status as a Sibyl, Sirhan! Please!’ and she wanted to start after him but, again, that huge blast area of human remains halted her. There was no way she was stepping into that voluntarily. ’It has nothing to do with the Primoris either and he has not disrespected you. This is spite! Spite and petty anger…’ she’d say; bunching her fists up again and trembling.

20:21:00 Fenris "Don't do that please..." Fenris said as he put a hand on her shoulder. "One mistake does not lessen years of diligence..." he told the male. "If anything this is an experience she can use... If she is to be of higher-rank experience is necessary, and there is nothing wrong with being ahead of the curve." he told the male, thinking his words might worsen the situation but he had to try.

20:24:13 Sirhan "Spite and Petty anger? You could have died just now!" he said in their native tongue. "And you used the craft beyond the bounds of your perimeters, obviously in self-defense but you would not have been in this predicament had you allowed me to do my duty..." he said. However in his anger he had not realized the implications of going to the Matron, it could potentially set her back years, but he also felt conflicted. She was about to be a Sybill and consorting with a representative of a hostile foreign power. He almost let his tongue slip that Fenris would probably love to have an in with a sybill but managed to hold past it. He did not trust him. "You are a smart girl Herzog, and it would be a shame perhaps to let your current behavior tarnish an exemplary record... I will make you a deal, I will let you have one more day beyond, but if you don't return to the ziggurat I will in fact report this." once again in their native tongue.

20:32:45 Herzog immediately turned to Fenris and shook her head; trying to silently warn him not to negotiate with Sirhan as it would only make him angrier. However, Sirhan seemed to respond well to it which was more than shocking. ’Please understand you are my oath guard and I do want you to do your duties but if I live in the way you desire I would never be able to leave the Zigurrat…’ she’d say. Surely he could understand how frustrating it was to be considered oh so precious that she might as well have been a piece of furniture in the sprawling structure. Reminding her that she could have died broke through her frustration and fear that he would report her. Finally, she did cry a little. Not messily; but it would certainly only become more intense when he said he would make her a deal. ’I am sorry,I— I accept. Your terms are noted.’ She put her palms together in a sort of praying motion and bowed at the pelvis; deep and official—
20:32:51 [Herzog] but not so much her long coils would dip in the blood and viscera. She rose up and sniffled; using the silk fabric to dab at her eyes.

20:44:56 Sirhan He was not responding to Fenris but to Herzogs pleas more than anything. Though he had become upset at Fenris' interference he had not addressed it. "What is the point of having a bodyguard if he is not around to protect you?" he asked her. "You are going to leave the Ziggurat, all I ask is you respect my duty... As I respect yours..." he said. He was still upset, but she seemed eager to take his deal. He moved from the alley curtly past the lizard-man. "You will return tomorrow... The only reason I'm leaving right now is because I don't to add more complications to the situation." he said in their native tongue again. "You are very lucky I care for you Herzog, most other body-guards would have had your head for this..." he said before taking his leave and not looking at her. He was disapointed, and Fenris was only a part of it. Perhaps Herzog did not understand, and perhaps he was over-protective, but his heart was genuine, he left because he felt that would make more of a profound impact on her than -
20:45:00 [Sirhan] -hovering.

20:46:59 Fenris Fenris resisted the urge to growl as Sirhan spoke again in that blasted tongue and then took off, Herzog was almost crying and he frowned. "Lets get out of here." he said putting a hand under her chin. "You did well you know?" he told her. "It looked like you had something up your sleeve... That kinda caused him distress, I guess thats whatever that girl got a hit of... I think I may have underestimated you Herzog." he told her, he was being sincere but he figured a compliment about what had just happened might have some consolation.

20:56:00 Herzog bowed again toward Sirhan before he left. The oath-guard was clearly angry; seething even. And he’d made no bones about his dislike for the Primoris and the risk she was taking deciding that she preferred his company. Acolytes, Sibyls, Pythonesses and even the Abbess were constantly inundated with suitors and admirers to the point it could even pose danger for them— and of all those fine, well bred natives to their homeland she’d chosen to fall in line with The Enemy? Herzog wasn’t so naive that she didn’t understand Sirhan’s frustrations at least on the surface. But in her mind the heart wants what it wants. ’Yes...lets. I only want to be somewhere quiet now. With you.’ she’d say; letting him lift her chin. A brow rose at him saying he’d underestimated her. ’I have much more power than oil that clouds men’s minds. But if I use them outside of the empire it will be my immediate expulsion from the Order. Until, well...I become a Sibyl.’
20:56:41 [Herzog] The oil itself and the paralytic on the needle from the Coliseum weren’t exactly legal either, but, they were not detectable displays of her power. Herzog followed him wherever he lead her; attached to his side and holding onto his left arm tightly. ’He says I have until tomorrow with you and then I must return to the Ziggurat or he will report me. I think I will heed his word and not wander away without protection. I have been naive.’

21:02:11 Fenris "Only a little." he told her. "But the only cure for naivete is experience." he said. "I think Sirhan just probably feels slighted a bit that you keep ditching him, aside from the obvious dislike of Celesin." he said. "I'll get us a gate." he said. "I doubt you want to stay in Market." he told her as he took out a coin and the circular disc would expand reflective and then fading into a gap in space leading directly too Olfwood itself.
21:02:53 Fenris Beyond the rim of the gate the forest could be seen as well as snow, it was night and a wind as shaking the pines on the other side.

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