Fenris -vs- Trekka [Konstantine] - Scrimmage

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Fenris -vs- Trekka [Konstantine] - Scrimmage

Post by Konstantine on Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:23 am

20:17:41 [Fenris] Fenris was a bit nervous, though he would never admit such a thing. This was not the first time he had served to be Konstantines guinea pig, and he had faith in her capabilities as an inventor, she was also a King and what would could such beings wrought when they themselves seemed to transcend the need for weapons. Then again such things were quite a matter of perception, Fenris himself had done so the same, though to the uninformed it would appear the opposite. He would not come into this half-cocked. Before he broke into the moon-light that was cast upon the pit, his form was encased in the dark-coating of his quae-fueram, a beastly pelt of shiny blades that seemed to blend with his skin in patterns. His Cloak itself was actually intergrated into the "armour" shortened temporarily to a degree to form a "mane" around upper shoulder area.-
20:17:56 [Fenris] -Below that a Trio of tails would be swaying behind him, consisting of bundles of blades themselves as they moved with prehensile and almost autonomous grace. His gait had a slightly hunched demeanor to it, a gentle sway to his shoulders. He had already let go his ingrained discipline of suppressing and at a "Quarter" of his capacity, he was working on going for half now, but the unbinding would take time. Moving from the interior of the Arena and into the pit remaining vigilant he sought to see what Konstantines mad science had wrought, as he gathered his intent, a slight hum seeming to eminate from his form.
20:46:58 Konstantine ’s arrival didn’t come with any announcement or fanfare. She simply walked into the arena yawning; hair somewhat greasy and her clothes smeared here and there with whatever mass produced, sugar snack food she could send her underlings to buy at the bodegas back in Novus Orsa. This time, it had been more of the cinnamon pinwheel slices. A portly man behind the counter swore by them and after one bite Konstantine decided she trusted the man more than any of the other Kings in her Borgism. Small, pale hands with something sticky on the pads of her fingertips were raised above her head so she could stretch. Late? why, yes, she’d been napping before arriving; having convinced Nikolai Krause to allow her house arrest style arrangement to include the arena just this one time in order to test Trekka. Those Celesin babysitters...always loathe to let her out of their site even for a few seconds! Konstantine felt less like a precious asset and more like a prisoner. -
20:47:18 [Konstantine] Upon seeing Fenris she pursed her lips at his new get up, raised her brows and nodded at him. ’Well I was gonna ask if you’re ready but you’re all kinna gussied up for the big dance. At least you seem more ready’n Nikolai. It was a bitch to get clearance to come here.’ she’d say; not having wanted to use the Coliseum because of the influence of the Immuno Grid— something that couldnt be avoided unless the Emperor himself willed otherwise during the games. Konstantine wore large, wide black bangled on her wrist that appeared to me made of black glass. Very minimalist and obviously served another purpose aside from jewelry. If they had chains they would have made great shackles per their shape. A casual flick after releasing them from her wrist sent them tumbling toward Fenris; rolling lightly in the sand only to stop a mere foot or two in front of the Primoris’ boots.-
20:47:38 [Konstantine] ’Alright! I’ve been hopin’ to get to do this for a long time! With your abilities this is exactly the type of battle scrimmage I’ve been waiting for. You good to go?’ And considering he was and it was a rhetorical question, the bangles suddenly exploded into a much larger shape; first a circular splatter of black fluid which hit an invisible sphere, contracted and then snapped into a humanoid shape in less than two seconds. the construct was huge: proportioned male and muscular with a broad carriage, powerful legs and a head shaped nothing like a humans— more like a cone with a band of orange-red light shining out of a vertical opening. It’s body wasn’t flesh, but floating and chitinous segments of deep, dark gray matte plates that made the shape from its former status as a ferrous fluid and, before that, bangles on the diminutive King’s wrists. It towered over the Primoris at nearly twelve feet; the plates moving to show a dim, crackling energy inside of it’s chassis as it stared down with-

21:01:16 [Fenris] Fenris smelled... sweets. He saw the girl, and at first was rather irked. Was she mocking him? In contrast to before when she seemed awkward and shy, this time she seemed almost relaxed in a way. Detatched, then he realized why, that detatchment he had noticed before was a one way street. "That's not right..." he said his voice a bit more coarse than usual. "I should see about doing something about them letting you out more..." his eyes narrowed as she dropped the bangle and rolled it towards him, loathe to do so for fear of looking stupid at going out of his way for what might appear to be a simple bangle, one of those tails flicked with adders speed, the right-most tail trailing in the sand to knock the bangles into the air and towards constantine perhaps seperating them in the process. Essentially he was not taking any chances if he could help it, though the purpose of this meeting was to test her creature out, he was at least going to make things hard on her. He would have-
21:01:26 [Fenris] -attacked her at this point in most situations, or perhaps even during his attempt to knock the bangles away but this was not a tactical excercise. He still was taking this seriously since "booboo's" with Konstantine could lead to serious problems. The motion however did buy Fenris time to continue the unbinding process, and gather more energy hopefully as he began moving slowly to his left, he had a feeling it might not be that simple.

21:16:55 Konstantine - Konstantine was still very much awkward, but not quite shy. She’d matured, so to speak, only in that her time before when he’d known her was when she was new. Fenris hadn’t been around for Ace and all that had happened beneath the sands he stood on. Not for her nearly being Polluxed— and not for her inheriting an enormous geofront laboratory from Nebuchadnezzar as a macabre wedding gift to Mesiphidon— on the condition she was for the most part kept confined and out of trouble for her own safety. Thus, she was only allowed to roam in the presence of the Primoris or the Alis Dominus assigned to her. Today, the Ultonis had won the lottery. ’Y’ damned right its not right! But thats what Sissy wanted when she gave me to your Big Dog, right? And what Sissy wants, Sissy tends to get.’ It wasn’t hard to figure out she was talking about Nebuchadnezzar. At him talking about doing something she shrugged. -
21:17:12 [Konstantine] ’You’re a Primoris, doof. You can sign me out anytime you want. Like borrowing the company car.’ Though Konstantine did understand he might not know what a company car even was. A concept from a totally different isolation of existence. As for knocking the bangles around, one, he’s only get cocked brows from Konstantine— they didn’t separate. There’s a reason there was no distance when they’d rolled toward him— they were tethered. But, airborne, the construct still formed and would only land with a heavy thud; its right knee slamming into the sand; left fest used as a prop for its weight and both sending grain in every direction. Konstantine didnt understand why he’d assumed that would have an affect...if he had managed to truly break the tethers, he’d have been in much hotter water. But, she understood he was dipping his toe in the water. So to speak. Grunting from curiosity, she eased a visor over her eyes that looked nothing like more than a plate of pale brushed metal. As Fenris moved to it
21:17:28 [Konstantine] As Fenris moved to its left he’d get less than a quarter of a second to see the bright, churning light inside of the construct flair; brightening the hollow inside of Trekka in its homonculus form before it turned from orange-red to bright violet and ejected toward him, from it’s assumed “gaze” at the Primoris and arcing to the left at the speed it’s fascimile of a head turned. Sprays of sand immediately turned to glass and formed clear splashes around the scorched arc. If he was caught in it, he’d be bisected. At this stage, it was only simple plasma, but Trekka lumbered forward, surprisingly spry for its size and the assumed density of its material. And it moved with purpose.

21:49:42 Fenris The only thing Fenris had intended to do, was get those bangles the hell away from him, having succeeded in this was a small victory, but something that at least saved him from going on an early defensive and losing the initiative. It was this and the fact his senses were so high along with his experience that allowed him to foresee the ray of heat that came from the corner of his right side. It was not a straight-shot and this also helped, but Fen had a funny feeling that head could rotate a full 360 degrees. All of this was intuitive, and acting on instinct he managed to move out of its immediate "line of sight" by suddenly accelerating the previously casual gait he had been embarking upon, done while he lowered his back and sprung forward diagonally as the construct charged; closing the distance even more quickly than the time it took for the plasma to charge up seeking to pass Trekka's right side, and -
21:49:53 [Fenris] -simultaneously releasing the energy he had been gathering charging the blades on his shoulders and directing them forward firing a focused volley of a few dozen 6 inch long hyper-sonic projectiles at Trekka's waist-section, the hardened quae-fueram designed to spiral upon its acceleration increasing their penetrative capability in addition to their hardness, while their charge coated each one in a disruptive field. If they did not penetrate the volley of projectiles would each explode into particles causing shockwaves to blast against the construct and saturate the area within 8 meters in those particles. Fenris preparing to take a graze and seeking to buy time in his initial evasion by simultaneously attacking with the power he had gathered, though this was a seperate process from the unbinding which would now be done, and on standby when and if things escalated. His tails also trailing behind him ready to act.

22:02:16 Fenris Though the fact of the matter was he was not fast enough to avoid the beam entirely, and his turn caused him to suffer a glance along his shoulder and right side, the mane reinforced by his cloak managing to protect most of it, but his right side still sizzling as the tips of those knives began to glow red, He felt stinging pain and ignored it.

22:08:35 Konstantine - Konstantine sort of...danced out of the way; hugging the edge of the pit and making sure she was safely out of the line of fire. Energy weapons would do precisely the opposite of harm to her, however, she didnt want her observation to be disrupted and the King’s vision enhancing visor was some of her most delicate technology. One of the only items she had created that didnt get thrown around, sat on or used to prop up foil juice boxes in between bouts of nursing them. She watched Trekka fire at the Primoris and and simultaneously observed him rolling out of the way. The temperature of the sand flare was even ‘jotted down’, metaphorically speaking. ’Hrm...unnnnn’ she’d say; now having walked to a vantage point to where she could just see the behind of her ferrous titan. Trekka didn’t react for a defense to the projectiles because she hadn’t taught it to yet. It’s combat knowledge was meant to be adaptive and heuristic, so, Konstantine felt nothing but curiosity at watching the objects effects on -

22:09:15 [Konstantine] her machines. The blades that penetrated would see the false plates of “metal” formed out of the dark, dull ferrofluid ripple only to crackle and vanish in a haze inside of its chassis. One would be fast enough to exit the other side of the homonculus’s trunk; now nearly broken down in structure and glowing pale blue with preternatural heat as it slammed into the stone wall behind Konstantine— who whistled. Those that detonated would spell Fenris’ mistake; the energy exploding and the effects seeming to actually coalesce inside of Trekka— it had absorbed the force, though, it did stagger backwards with arms briefly raised as if to ward off the attack. Live and learn. The orange-red hellfire inside of the machine was now a bright blinding white; the construct standing out in basrelief as it quickened toward Fenris, raised it’s heavy leg and slammed it into the sands. Sand, stone and most likely the body-

22:09:26 [Konstantine] of the Primoris would suddenly be airborne in a wave of force; his own shockwaves multiplied three times over and used against him. It would hit him like a train; starting at the point of contact and widening exponentially; his distance giving him three quarters of the attack’s full force. ’See, I’m gonna need you to try something other than energy. Its piloted right now by a dummy Kings’s core. Magi’s turned off for safety but the repeater isn’t.’ The four-foot-eleven tech head was somehow completely unaffected by the shockwave— meaning, she’d probably feasted on it as well. ’Come on man, don’t overthink it! It’s not survival, its a back alley brawl! You can do it!’ After her pep talk, on cue, she yanked chips from her back pocket that had been crushed almost to powder from her sitting on them and shoved a few shards in her mouth.

22:36:25 Fenris Still stinging from the earlier attack his action had worked. The saturating haze unfortunately unable to hijack the medium of energy transfer as the stomp was tactile induced and seemed to traverse through matter. He did not hunker down, he got out of dodge, moving with the fluid grace of a creature of survival, he foresaw the creature stomp, and continued the movements he was already in the middle of, seeking to roll step off line, but unable to completely avoid the force, his pelt insulating him against the force even as he felt his bones jar and a numbness in his body and sent spiraling at an odd angle across the ground. -
22:36:34 [Fenris] -a gutteral growl akin to what one might expect a foul mouthed mechanic to spew at a particularly vexing problem ensued as a tail stretched out to bury itself in the ground, while the force at least brought him greater distance from the golem. As it stood the saturating particles around Trekka reacted to the force imposed against their leader, the kinetic force not as strong as the shockwave that had just ensued but used instead too transmute the chemical composition of the haze now surrounding the Automaton to enclose upon it in the shape of a tendril, one might notice Fenris had lost a tail on that pelt perhaps in the process. The slithering appendage seeking to enclose upon the Golems head encasing it in a block of the Intrinsic-Arming.

22:47:43 Konstantine watched Fenris fly and whistled again. She knew that’d had to sting. A few taps on the side of the brushed metal visor as she watched the Primoris; noting the movements and gathering of the material and, of course, making sure not to interfere. She wasn’t piloting Trekka and the whole point of the test was watching to see if Form1 was capable of learning and adaptation as she had intended. So, when he shot the tendril forward she only muttered’Oh, here we go… from the edge of the pit. Trekka was not prepared for the tendril; the enormous smart-matter golem and King core intelligence flailing dumbly against the intrusion against its person. Blind, it looked as if a twelve foot tall suit of armor had managed to get its conical structure in place of a head covered in glue. ’Come on, come on...figure it out….’ she’d say; shaking her head at the construct and sighing.-
22:47:49 [Konstantine] Konstantine noted the Core engine revving up twice and instantly powering down— Trekka’s safety measures prevented it from firing in Form1 with its main form of ejection compromised. What irritated Konstantine was that she knew it could fire from its hands. ’Heuristic combat engineering is a damned joke sometimes, I swear…Trekka! Get it together!’ she lifted the visor and made an are you serious gesture toward the construct which had begun to try and forcefully paw the material from above its shoulders. It’s strength was enough, but it was a stupid mistake. ’Quit being stupid!’

23:06:48 Fenris In truth Fenris had only known of its plasma beam as its primary long range weapon, which why he had sought to cover its head, the fact it was such an effective tactic brought him the few seconds needed to recover time that might have otherwise cost him much more dearly. He gave a long grunting sigh of mixed pain and irritation rising up and hunched over. His left arm cocked back as far as it would go extending behind his shoulder as that second tail retracted and simultaneously a blade formed in his left hand. As the creature fumbled with the Quae-Fueram it would soften like puddy and stick to the hands stretching out to accomodate the creatures strength. His right arm extending forward with his taloned fingers pointing straight at Trekka aligning with the creature. "Sorry Kon." Another charge was focused through his body produced through his sword as it semi-liquified and extended at hyper-sonic speed-

23:07:44 [Fenris] -similar to the last attack, complete with the spiral and the disruptive EM field, only with far more weight and mass behind the attack. Essentially solid lightning that would seek to drill into the constructs waist again, an attack capable of penetrating the shields and hulls of starships, supplimented by the precision and honing of that force to such a degree so as to maximize the potency behind it, intending to pierce the construct and starting to delve into more liberal chunks of his life-force in order to produce the energy needed for such an attack. Faster than a blink and leaving an after-image of seared air similar to lightning his blade would almost appear to never move at all as it retracted after the attack. He was a bit irked now. He felt bad considering the construct was momentarily blind hence his apology. cheapshots were the best shots when push came to shove.

23:29:03 Konstantine cocked a brow. Sorry about what exactly? She didn’t know and only shrugged at him; watching his actions from the sidelines and waiting to see what Trekka would learn from this. Through her visor she saw the charge within him and grimaced— christ, she’d told him earlier about the energy. In any for, he was feeding the dummy core and its Repeater. Oh well, perhaps Fenris had some heuristic combat abilities to catch up on? Though she’d been giving her construct a proper reaming earlier, Konstantine knew this wouldnt work out well for the primoris. His projectiles from before had been shown to have a rather detrimental effect on the material; the engine inside clearly phase-matter capable and enough to severely damage the substance. Not to mention it had taken a rather eager liking to the mess the first time. As soon as the smart-matter plates were penetrated they seemed to eagerly absorb it; momentarily yanking Fenris off of his feet unless he figured out in due time what a mess he had created -
23:29:24 [Konstantine] for himself. The bright-hot internal glow seen earlier before his projectiles had slammed into the arena wall. An electro-magnetic field produces a force that is always perpendicular to path that a charge follows. The material would be rendered momentarily inert and harmfully hot— he’d have no choice but to retract it and perhaps feel that heat or continue feeding the monster. Trapped or otherwise, Trekka seemed to have picked something up. The arms of the construct sluisced together and became solid rather than the chitinous plates from before, the light no longer shining through the appendages before they became...fluidic. And then, the near black smart matter imitated his quae faerum; whipping toward him as both limbs split into several tendrils and those tendrils split into straight, thorn-like extensions. It wasn’t quite as controlled by any-
23:29:39 [Konstantine] means as Fenris demonstrated, but the danger was in speed and quantity. They sought him out at a frightening speed; some of the tendrils slamming into the sand to rise again like stalactites; spikes expanding and looking to catch and impale. ’Well fuck me and Howdy Doody, it can learn!’ Howled the King from the sidelines. The visor was back down. She wasn’t sure if Trekka’s attempt, which was both incredibly thorough and novice-level, would have the intended effect. But it was its first try at true adaptation.

23:50:52 Fenris He had not expected that, his last attacks problem had seemed to be the explosive part, this attack had been focused piercing, Regardless it seemed he was in for some trouble. His mane expanded using its bond with his cloak to give him greater coverage, he was yanked forward, but that loop that fucked him over caused the edges of his quae to sizzle again, however Trekka was not the only one capable of absorbing energy, though the truth of the matter was Fenris was far less efficient at it, his skin sizzled more, he was starting to get a bit closer to roughed up, but was not in serious condition yet. -
23:51:00 [Fenris] -He directed the majority of the mistake to the sword in his hand which seemed to partially disintergrate as he dropped it, using the force of the EM yank and rolling into it to turn himself into a living buzzsaw hardening and thinning the blades on his body and aiming too slam into the golems midsection with a combination of sheer brute-force, and speed. The RPM's enhanced by the force of the tug allowing him to slice through the attempt at creating quae-fueram and seeking to maul the golem pretty nastily, but not with full force the trajectory intended to have Fenris roll off the front of the animation as he came from a rising angle initially. The attack timed to with the creatures response.


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