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Post by NPC-Roster on Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:25 pm

In reference to Combat.

Try to know what you are talking about.

Keep in mind you are playing with other people, there is no such thing as plot-armor here, and things should progress to their logical conclusion given a situation. Abilities or Qualities of a character considered "Plot-Armor/Godmodding" will be subject to peer review. Also keep in mind however sometimes a character is just out of their league.

Keep the time-line in mind, as well as factors like positioning in mind as well. Interrupts are possible within reason. Once you commit your character to an action however, or once that action is enacted in the time-line you cannot change it after the fact unless your opponent allows or asks for a re-post.

Be objective and clinical when comparing and calculating factors.

Do not automatically interpret another character's aspects to fit with your own system. However all aspects of play are still subject to criticism, especially if those aspects allow for potential or practical abuse of a characters limitations or lack there-of.

Avoid setting absolute and or arbitrary stipulations, autoing, and metagaming.

Arbitrary Stipulation: Simply stating something as an absolute without giving explanation for it, and imposing it as an absolute factor that cannot be interacted with.


"My effects destroy all matter cause I say so and cannot be interacted with."

"My effect can punch through you creating a hole but has no kinetic force."

"My ability suppresses all magical manipulation in 50 feet because that's what the ability does and I declare your ability magic regardless of what you state it to be."

"My ability kills anyone wearing a red-shirt."

Powermoding: Excessively multi-tasking large-scale effects or manifesting large scale effects on a whim without any consequences or waste of energy to balance out the equation. Tanking large scale effects effortlessly. Essentially performing powerful actions with little to no effort or consequences or having no appreciable or practical character limitations.

Autoing: Taking control of another persons character without permission. Stating an interpretation of an action or a result is different than forcing someone to perform an action, however which interpretation is more accurate is subjective to specific situations.

Metagaming: Using information you know OOCly to affect IC actions of a character that they normally would not do, or a character being privy to information they would have no way of knowing.

Retconning/Time-Moding: Changing an action after the fact, or seeking to re-establish the time-line. Disregarding factors to impose a time-line within an existing one.

Be civil and walk away if things won't work out. If the issue must be pressed make sure its worth it.

When in doubt use common sense or ask your opponent.

Be fair and remember its just a game.

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