Black-Market Compound

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Black-Market Compound

Post by NPC-Roster on Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:47 pm

In the outskirts of Market city between the slums and the industrial district there was a large walled facility in a lot. A canal could be seen bringing water through the lower grating at its south end, while a large gate could be seen which faced East. The walls were made of concrete and stood about 10 feet high, while an additional fencing of 5 feet was added to the top of the 2 foot thick walls electrified and fitted with weaving vines of thorny soft metal that also carried the current of electricity through the barbed-wire.

Standing at 25 feet and situated at East and North sides there were 2 guard-towers with 2 Hardened-Thugs on each platform using Long-Shot Rifles, and outfitted in protective vests. Outside the wrought iron front-gate and walls, there was a group of eight-armed thugs with 4 wielding automatic-carbines, and the others having machetes and cudgels.

Upon the approach towards the compound there were several old abandoned buildings of brick and stone, and various shacks of wood and straw, some of the stone and brick ruins had standing structures that exceeded 50 feet, though the area approaching the compound was relatively stark in the surrounding lot that the enclosure was situated upon with the taller buildings and ruins about a 1/2 mile away from the approach.

It was within this area that an event was taking place, part of a series of traditional auctions that were in "season" within Market city. Different families that were part of the overall "Cartel" as well as "guests" from out of state participated in these auctions which were somewhat ritualized and had a fair amount of debauchery involved in the affairs. Business men, nobles, merchants, outlaws, and warlords mingled freely trading and trafficking various commodities and participating in the "festivities" which could be as perverse as they were diverse. Though these "parties" were secondary to the attraction that these auctions offered, an event meant to serve as the climax to the activities and offering "rare-prizes" in various forms. These items ranged from the extravagant and perverse, to the lethal and dangerous, to the just plain bizarre.

And the auction was set to begin in 2 hours. It was nearing dusk now, which would fall in about 20 minutes.

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