Is there blood to be had?

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Is there blood to be had?

Post by War Torn on Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:13 am


-On this night, there were slick sounds of something wet yet 'attached' going off somewhere in the woodlands. This was followed by a slurping sound just as wet and messy as the other, followed by loud crunches and if one peered through the foliage, through the trees and brush and gazed upon the fire lit somewhere in the crevices of a rock, a splintered, they'd see the body of a bear, laying did just beside it. Besides the dead animal, was one called Samhaine Bartholomew Grain, and he was eating. Sharp claws sunk into the dead muscles of the bears right hind leg, and with teeth that shouldnt belong within a 'humans' mouth, more like a small great white shark, Samhaine took large bites through the fur, through the meat, and through the bone, and half ripped through it all, half tore at it like some sort of brutish animal.

There was a bit of blood about his pale white face, no doubt, mostly centered about his lips as he took one large bite after the other, lime green eyes peering into the fire as he did so. No hoodie or undershirt was worn (though thankfully black jeans were, with a significant lack of shoes as well), pale scarred frame glinting somewhat in sunlight and fire Samhaine had set up, as a grunt left Samhaines person at one point after he took a particular bite. Thoughtful, that would describe his current mindset. Of the future, of intent, of him and her, so many little things, so many big things, some minute, some of future, some of past. Again Samhaine grunted but paused suddenly, frowning. Change, aw it was a fickle bitch, eh? Such a thing had been coming over Samhaine, more for someone else then himself but it was a change and this he had been pondering the most to himself on this supposed lonely little night by the fire.


His free hand drummed on his pant leg as he sat (on a well placed oddly flat rock) before the before rising and curling the fingers of his hand into a fist, chin resting upon it as he took bite after bite of the bear meat. Little things were what he needed to do, this he also knew and this he was contemplating just how to go about, a frown on his face; loose ends, mostly 'friends' and favor giving before 'heading off' and the slight magnitude of them all made him grunt once, but a quick fleeting illusion of someone shapely dancing in the fire made him smirk. Such a thing always cleared his head, aye, the one he loved, was betrothed to, there or not, she always knew how to clear his mind.


Said Samhaine to the completely black colored snake with red eyes who for some reason or another, had been gone most if not all of the night but was just now returning. Slithering towards the King of Scoundrels, the snake slithered on up the rock and to Samhaines left side, then his arm, coiling about it and setting its hooded head about the top of Samhaines shoulder, red eyes facing the same direction and path Samhaine had faced, IE, the fire. Interest peeked somewhat, Samhaine went to take another bite of the bear flank but flinched, accidentally nicking his own with a fang, apparently having forgotten he had eaten the leg before Resh had got back. Well that was dumb, but he shrugged none the less.

“Wassup? Hm...Well thanks for doing that.”

Said Samhaine to the snake and that was that. Fire blazing, self-imposed tasks, a change of life style and mindset, and (of all things) a marriage on the way, the air about Samhaine seemed the same but at the same time somewhat serene. Must've been the lighting, shits a bitch when one thinks unclearly and is just there.

(OOC: ...Yeah, I dunno. Felt like the woodlands could use some love and...I wanted to post on Sanctum AND I wanted to post as Sam. Anyones free to go about and post, do what have you and what not andddd...Ya do as you will applies, I suppose.)
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