Edge-Outpost Personell needed

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Edge-Outpost Personell needed

Post by NPC-Roster on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:43 pm

(Out-Post Positions)


A prefect must have unwavering loyalty and and handle the day to day management of affairs for the outpost. They must be skilled in diplomacy, business, logistics, and have a basic understanding of military-affairs. They must allocate resources, and legislate the policies of the out-post as needed but answer to those of Legatus rank of higher. Ideally this person would be a servant of Fenris.


The Magister is responsible for the understanding of metaphysical, esoteric, and imaterial concepts related to spell-craft or "magic". They are the top-advisors in metaphysical affairs, and are required to have a strong capability in metaphysics as well as the ability to understand metaphysical concepts and applications. The Magister is the teacher and supervisor of other retained metaphysicians present in the outpost and is the advisor of the prefect in metaphysical affairs. Those who wish to learn from a Magister can become a "Retainer-Apprentice".


Emissaries are the assistants of the Prefect and are responsible for diplomatic relations with foreign political-entities and representatives within the outpost or those near the outpost. They are also responsible for hospitality within the outpost, and serve as messengers to and for the Prefect and arrange for meetings or exchanges for those who have need of, or wish to establish contact with the authority of the Out-Post, the are also frequently sent out of the Outpost for diplomatic missions.


The Quarter-Master has a direct relation to Alis personell. They are in charge of allocating and regulating resources and logistics in relation to food and materials.  They are only out-ranked in this regard by the Prefect except in situations directly relating to Alis affairs.


Armorers have a direct relation to Alis personell and are in charge of maintaining, crafting, and repairing weaponry and armour. An Armorer has a more specialized role than the Artificer but work closely with them in relation to common-interests. An Armorer is also in charge of the buying and selling of martial-technology as well as the allocation of weapons and armour.

Artificer:(Pending Number Six)

An Artificer is in charge of developing technology, modification, maintenance, repair, and crafting. They are responsible for improving and maintaining the security, defenses, and artificial and mechanical neccessities as well as conveniences for the outpost as well as being able to study different types of technology and craftmanship to understand them. They also serve as advisors to the Prefect in relation to mechanics, engineering, and craftsmanship. Artificers can have assistants to perform more menial tasks.


The Medicus is the head-physician of the Out-Post and is responsible for the treatment of sickness and injuries, maintainment of health, and must have skill in metaphysical technology in order to more reliably be capable of dealing with damage and compromisations in health. A medicus is required to have at least 8 competent assistants.


The Grounds-Keeper is responsible for maintaining foliage, gardening, farming and repairing  damage to simple structures or machines. They are required to have at least 8 assistants.


The Foreman is in charge of retained laborers who cook, farm, mine, wood-cut, stone-cut, and construct, move, and deconstruct. He works closely with the grounds-keeper but they are independent of each other and the Foreman is responsible for jobs beyond the immediate area of the outpost, but frequently works in support of the grounds-keeper when required or if nothing else is being done.

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