Frost's Shop

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Frost's Shop

Post by NPC-Roster on Tue Dec 09, 2014 9:14 pm

The City-State simply known as "The Market" had a seedy reputation, it was only natural as it followed its own laws in a lawless realm. All things could be found for sale in The Market, stolen-goods, sex, drugs, and even lives. The more seedier transactions were kept at the South of the city however, and in this shadier part of the town, a shop was owned by a certain merchant, from a certain family. The merchant was known as Vulgar-Frost, standing in a small strip overlooking a clock-tower.

The shops name was in large golden-lettering, a cheap enchantment to make it shine even at night though the color was probably obnoxious and was emphasized against a black background. It read as "Frost Family Jewels" and anyone who would have met the foul merchant would have understood the pun was far from unintended. This was one of hand-full of establishments in the southern Market, all of which differed in their service, or products.

A sign would be upon the front window. "Best prices for Gold and Diamonds, Jewelry Trading, spell-tech accepted." around the shop several vagrants seemed to be loitering but stood near the door, they leered at anyone who passed by as they drank from paper-covered bottles.

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