Mesiphidon vs Thocseenohen (Just the fight)

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Mesiphidon vs Thocseenohen (Just the fight) Empty Mesiphidon vs Thocseenohen (Just the fight)

Post by Mesiphidon on Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:40 am

03:28:29 Mesiphidon felt himself sigh, how had he been convinced into this he still couldn’t say. Stepping out to battle some random. Mesiphidon wasn’t in the mood to entertain, or drag this out. He intended to end it quickly. And rather hoped this venue of his Sister-in-laws would be able to handle things if he let go of his restraint. Worse there was spectators. Fire lit eyes rolled as Mesiphidon easily towered over his foe. Standing at 6’8 a physical confrontation seemed unlikely and the man hadn’t any visible instruments of war. He himself held Alan’dore by its forward grip in the right hand, Lion’s Guard snugged to his arm. The Hoplon larger than most given his larger stature, and Alan’dore’s length from barbed speartip to the tip of its curve bladed was an exact to the Avatar’s height. ”Let’s get this over with child.” Mesiphidon simply slid his right foot back, leading with the left in a staggered stance. His Hoplon raised slightly with the blades of Alan’dore hovering almost lazily above the floor while the haft and spear end rode in tandem to his arm. But it was those eyes that mattered, their fiery luminescence increasing as the flow of Core Magi began to flood through him, ready to do his bidding.

03:43:18 [Thocseenohen] Thocseenohen canted his head, his gray eyes keenly studying his adversary. Huge shield and a large poking spear backing it up. At his height and weight that guy must be a total brute. Thocseenohen clucked his tongue. There weren’t any visible weaknesses in Mesiphidon’s guard—at least, nothing he would be able to overcome without the use of extreme trickery—which certainly put him at a sort of disadvantage. His agent at heaven’s blade really hadn’t been bluffing when they said they had a devastating line up for him tonight. The young fighter rolled out his shoulders for his moment, then rolled his neck from left to right, giving off a series of satisfying pops. “Ok. . . We’ll just take you one step at a time, big guy.” Thocseenohen slid one of his legs back, leaning forward on the other as he dropped his partially gloved fists to his sides. He called upon a spell of force, weaving it through his spirit lenses until the trivial amount of magic he invested was bristling with intensity. Lenses, of course, were merely a metaphor for a spiritual catalyst Thocseenohen used to amplify trivial amounts of magic. The end of his fists caught a soft glimmer, and Thocseenohen punched forward with each hand, launching the tiny sparkles at each of Mesiphidon’s less protected ankles. They were effectively miniature magic missiles, a concentration of raw force that would strike with bone shattering force. At their current level of strength, they could probably even wound a being like Mesi if they connected.
03:44:42 [Thocseenohen] bone shattering capabilities*
03:50:38 [Thocseenohen] for a moment*

04:04:24 Mesiphidon remained stoic for a moment, the Emperor usually allowed his opponents to make their first move, the first strike. It was often their last as they would suddenly begin focusing on the simple act of surviving. Like his eyes, the dark gem within Alan’dore began to glow in luminosity. Magi threading through the weapon, an extension of himself. Along the edge of the twin blades the air began to distort, as if looking through an intensity of heat. Yet no heat was present, but that eye slipping edge began to whistle. A shuddering effect as Mesiphidon regarded the incoming missiles of force. He launched forwards just as they were at the midway point between them. The surface of his Hoplon flashing in a dull blue, that expansion suddenly radiating out from the pallidum edge. He had for the moment activated the Limited King’s Core within the shield, utilizing its connection to the Sea of Diriac as flash expansion of the shields surface. The force missiles, even had they moved to circumvent the shields natural physical form would still be met with its expansion. -c-

04:04:28 Mesiphidon moved through the first strike, shield first, the missiles force dispersed into the Shield’s Core as the man himself lowered her body. The explosion of movement would see him driving straight towards and into Thocseenohen. A usual opening for the Avatar, his dreaded Shield Bash, Mesiphidon meant to drive through the man, staggering him off balance if not toppling him completely. It was time for his foe to react.

04:42:43 [Thocseenohen] Deflected. Thocseenohen thought, not particularly surprised to see his attack warded. He knew that shield had to be for more than just show, after all. Still, as a practically unarmed mage brawler, Mesiphidon would have been a fool not to anticipate Thocseenohen used magic to enhance his mobility, strength, speed, endurance, or some combination of those attributes to compensate. And enhance them he did. He wove another thread of his magic into a spell, then goaded the spell through his spirit catalysts. It intensified, and upon releasing the effect, the young fighter was surging with mystical might. Thocseenohen’s body snapped into a blur of motion, meeting Mesiphidon’s shield head on with the force of his shoulder. When the two clashed, an explosion of raw shock caused the arena to tremble, the cement beneath their feet splintering with large cracks as tiny chips loosed themselves from the ground to fly upwards and snap away, disintegrated by the force. Thocseenohen grit his teeth, legs somewhat shaking as he pressed into the shield. “I thought . . . about just avoiding . . . it. . .” he strained through clenched teeth. “But I wanted to see . . . what you were made of. You’re pretty strong old timer. Bet that’ll leave a bruise.”

05:00:19 Mesiphidon - Fire lit eyes watched the man, normally Mesiphidon would have met him unarmed, yet he was not here for sport. But he had to wonder why it seemed every adversary he faced wanted to clash with him a battle of brute force. The blades of Mesiphidon’s weapon still hovering above the floor as his arm extended outwards and slightly back still screamed. Their whistle now a shrill rising screech as if the world itself was in pain. If Thoc had seen how the shield had absorbed the force of the blow, it made him wonder why he thought more force would the answer. The clash of body to shield wouldn’t happen quite the his opponent had expected. Upon impact that flash of blue would radiate out again, the force of Thoc’s blow causing the surface to expand within the Sea in order to properly disperse the force. Mesiphidon himself felt none of the impact from that clash. The ground wouldn’t crater beneath him because he was not contesting that raw intense amount of forwards momentum and force. However next is where things would go awry, most would have expected something like a smirk to take his lips at Mesiphidon’s seeming turn of advantage. And yet he merely carried on, activating the shields secondary means. Release. The absorbed force from the blows of the missiles, and now Thoc’s own impact would suddenly and violently explode outwards from the Shields actual surface. Into the man himself who was dutifully pressing himself against it. Coupled with Mesiphidon’s still forwards momentum, the sudden reversal and explosive release happened in rapid succession, so much so it would seem Mesiphidon never even slowed down. And it would be quite the impressive feat if the man wasn’t simply blown backwards into the glass or whatever protective element shielded the watchers from the violence within. Regardless it would create the opening for his strike. Right hand tightening its as he prepared his follow up.

05:23:28 [Thocseenohen] Thocseenohen wasn’t stupid. The way even non-magical impact seemed to be ripped from the reality he understood and was most comfortable with set off warning lights in the young man’s head. He might have been talking, but his specialty was evocation, and he had a knack for shaping barriers very quickly. Now Thocseenohen did actually react with a bit of urgency, hopping back from the shield as the wave of raw force was released against him. It was too late to avoid the onslaught altogether, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t part the sea, so to speak. He evoked a tall, slender, wedged shape barrier in front of his body, like a post. The wave of force parted around the magical obstruction, clipping Thocseenohen’s shoulders and forcing him to slide back across the floor on the balls of his booted feet. It completely destroyed his coat, and left small bruises on his now exposed shoulders. He stopped shy of the wall, however. Mesiphodin might have chosen to rush him head on, but he’d still need to get through that wedged magical post, and that would take a bit of time for his shield to eat away. Without the protection of his shield, that meddlesome post would cut him like an axe if he ran his body straight into it, just as it did the outward flow of force. “So your shield even eats the mundane, huh? Well that’s just great. I can’t even punch at the stupid thing without giving it strength.”

05:41:47 Mesiphidon - The Avatar would have given his opponents reflexes a nod, the man had managed to hop back from a nearly instantaneous counter, shift the entirety of his momentum and create a barrier. An impressive, almost impossible feat to say the least. Unfortunately planting himself as he did, only served to better aid the Avatar, and slowing down his push back simply meant Mesiphidon could move around the post. At the first sign of forwards resistance Mesiphidon’s gaze shifted as did his movements, he didn’t truly use his eyes, but that post was like a beacon of light in a dark tunnel to his vision. His body right leg stepping out off the line of the intended shield bash and rotating his shoulders. He simply continued towards his opponent as he rolled around the post. It wouldn’t have been that wide and he had no reason to contend it. Instead merely tucking his shield closer to his core between himself and the post. And now rotating off his leading foot. Alan’dore’s blades had suddenly stopped screaming, that deathly silence like an omen as the polearm suddenly arced upwards at an angle. The edge of the blades was basically impossible to look at now, eyesight kept slipping past them. As if there was nothing there, like the edge of the blade somehow didn’t exist any longer. Unlike his opponent Mesiphidon didn’t attempt to speak or banter. It cost time, time was of the essence and Mesiphidon utilized it as always to his advantage. The polearm swung with his arm, it’s reach keeping Mesiphidon from a physical retaliation while Thoc had no room to escape backwards. The intent was simple as the blade arced upwards at an angle. To cleave his opponent in half, from his hip to his shoulder.

06:25:12 [Thocseenohen] This. Was getting. Annoying. That damn shield was a problem. When the blade disappeared, Thocseenohen was a keen enough fighter to work out the pole arms angles for himself. He didn’t have a lot of time to move, though. But rotational attacks were obvious and more time consuming than direct thrusts, even though Mesi lost very little time by rolling around the obstruction and snapping into a semi rotational strike. None the less, that was exactly why Thocseenohen had planted the magical obstruction. To force his opponent to take a moment to move around it, a movement he’d previously calculated would probably be all that narrowly stood between him and certain death. Because he knew Mesi was much more dangerous than the shockwave he unleashed, so Thoc had needed a strategy that would buy him a short window of time to react. He pivoted his feet almost immediately, turning his back away from the wall and his body to the side, in the direction that the spear was slashing upward in, then he dipped back as he leaped from his place, darting under and away from the upward current of the spear. Mesi still had his shield between himself and the magical barrier he created earlier. Thocseenohen had a plan for it, but it wouldn’t work if the warrior kept his shield between him and the obstacle. All the same, he was getting a sense of the man’s equipment, its traits, and inherent limitations. He didn’t have anything to say at the moment. He was on the defensive again, and leery of engaging him barriers shaped like weapons.
06:34:29 [Thocseenohen] engaging him with*

07:03:19 Mesiphidon - His brow arched slightly as Thoc literally tucked, dived and tried to run/roll away under the rising arc of Alan’dore deathly silent blades. Though rather his running was a plan or survival instinct was yet to be soon. The Emperor however was not without his means, and if his opponent was going to scurry around like a rat. Well rats were easy enough to trap. If Thoc thought his escape would be so easy he would be terribly mistaken. Perhaps it was time the Avatar stopped playing with the man and testing him. As his opponent moved under the swing, Mesiphidon’s gaze took in a greater light, heat radiating from his vision now as two threads of Core Magi were released, the first in tandem with the stomping of his left foot. An action that was totally unnecessary but added to the theatrics of the ‘show’ as it were. His damnable wife had warned him ne needed to make it ‘entertaining’ for her sisters guests. As the left foot stomped the Core Magi resonated within the floor, causing it to vibrate as of centralized quake had radiated outwards from his foot directed towards the fleeing rat himself. But it was that second threat that would be the means of potentially stopping Thoc in his tracks, as from the air itself before the man shimmered. His Core Magi interlacing with that of the Static Magi and utilizing the particles within the air itself is the source of expansion. Thoc’s escape would lead him directly into a solid wall of heated rock. Blocking his intended flee as the weapon reached the zenith of its arc. Coming down now in a simple back swing, meant to catch his caught and potentially unsure footed opponent.

07:12:25 Fenris At the risk of being rude, in a dozen or so ways, Fenris was suddenly... gone. A fleeting silhouette cast itself upon the battle-field too quick for the eye to catch. Fenris had boogied it seemed. Having "unbound" his form from the mundane laws of creation, his own speed was all but instant. He moved like flowing-quicksilver as he (barely) managed to impose himself in front of Thoc, and already wielding a krieg-messer, and too boot a viking-style round-shield held in his right hand, and cocked back. His blade fell vertically upon the moving haft during its back-swing seeking to intercept near the Emperors hand and most definetly NOT on the edge itself. He blocked with the fuller as well, or the "forte" being the base of the sword where leverage was strongest, and leaned his body forward to stimmy the force of the Emperors attack. He bet Nebu would just love to see this. He hoped the Emperor would not take it too hard, or Thoc might not be the only one in trouble today, then again a fight with the Emperor was always its own special little treat .
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