The Circle of Blood Tournament

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The Circle of Blood Tournament

Post by Arbitrator on Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:32 am

A free for all, round robin style tournament. For this event everyone will be placed in one pool. The rules are simple and straight forwards. Every participant will fight every other participant until each combatant has fought all others. The results of the matchs will earn each participant points that will accumulate until the final rounds. Where the winner will be the combatant that has earned the most points over all. Beware that for this tournament there will be no separation of classes, it's an all comers free for all for anyone who wishes to participate. Other than the prestige of being crowned tournament champion, there is a yet to be determined prize for the the winner.

Each battle will take place on a randomly selected battleground from a pool of locations dedicated to this tournament. These locations will be listed before the tournament begins. Half of these battlegrounds will have the option of a ring out for victory and half will not. Should both participants wish to opt in or out for a Ring Out possibility their chosen battleground will only be selected from the desired pool with their preferred option.

The tournament will follow the combat rules of Sanctum with the use of Turn Based Logic style fighting. Any and all fight questions or disputes will be handled by the Arbitrator panel. All questions or disputes should be directed into the proper forum thread.

PLEASE NOTE: As this tournament is open grounds for all characters. In the event of a character injury or death during a match, the powers of Sanctum will return them to their previous fully capable state.

Secondary Note: Should a member of the panel choose to participate in this event, they will be excluded from all decisions regarding any potential disputes.

The points totals will be broken down as follow:

Victory: 2 Points
Tie: 1 Point
Loss: 0 Points

If you wish to join, please indicate below and with which character you will be participating. Once we have a suitably sized roster, ideally 8-16 participants, we will begin the rounds. For the interest of swiftness, please try and post to your fight every 3-5 days. Combatants are more than welcome to speed post back and forth within their thread chat room style if they wish. Any and all characters from Original Creations to Canons are welcome to join!

1.Billy Batson/Captain Marvel
2. Fenris
3. Piccolo
4. Caden Dra'sen
5. Sky Dancer

Please submit your entry in the following format:

Character Name:
(A brief description or a profile link will be suitable)

Simply post your entry in a response below

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Re: The Circle of Blood Tournament

Post by War Torn on Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:00 am

Character Name: Billy Batson/Captain Marvel

Powers/Abilities: For the sake of keeping it short; Has it all there.

Player: War Torn
War Torn
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Re: The Circle of Blood Tournament

Post by Fenris on Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:52 am

Character-Name: Fenris


Shapeshifting/Sensory-Perception/Presence-Control (Hunter/Marauder)

Player: Fenris

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Re: The Circle of Blood Tournament

Post by Piccolo on Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:47 pm

Name: Piccolo

Powers/Abilities: Ki manipulation,  Telekenesis, Regeneration

Player: Piccolo

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Re: The Circle of Blood Tournament

Post by Caden on Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:21 am

Name: Caden Dra'sen
Powers/Abilities: Extreme Speed, Martial ability, Magi Knight(Wind/Lightning Oriented)
Player: Mesi

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Re: The Circle of Blood Tournament

Post by Everett on Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:17 pm

Name: Sky Dancer


Superior physical condition

Heightened Senses

Spacial Awareness
-360 degree AoE

-Toxins, Poisons
-Mental Invasion

Martial Combat
-Short Sword
-Hand to Hand

Spiritual Energy/Ki Control
-Mana source
-Construct Creation (Spears, Javelins, pointy things)
-Sky walking (Think Geppo)
-Energy Projection

Kinetic Manipulation
-Metaphysical application of the Kinetic Linking Principle.

Magical Aptitude
-Create & Maintain pocket dimension (Storage Space)
-Switch out weapons and gear (Armor, Spear, Sword)

-Zephyr (Increased reaction time, speed)
-Weapons and armor

Limit Break
-Don't judge me (Character based off FF14 Dragoon)
-Requires extensive, high octane, combat. More for higher tier.
-Three Tiers
--Heavenly Spear
--Rain of Retribution

Player: Everett


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Re: The Circle of Blood Tournament

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