Power of Our Nostrum

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Power of Our Nostrum

Post by Nethuama on Mon May 22, 2017 2:18 am

(Currently Under Construction; will be adding to it as I go along but those fields not yet filled can be described when asked. These weapons and devices, except for relics, can be picked up and used by anyone.)

Generals, Superiors, and Notables:
Ashcroft ‘The Hunter’:
ȼ Mors:
ȼ Ebon:

Alessa Stronholt ‘Sweet Alessa’:

Kalrug ‘[The] World Smasher’:

'Mister Heracci':

ȼ Dragon:
ȼ Wolf:


Mephisto ‘Angerfist’ Grimstout:

‘Mister Ordo’:

Vulgaras Frost (Deceased):

Vulgaras Frost Jr.:

Infantry of Our Nostrum:
Class A:
Franchised Thugs:
ȼ [The] Ill-Fortune Bandits:

ȼ [The] Sons of Zerephan:

ȼ [The] Mordred Riders:

ȼ [The] Redeemer Grrls:

ȼ [The] Tempest Singers:

ȼ [The] Trustid:

The Unsavory:
ȼ Addicts:

ȼ Misshapen:

Class B:

Claire Vanguard:

Steel Stallion Vanguard:

Class C:
Anubria Vanguard:

Scale-Rider Vanguard:

Felpyre Vanguard:

Angerfist Engineer:

Claire Puppets:

Felpyre Hounds:

C-6 Meta-Sensory Surveyor Puppet:

XC-1 Meta-Sensory Sentinel Puppet:

Clairetech & Primal Fuses: Claire-Tech or commonly known as "C" began with ancient alchemical scriptures; words describing a substance capable of nigh-immaculate creation to whoever so bared it. Ashcroft was among many who wished to replicate its properties yet was unable to channel such energies through himself. As years began to pass after his prison sentence, he began to abduct powerful alchemists from all walks of life. Through their forced participation, materials amalgamated into meta-resonant but unstable geodes; the isotopic Anilite was born. Pieces of this compound are then carefully chipped off and contained within strange devices that resemble vacuum-tubes. Held aloft by iridium rods, this substance (pseudo-Philosopher Stone) exhibits an anomalous frequency through an induced state that is then translated into ambient matter. This allows for a streamlined but rudimentary form of alchemy.

Exciting Anilite will generate a subtle deconstruction field upon the area, protecting the user within its pulsating sphere. Particulate is then accumulated and compressed into rounds within specialized chambers, which then utilize further buildup as an efficient propellant. Default rounds are described as large, meta-capable Brillouin crystal shards. Metals may be extracted with further expense to its charge, encouraging some regiments to transport. Through an over excitation of the Anilite isotope, the user is additionally able to unleash seeded beams of energy as well; the greater the power, the quicker the source will deplete. Once depleted, however, a capacitor will zap the substance and therein overclock to charge half way in a couple seconds, granting the user those few extra shots.

Weapons and devices of greater power and capacity are issued XC Fuses (Claire Matrix), which are eight individual Primal Fuses linked together in a circular formation. Protected within a metal canister of sorts, these variants are harder to personally transport and stumble upon. Unlike hand-held armaments, vehicles utilize a large chunk of Anilite and typical gasoline to both run its engine and the possible weaponry it sports.

The process with which Ashcroft obtains Anilite is not without excess. Perhaps the error of the participants or lack thereof, its use is quite respectable nonetheless. As the geodes form, another substance is left behind, its structure much looser but viscous in its inert state: Aniqua. This highly unstable compound reacts to certain levels of energies administered, its shape and state shifting nigh-instantly. Certainly an alchemical anomaly, each frequency is a message to galvanize these oddly behaving molecules. Equally strange, it is able to mimic most materials when subjected to a particular set of pulses, sinking between the molecular gaps once coming into contact.
Weaponized Ifriti Black (Kenter-efree-phaedrine):

Vehicles and Turrets of Angerfist:
Castigator Titan:

Brutalizer Titan:

Wendigo Pattern Multi-Purpose Frame (MPF):

Buffalohead Ground Assault Transport (GAT):

Wolfhead Battle Tank:

Foxhead Petrol Vehicle:

Raven Pattern Coyote-Cycle:

Eaglehead Vector Striker:

Hawkhead Striker:

Owlhead Arial Assault Transport (TBAT):

Elkhead Cannonade:

Raven Pattern Thieving Craft:

Franchised Vehicle:

Orcahead Aquatic Striker:

Bluehead Transportation Frigate:

Weapons and Devices of Our Nostrum:
C-4 Revolver Sidearm: Before mass production and standard issuing, this compact weapon was held only by the Hunter himself. Upon establishment and rise of Our Nostrum, its design had simplified to suit every Vanguard wielding it. The contemporary models (like the majority Clairetech weapon) use wood handles, as with stocks, composed of strong laminate capable of resisting tremendous abuse. Unlike the ranged Clairetech below, this sidearm has very few modes achieved via turning a cog-like wheel as if one were cocking the gun. Relying on a single Primal Fuse, it is capable of delivering considerable lethality concentrated through its great barrel (12.7×33mm), with increased depletion. However, it does not sport a secondary barrel which leaves its versatility rather limited but still not to be underestimated.

C-6 Carbine: First created by Ashcroft as a primary weapon, now among most frequently seen weapons among the Vanguard regiments. Around the large and perfectly round trigger guard is a locking outer ring unlike the Clairetech sidearm. This allows the user to switch between weapon settings via turning said outer ring. The upper-barrel (5.56mm) is utilized for greater accuracy and distance while the lower barrel (30mm) launches more lethal attacks at a shorter range. Both triggers pulled will yield a devastating tertiary attack from the bottom barrel at a heavy cost to the material.

C-6 Rifle: Strangely, the elongated variation of the carbine came after Our Nostrum’s forces reached into the thousands. Sought after for its range and accuracy, many troops adopt this for the tactical approach while keeping one’s distance. The weapon’s secondary barrel is slightly smaller than that of the carbine (20mm) to accommodate its length, acting opposite but lesser to the carbine’s thirty millimeter. As with its shorter predecessor, both triggers squeezed simultaneously will create a greater attack.

C-2 Sub-Gun: A single-barreled tactical weapon similar to that of the revolver in design, function, and barrel size.  Much larger than the revolver, it was made to support suppressive rates of fire akin to the carbine and rifle. This model is routinely used for smaller operations such as security yet have been utilized for urban conflicts. While traditionally the user will opt for the stabilization of a stock and foregrip, some members of the regiment will present them akimbo.
C-2 Long Rifle:

XC-1 Assault Weapon:

XC-2 Heavy Cannon:

XC-4 Precision Rifle:

XC-4 Tri-Axis Cannon:

C-Rod Launcher:

Mark II Felpyre Ignitor:

Angerfist Flak Cannon:

Angerfist Stubber Pistol:

Angerfist Bolter Rifle:

Specialty Weapons:




Frag Grenades:

Flash Grenades:

Bx Gas Grenades:

Molotov Cocktails:

Melee Weapons:
Alloy Blades & Bayonets:

C-1 Chain Swords & Bayonets:

C-2 Plasma Swords & Bayonets:

C-1 Chain Fist:

C-2 Power Claw:

C-2 Plasma Lance:

C-2 Plasma Claws:

Vehicle Weapons:

Punisher Tri-Axis Cannon:

Executioner Accelerator Cannon:

Felpyre Petard:

Castigator Cannon:

C-Cluster Launcher:

Chain Fist:

Power Claw:

Impact Hammer:

Bx Canister Launcher:

Flak Armor:

Vanguard Armor:

XC-1 Exoframe:

C-3 Utility Pack:

XC-1 Angerfist Repair Harness:

XC-1 Conversion Field Emitter:

XC-2 Dispersion Shields:

C-2 Multi-Purpose Gauntlets:

XC-6 Philosopher Pylon:

Px Injectors (Phaedraphine):

Mx Injectors (Methyl-cynophaedraphine):

C-2 Pandimensionality Reader:

C-6 Meta-Sensory Surveyor Puppet:

XC-1 Meta-Sensory Sentinel Puppet:

XC-1 Halo Field Emitter:

XC-2 Seismic Maul:

XC-1 Philosopher’s Glaive:

XC-6 Keenermen Cannon:
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