Midnight Munchies

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Midnight Munchies

Post by Konstantine on Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:57 pm

Heavy rain again in the city and Konstantine was feeling restless. Sure, she enjoyed her Geo Forge in every possible way considering she was in control of Celesin research and development. The breakthroughs and designs she’d made were amazing— the little King wasn’t one to speak egotistically about her capabilities and accomplishments, it was all simply empirical fact— but even in such an amazing position courtesy of a sibling even she had to step out for a bit of air now and then.

This did not, of course, mean she wasn’t being kept under watch. While not a prisoner nor under any other sort of coerced probation the head of R&D for the empire with oh so many enemies was a hot ticket item. The purest form of leverage should any of said enemies get their hands on the pale waif and thus she was usually in the company of the Alis Dominus Nikolai Krause. However, today he was not in sight— which wasn’t an issue considering there were oh so many other ways to track and watch Konstantine. Drustan personally had one of those methods and one she wasn’t supposed to know about, at that. Between the personal guard and IRIS, the entire militarized constable force of baseline ALIS in the city (which few upper rankers in the four specialized branches) were picking up the slack where her safety was concerned.

To wandering eyes Konstantine was simply what appeared to be a teenaged girl zipping about the neon-washed streets on a mono-wheel vehicle the punks had nicknamed an ‘Uno’. They were fun but occasionally the torque caused her to hit a puddle and send a veritable tidal wave of gutter water onto any unlucky pedestrians milling about. The King herself had a convex shield angled toward her so water cleared her person any time it arced over her head. How selfish.

The high pitched wheal of the Uno came to a halt and steam burst out of its exhaust. The only waste it gave off was water vapor and a bit of an ion trail if anyone had the means to detect such a thing like the driver did. Small, gloved hands steered the handlebars onto the sidewalk and up to a noodle stand with green light pouring from the serving windows and showing men in the back cooking and conversing in a language she was sure originated on the other side of Sanctum. Immerge were surprisingly common in Novus Orsa after the Celesin annexation. One came to the window and a smile bloomed for Konstantine as she was one of his regulars after all. ’Where is the Big Boyfriend, little one?” he asked of her; causing the King to blush and frown under her hood and crinkle up her nose. She didn’t do boyfriends these days and, for god’s sake, why did everyone keep confusing Nikolai for the position? Didn’t he look more like her father?!

’Oh he’s- he’s...no he’s like my security guard. My friend, hehe. Err…’ She rubbed her nose and kicked the stop out on the Uno so it would stand on its own and let her remove her gloves and sit on one of the cracked leather stools. Advertisements scrolled across the window they hadn’t slid open— a veritable plague of them. Sometimes she thought about rerouting the streams that powered them and getting rid of the deluge just for a night. ’I’ll take the Bimbimbap and...um. No, wait. Pho. With beef. And the largest amount of spring rolls you can sell me.’

The girl could put away some food. However, in her quest for said savory goodness she’d made a mistake. Men in the kitchen had certainly heard her profess she was without her guard tonight and they didnt understand her importance or who else had eyes on her at all times. Simply that Important People™ had security guards and there she was wide open. It was only two out of seven cooks, but, everyone had connection to sidewalk gangsters these days.

Konstantine drummed her fingers on the counter and pretended she wasn’t intercepting the satellite communications that sent textual messages back and forth between the cooks and the undesirables. She had about fifteen minutes before things got hairy. No bother, she thought, and set a timer that she could only see at the bottom corners of her eyes due to a built in HUD. She’d wrap the eats up and take the Uno home before that. And good luck to them if they intercepted her early.

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