[TRANSFER] Family Night, a new visitor in Heaven's Blade

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Re: [TRANSFER] Family Night, a new visitor in Heaven's Blade

Post by KraagenLariis on Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:22 pm

Spotless ivory and gleaming silver. Stepping off the elevator, Kraagen felt more like an oil stain and carbon scoring than a guest. Illuminated eyes flickered over the rooms contents and lavish decor, the few patrons dressed for the occasion.

He followed Saee with heavy footfalls, his prosthetic legs making heavy steely thuds on the tiled floors, the gentle whirring of mechanical parts and slight hiss of pistons easily audible.

"I certainly hope I do not offend with my attire," he said to the woman before him, his eyes taking in details of the room first before appreciating any of its, or its occupants, beauty. The bounty hunter's mouth remain a grim slash of a scowl across his scarred face, brows knit in a fierce furrow.

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