[TRANSFER] Family Night, a new visitor in Heaven's Blade

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[TRANSFER] Family Night, a new visitor in Heaven's Blade

Post by Nebuchadnezzar on Thu Oct 13, 2016 7:55 pm

Sep 24) 22:54:13 Nebuchadnezzar - Tonight was a particularly energetic evening for the First Tier. The three stories that made up the bottom dominance of Heaven’s Blade were absolutely teeming with life. Some sort of major political event or victory had surely occurred within the well moneyed and important figures of the Dorian empire and they had chosen the King’s venue to celebrate. They hadn’t bothered to pay out an obscene amount of money to reserve the entire venue for their celebration— otherwise, how would the media and other prying eyes spread the word of their good fortune? Thus, many patrons were having a lucky night in not having to pay for their very expensive drinks as higher military ranking officials, underground bosses and their petty criminal servants and even a few celebrities rubbed elbows with each other for...some reason. Someone has won some sort of territory from “Reed”, the figure which the King had oh so deliberately placed her fringe project so close to regarding his territory. It had been more than a deliberate move on her part— and now, right here on the fringe, they were effectively boasting about his loss and giving him an intergalactic finger of sorts. As it was an event for highly visible figures the King walked the floor for once instead of watching from the mezzanine or observing from her groundfloor office with windows that appeared blacked out from the outside and crystal clear from the seat at her desk. What could be said? The King was a bit of a voyeur! Currently, she wore a men’s fur-collar trench coat over a deep gray pinstriped suit tailored oh-so-delicately to her form, a white Oxford collar shit, black satin tie and gloves over her hands with her inken hair loose and gleaming with the same shimmer as the mink accentuating her ensemble. -
(Sep 24) 22:54:21 [Nebuchadnezzar] Masculine in an almost jarring manner save for the blade-thin stiletto heels over her feet. Somehow, she’d managed to make men’s wear haute couture and the patrons who lusted after both her form and power were certainly no less enamored with the Mistress of the Blade. They begged her to seat herself with them at their VIP tables teeming with the house spirits which costed a fortune along with the women and men from the Bordello two floors up the ‘Blade which bruised their wallets with equal force. Now and then she’d give them one of her close-mouthed smiles and joined them for no longer than fifteen minutes— just enough time to leave before they got it in their minds that they had the right to place a hand on her lower back or the top of her thigh. Seated primly on the arm of a velvet coffin-couch, the King currently was tossing her thick, black hair over a shoulder and looking upon a man in high tier military regalia as he told of his exploits. All while her assistant, the exotic Iraki of dark chocolate skin and upturned eyes— a woman so ethereal that Nebuchadnezzar had been begged behind closed doors to allow some mover and shaker to pay for a night with her as if she were one of the concubines in the Bordello— was exhibiting the same ghostly smile and listening to the high rollers with a touch of boredom. The stories were always the same, after all. ’Any move with such moxie against Reed is worthy of acknowledgement, Colonel Akten. You deserve to treat yourself after such a victory…’ the King purred; raising her cognac sifter to the bald, red faced man of the hour. Others followed suit, as expected.

(Sep 24) 23:01:29 Fenris And so with little fanfare the Primoris Ultonis would come upon the establishment. He was not in uniform. He wore a simple shirt of cotton, stitched upon the collar which lead down to his chest, it was a pale cream color. His pants were a dark brown tight fitting leather, and boots of similar stood at the end of his legs. His hair was silvery fleked with spots of blonde and red, pulled back into a short braid, while his robust and course beard clashed with his hair, as mostly dark but fleked with red and blonde as well. He did not look like anyone of importance really, just another barbarian or criminal urchin who had found his way to the festivities. His hair had changed as well on the off chance that anyone had recognized him, but he contemplated keeping it this way. He perused the wears, and keen hearing heard the purr of the King speak to what he knew were Dorian officials. There was the real reason he had come here. He wanted to see what he could learn. Always prolific, he stayed out of the way of the big party, but nearby seeking to hear their words as he ordered himself a drink, and sought to find himself a "mark". Something he had not done in ages. Someone with just the right amount of clout, so as to knoww things, but not so much they would be overtly cautious especially given the festive circumstances. His eyes searched the room "innocently" as he found himself almost uncaring about the task at hand. Still he had nothing else to do, and he had never really checked out the establishment either. Regardless he was in one of his less jovial moods but was trying to keep up appearences.

(Sep 24) 23:19:47 [Jophiel] The celebration was at most a minor distraction, just another function to ease the chilling numb that consumed most of her waking hours. Her focus and energy were dedicated to a cause beyond simplistic decadence and yet she’d been forced from The Labs by a distracted relative with just a mumbled order and a call for a wardrobe change. That was why she was there, not because she’d been eager to attend some drunken slobbering revelry at the bottom of a sin-pin but because ‘socialization’ was important in a future ruler. Odd, how time had ceased to hold meaning in The Labs. Odder still how that carefully controlled society within them had spoiled her. She was no rabid dog and didn’t need classes in aristocracy and still she’d been flushed from her temporary corridors. So it was not with pleasure that she slipped from Kitsuko’s marked Door into the drab office space with scowl in place and lips upturned in mild disgust. Not for the space, of course, for it held its own elegance but for the situation. Still, there was little value in pouting for an evening and she was quick to shed herself of visible emotion as she stepped in careful heels across the flooring. One step, then another, as she took to exploring in slacks, black blouse, and red tie before she paused at the center and tasted the lines. They were untamed but manageable. Foreign, but functional. It was easy for her to slip into them and reappear without fanfare or sound on the main floor where the gathering was held. Sunglasses in place and hair tied in a bun she worked the floor.

(Sep 24) 23:38:53 Nebuchadnezzar - the celebrating militants had become too jovial, boisterous and, naturally, would soon be willing to step over the Mistresses very important and harshly enforced boundaries. No one touched the King unless she offered a hand, or, they were especially worthy enough for such a privilege. Thus ’If you’ll excuse me, gentlemen…,’ would be purred to the growing congregation as she rose from the velvet settee and began to traipse across the dancefloor. Plenty of stares followed her— it wasn’t enough that Nebuchadnezzar was one of many beautiful women as they were a dime a
dozen, as they say, in Heaven’s blade. It was that they understood her position as Marchioness within the Dorian Empire, her proximity as twin sister to the empress of a rival empire along with someone who’s name was whispered in many corners in the underworld across many systems. Getting in good with the woman of ghostly pale eyes and a shark-like smile would be a boon for anyone looking to move ahead— logically, some sought to court her. It never went anywhere, of course. A ping in her earpiece inspired the King to engage the console (worn as a black slave bracelet on her right hand) and speak to whomever had made a bid for her business related attention. Thus, while traveling she began to speak to the person on the other end in perfectly accented French which flowed as if she were a native speaker. If Fenris, the Primoris Ultonis of Celesin thought she hadn’t noticed him he would be wrong—
((Sep 24) 23:40:45 [Nebuchadnezzar] as she traveled Nebuchadnezzar would likely catch his eye as she spoke to the unknown party on the other end and one of her unsettling eyes would wink for him. Oh yes— she’d seen the right hand of Mesiphidon, alright. The overwhelming majority of patrons in the Blade wouldn’t recognize him just as he desired but there was no way to hide from Nebuchadnezzar. To his relief those heel would likely continue past him, for the time being, as she was focused on someone who had emerged from her office without anyone ever have gone in— her Cos, Jophiel. The suited and furred woman would stop nonetoofar from the brown skinned dame who she’d recently been discussing with her Uncle Arcerion who was also the emperor of the empire they recided in. Much ado about the woman she’d been promised to. Another Primoris, no less. It was a whole new level of “Sleeping with the enemy” and Nebuchadnezzar adored it. Thus, the call in french was closed with a pinching of her index finger and thumb before she all but accosted the woman. ’Princess and Heir to the throne, lovely Jophiel Shuinsai...you’ve finally taken my offer to come and see my little project? I could not possibly communicate how elated I am. Our grandmother’s door is certainly useful, isnt it?’ and if Jophiel would allow it the King would lean in to place an overly sensual kiss at the side of the darker skinned woman’s mouth. As usual, an electric tingle of power would flit around the area of contact. ’Welcome to Heaven’s Blade. You needn’t pay for anything, obviously...allow me to spoil you. What might you prefer?’ A deliberately open ended question.

(Sep 24) 23:52:46 KraagenLariis : The Heaven’s Blade. Of all the places to spend his ill-gotten credits, the locals had ranted and raved about the establishment. True to form, the front doors wouldn’t allow someone armed as he without an inspection or the relinquishing of a number of his personal effects. Thankfully, he’d left his more expensive weapons and toys with his ship in the hangar by the spaceport, relinquishing only his heavy blaster pistol. Granted, if any would decide to give the nearly seven foot tall figure a rough time, they’d no doubt find themselves hard-pressed to have him be easy prey. The old armor was batter and tarnished over a coat of tattered leather, his legs making exceptionally heavy footfalls, the robotic prosthetics beginning above the knee and replacing everything below them.
(Sep 24) 23:52:53 KraagenLariis only removed his T-shaped helmet once he found a booth in the raucous first floor, knowing full well the ‘quiet’ in a place like this was a foreign concept. Or, judging by a few discreet glances at the doors leading above, a more expensive luxury. Kraagen’s head was shaved clean, a few old scars on his pitted face that might have once been handsome if it hadn’t hardened with age and violence. His eyes shone in the recesses of the booth he’d chosen, a stream of data flickering on his heads-up contact lenses that had been implanted into his eyes. He was an oddity in these parts, a towering newcomer that was alien to this planet and its customs, though he’d made more than enough earning quick coin capturing escaped slaves recently. It paid for his drink, at the moment, and the expensive entrance fee. For now, the bounty hunter watched, listened and drank, his armored gloves not giving away if any of those limbs were more machine than man.

Sep 25) 00:15:24 Fenris The glamour, the decadence, the culture of it all. It was not exactly Fens scene, sure he was up for drinking and partying but all these pampered politicians and celebrities trying to impress each other was mildly disgusting to him. He ordered himself a drink something hard, almost spitefully so. Something that most people here would not dare try. It was a drink that outright killed normal people, and tested the wits of hardened meta-humans and other such beings. He took a long swig of the viridian liquid and felt his throat burn slightly as the content of it coursed through his system. It did improve his mood a little but that could change. He knew better than to cause a ruckus here, but as it stood he was feeling as restless as always. Still he came with at least the pretense of a job to do, so he would seek to stick to it. He did not know if the King was capable of inherantly sensing his presence, but so far she seemed content to continue on. He was neither relieved nor put out. There was something in him now, a madness below the surface. He knew what she could do, but did not fear her ire. He saw her talk to Jophiel, and saw another traveler come in. What looked to be a merc or bounty hunter from off-world, or perhaps a privateer from some other nation. Whatever the case he soon felt perhaps coming here had been an ill-conceived endeavor and was unsure what to do with himself. There were no easy marks and the atmosphere was not his scene. Still perhaps it might do to simply stick around and see what else might happen. He took another swig.

(Sep 25) 00:23:13 [Lucian] The Dorian Empire. It was his father's lands. His homeland. The Prince of the Dorian and Bale Empires was sat outside of the club in question with a curious expression on his face. He felt pecuilar about being in such an open environment as this. It was a risk but.....he had business to attend too here as well. He had an inkling, a suspicion no doubt, that he wanted to confirm. His brow furrowed for a moment as he considered his options. He knew who this person was. He had been the one to bring her to the meeting with his father so long ago. He knew that the situation between his father's empire and the rival empire were escalating. Things would no doubt be reaching an impasse and, inevitably, war between the two Empires. One could only wonder then who would survive. It was a classic tale. The unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. Lucian sighed to himself and would stand from his seat and move to enter the club. His attire was a black jacket with a dark pair of jeans to boot. He looked almost casual. There was no fancy royal attire. No sword hanging at his hip. No large blaster ready to go off. No. He was here on business but it would be incognito. The Prince stepped through the crowds with a curious expression on his face. He looked all too much for the Emperor for his liking. He had needed to disguise himself. The hair had been done in a bun instead of simply hanging. And he had done to make sure that he looked inconspicuous as best as he could. He would enter the facility with as much tact as anyone else. His eyes scanning the populace as he took it all in. The people who were parading themselves for the others. The drinks. The personnel who weren't acting as professional as they should. He would take it all in and more before grunting. A drink. He needed a drink if he was going to be here. The Prince sought to move through the crowds unnoticed for a bar area. For now.....a drink. Though he found himself craving something more refined. Something like lemonade from a ranch. For now he was alone
(Sep 25) 00:23:21 [Lucian] -- until he wouldn't be anymore. Only when someone deemed it necessary to gain his attention, such as the matron of the establishment, would he seek to move away from the drinking area.

(Sep 25) 00:26:56 [Jophiel] The lines sung and she listened, carefully categorizing every ding and hum that caught her general fancy. For the most part there was a definite lack of overall interesting persons—save the occasional sour tune that signifiedotherness--but there was a familiar wail she was easily able to decipher as the string was plucked and her gaze lazily searched the crowd for him, that man who seemed more suspicious than anything else to the casually strolling duchess. Alas, though she knew of his general direction there was a far sweeter song crawling down the lines and despite not seeing her approach she was painfully aware of her presence—and then some—from the ping of her ‘steps’ to the echoes that stretched across her mentality. “It took some time. The Project keeps me busy.” Busier than Nexxian, though the demand was the same. Her tone was casual, though structurally regal. She’s the right and proper definition of polite. “I am only heir come third.” she slightly corrected, but found the title acceptable enough even if she preferred to remain rather nameless among the drinking masses. The kiss was accepted as another familiar ping struck the lines but her gaze didn’t wander and she was certain that the flickering awareness behind her sunglasses would be properly hidden. Still, once the wash of power faded Jophiel’s lips would split into a rather wide grin—all shark teeth and wicked intentions—but as quickly as it came it was gone, back to the dull and carefully controlled cantor she was known for displaying in the presence of the politically adept. “What I prefer you cannot give.” For her hunger, though somewhat numbed, could only be curbed properly with flesh and power. “I’m not… one for drinking.” Mostly because it was not proper for a lady of her status to drink alone (according to the collective that took care of her perfected appearance around ‘humanity’). “Though I am sure you’re wares are more than fine for the mundane.”

Sep 25) 00:40:54 Nebuchadnezzar couldnt help but smile a touch wider at the manner in which Jophiel had rebuffed her offers. ’I wouldnt be so sure about that. There are reasons for me to have chosen the fringe of our lovely fief, cousin. But if you won’t as much have a drink I shall not press you.,’ Nebuchadnezzar paused to briefly turn her head over her shoulder before speaking. Perhaps checking to see what sort of ears and eyes might find themselves worthy of eavesdropping. ’How are you, and, how is your betrothed? And if you might excuse me...’ It was an act of politeness not to boast about the mentioned woman’s title as an enemy warlord amongst the Celesin nor say her name in such company. It would be more than familiar in this particular circuit— the irony was not lost in her for declining one controversial name while occasionally glancing to a man who owned one of identical stature. In Heaven’s Blade, no less? Right hand digits rose again with the slave-console and rung for Saee, the Hostess from the Phoebian lounge who was charged with entertaining the King’s beck and whims. She was ordered through translated gesture to not only keep visibility on the very tall figure who’d entered the First Tier. Nebu knew a hired blade when she saw one and, more than occasionally, they found themselves in her spider web with obvious intentions. Such intentions were not something she might protest, either. If Jophiel allowed she would take her by the crook of an elbow much as they had the first time they’d met in that scenario of secrets they’d both been so honored to witness. With that she would lead her to the second tier but not before passing the bar which contained the barely and poorly diguised Fenris, Primoris Fulminis. He might feel the pale hand course across his upper back and over the musclature of his shoulder before tucking a note under his arm. When, pray tell, had she found the time to write it? Regardless, it did not say so much. -
(Sep 25) 00:41:31 [Nebuchadnezzar] Only Well Met, Primoris...would you like to see my penthouse? Engage the lift to the top tier in one hour.’ with the near doctor’s level of messiness scrawl of her well known name. Jophiel, should she have attended her, was whisked away to the quieter part of the First Tier into a mezzanine loft with a half wall separating the chamber from the loud, thrumming bass below. Some sort of accoustic dampener must have been used to shield the loft from the din below as it was much quieter than it should have been. The King pointed below to the one who had just removed his helmet. ’Tell me, Jophiel...how much do you enjoy a good bout in a cage with a bit of gambling behind it?’

(Sep 25) 00:46:02 Fenris Fenris found his mind wandering, and he was about to actually leave when Nebu placed her hand upon his back, causing the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, as he resisted the urge to twist in response. He had known it was coming, but still proximity to her meritted certain reactions for various reasons that were of a complex nature. He turned his gaze towards her for the brief instance, as he caught Jophiels eye for a moment, and resisted the urge to grin at the thought of how territorial Daul would be if she saw Nebu in such a familiar state with the woman. His dark brows furrowed and he nodded, though he was unsure what she had in store for him, he supposed he could drink himself stupid in the meantime. When she mentioned a fight, he hoped she might toss him in that cage, but was not holding his breathe.

(Sep 25) 00:52:19 Jophiel gave a soft smile toward her cousin but didn’t ask for more. She wasn’t the type to make assumptions but on this one thing perhaps she wished to retain as much normalcy as possible. To watch her consume flesh and souls probably wasn’t the most graceful nor beautiful act she could portray before this family member. “When I return next I would be interested in, mayhaps, a drink, so long as I bring a guardian to post.” They were a fussy lot. As for Daul, “She’s… fine.” Though she hadn’t seen her for a time—or rather, the time they saw each other was sparse-- and felt disquieted with the subject. She allowed Neb to ferry her about, completely at ease with the environment but unfortunately pressed for time. “I find that hobby to be tolerable.” Watching a fight, that is. Yet… “Unfortunately I will have to spectate some other time.” She had only come by for a quick glance. There was work to do further in the crowd and perhaps… replacements to be found for her toybox. “I will return.” Soon, she hoped, right before she lifted a hand to clasp Neb’s shoulder in a squeeze and simply… disappeared into the lines.

(Sep 25) 01:01:58 Lucian could taste the bitterness of the alcoholic beverage he had been given. It was okay. He had tasted finer wines but this would do for now. He was an Exercion and his true hunger would only be fed from the certain emotions of others. He felt the leering of some individuals in the area. The Prince was a 6'4 tall male with a good body fit after all. He drank the beverage with such a keen intent before it was downed in its entirety. He would be certain to leave a bill for the barkeep as he sought to attune his senses. He saw them up ahead now. The one he had intended to see along with.....his cousin? His mouth opened, ready to exclaim something, when he saw them leave the area to head for the First Tier. His brow furrowed as he thought of his cousin. She was the Grand Duchess of the Nexxian Nation. She was a ruler who had no land to rule now. Those extremist had done away with her town and she did not see fit to restore it to its former glory. No. Nexxian City was left to rot with all the history behind it there as well. He sighs then and moves across the room to pass through that doorway to where the pair had gone off too. Unaware of the possibility of a Primoris Ultonis being in the immediate area. He was not using his senses to scan the area. To do so risked being detected too early by the King. He had wanted to "surprise" her more or less. But regardless, he was always on his guard. The Prince was never without some form of weapon to wield if need be. He'd find himself passing through those doors to arrive at the location where his cousin had likely departed. He could feel something. The faintest touch in the air. The leylines had been used. They were his grandmother's design after all. Used for family purposes only of course. If Nebuchadnezzar were to look, she would find the Prince of the Dorian Empire standing before her. An amused expression on his face before he nodded. "King Nebuchadnezzar." He'd greet lightly before canting a look to the pit below. Oh yes. He had to admit that he found the idea of-
(Sep 25) 01:02:04 [Lucian] -- observing lesser beings than him amusing. He would move towards her with purpose, his head nodding, as he cast his gaze to the fight below. This was all founded, of course, on the idea that Fenris of Olfwood did not take the opportunity to assassinate him in the previous room. Or perhaps even engage in a conversation.

(Sep 25) 01:17:15 Nebuchadnezzar couldnt help but pout. Not in earnest, but, it was a disappointment that Jophiel was leaving so soon. ’Ah, a shame. Well I shall not keep you from more important engagements— please...come and see me again soon, won’t you?’ And she wouldnt stand in the way of Jophiel leaving though it might have been nicer to see the relative in a different element and engaged in such an exotic manner. But someone as interesting had come along. Seemingly, word of the worthy victory had reached more members of the inner family’s royal circle than she had realized. Lucian had arrived and, much like herself, he wasn’t so much in the public eye that he would be recognized on site. The Shuinsai were a private bunch even if they ruled with an iron fist. The lesser movers and shakers were more prone to appreciating outright celebrity. And thus, the woman turned from leaning over the half wall to watch the bodies swaying below and turned her pale, otherworldly eyes onto Lucian. ’I won’t be as brusque as Jophiel to remind you of forgotten titles, cousin. Besides...there’s always something a bit more intimate to me in being referred to as ‘King’ rather than ‘marchioness’ This inspired her to smile, somewhat. ’What brings a figure of such fine blood to an overpriced social expiriment like this?’ And with that, she continued to observe the bodies below. The large fellow who’d been wearing the rather avant-garde helment upon entering and inspiring many uncomfortable stares would soon be accosted by a hostess from the establishment three floors above: the Phoebian Lounge, which was a casino, hosted the fighting pits and cages and many different ways from so many cultures -
(Sep 25) 01:17:25 [Nebuchadnezzar] to gamble one’s money away. She wore a frilly silver and gray jumper-dress with pale hair in two big teal, red eyes belying her unmelanated nature and skin so without pigment a lattice of blue veins could easily be made out beneath her skin. Saee had been summoned earlier and now she spoke. ’M-my mistress would like me to offer a libation of any form you might prefer, honored guest. She wonders if you might be interested in earning “Quite a few more credits than you surely have ever seen” ah...quote, unquote.’ Poor Saee always understood she was fielding a risk being sent into engage such dangerous figures but, she would do anything to impress the Matron. However, how could she not be frightened of a man two heads taller than she was who was scowling back enthusiastically at all those obviously wondering why he had come here of all places. As if he was the first bloody knuckle bearer to grace the floor.

(Sep 25) 01:27:58 KraagenLariis returned the stares with a bored expression of his own, a sullen dare for them to say something that wasn’t behind a hand. The glare remained perched over the rim of his raised glass, the alcohol sweet and deceptively floral. An interesting mix, though hardly what he’d have gone for first. At the arrival of Saee, his illuminated gaze would flick towards her with an audible whirring sound, locking onto her as she spoke. A crease furrowed his brow at the unexpected offer, but he finished his drink and lowered the glass onto the table with gentle precision.
(Sep 25) 01:27:59 [KraagenLariis] “I will be willing to hear your Mistress, then, ma’am. So long as I’m spared further pagentry such as this. If I wanted to be gawked at, I would be charging credits, not spending them. Your lady, however, is gracious.” He spoke with a rasp that bordered on mechanical, the voice dry and steady, clear enough to be heard above the din. He stood up, slowly, and donned the helmet once more, the device clicking into place. His head tilted to regard the pale being once more as he waved a long-fingered hand, his voice sounding properly synthetic now. “Lead. And I will follow.” His invisible gaze would slide over the crowd that he towered over, the blank faced helmet making him seem more predatory than he had before.

(Sep 25) 01:28:37 Fenris Fenris' only interest in Lucian was using him against his father, other than that he had no quarrel with the Excercion. Regardless Jophiel took her leave, and he wondered if his presence had had something to do with that. He noticed how irked she had been when Daul had been mentioned. Though perhaps that was not the right word. Whatever the case, Nebs apparent servant who reminded him of Herzog spoke to the merc who had walked in. So he would be the one fighting? Well perhaps if took her up on the offer. He finished his drink, and decided to stay put as he had been for now. He was not going to interupt anyone and he could not help but feel there was little to be gained from staying, but he was loathe to move for the moment.

(Sep 25) 01:35:42 Lucian had to admit he would have liked to seen his cousin and discuss matters. Their last conversation hadn't proceeded as further as he would have wished it too. There were things in play that couldn't be afforded to be messed with. He had to keep a cool head and be adaptable. And soon enough, he would have another move to make. But that required time and diligence in his work. His own eyes showing a mirth that may have been unlike before. They were not blood cousins per se. Jophiel would be his cousin more so than this one ever was. And that allowed him some liberties perhaps as he sought to step closer. "Socializing with the masses perhaps. Gaining more knowledge about the people I will one day rule. Even if this is perhaps not in the way that they would like to be seen outside of this establishment." He would offer his own hand out to the owner, waiting for her to take it, before he sought to lean down and plant a soft kiss on those knuckles. A gesture of good will and respect to the King. No doubt. His own stare went from the beauty before him to the levels below as he would release her hand. He couldn't help but be amused at the sight of the helmet and the warrior who would bear it. He could only wonder what tonight would bring in terms of a bloodbath. "In truth, I also had wished to see your establishment for the first time. It's a curious thing. I have no doubt you'll find yourself well with business from the multiple gamblers who will be in debt to you. I can only wonder how you would react if one were to not pay up to what they've lost." He chuckles faintly as he observes below, his own senses attuned to only his immediate surroundings, as he just surveyed below. Perhaps a fight was to take place.

(Sep 25) 01:53:20 Nebuchadnezzar ’I hadn’t pegged you for the social sort. Especially not with “the masses”.’ And, luckily, he hadn’t said much about taking liberties to her face. Lucian truly hadn’t the faintest clue how much trust and burden his father put in the King. Nebuchadnezzar proof that the blood of the womb wasn’t always so much thicker than the water of the covenant. However, he hadn’t and she preferred to be quite far from predictable at all times, regardless. ’Just as with Jophiel, I’m glad you’ve come. Are you enjoying my venue? You see...it’s attractive enough to attract a Primoris, after all.’ She didnt bother gesturing to Fenris below— no need. If Lucian was keen enough to spot the man initially he’d know who to glance at. If not, it was his own loss and he could assume she had been speaking of any primoris and in any tense as well. ’ Lucian reached out for her hand and she’d give it; allowing him to kiss her knuckles as she looked engaged and bemused; her skull inclining to him in acknowledgment. Unfortunately there was no way to give him any other example of gesture while wearing her current ensemble. ’The first of the greater family who arrived for observation was none other than Kitsuko. She introduced one of her doors into my office. Seemed to be enamored with the place. I’m supposing you heard from her or was it your father?’ Simultaneously, the fellow below who towered over poor Saee was lead not to the mezzanine but to the phoebian lounge after traveling upward on a small lift and entering into the casino style chamber all in pearl, white and silver. The floor itself was even some sort of tile illuminated with cool white light. One wouldnt think it was a place to introduce a fighter.
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Re: [TRANSFER] Family Night, a new visitor in Heaven's Blade

Post by KraagenLariis on Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:22 pm

Spotless ivory and gleaming silver. Stepping off the elevator, Kraagen felt more like an oil stain and carbon scoring than a guest. Illuminated eyes flickered over the rooms contents and lavish decor, the few patrons dressed for the occasion.

He followed Saee with heavy footfalls, his prosthetic legs making heavy steely thuds on the tiled floors, the gentle whirring of mechanical parts and slight hiss of pistons easily audible.

"I certainly hope I do not offend with my attire," he said to the woman before him, his eyes taking in details of the room first before appreciating any of its, or its occupants, beauty. The bounty hunter's mouth remain a grim slash of a scowl across his scarred face, brows knit in a fierce furrow.

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