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Post by Illyah on Fri Aug 12, 2016 8:41 pm

Aug 12) 16:07:10 [Lucian] The city was still a mess. Months had passed and yet the reconstruction efforts seemed to have progressed slowly. The rubble that remained of the western walls seemed to still just remain. Lucian could only stare as he stood where the monster who had orchestrated the event had stood before unleashing the blast that had determined Nexxian's dire fate. Monsters and constructs all attacking the city. It had been madness. His uncle Sergei had lead the Dorian forces, the Nexxian forces had been lead by Jophiel's aide Illyah, and of course the Agency had only had two particular members in the fight. Prince Sune'ere Dra'sin and Angelo Zerephan. His head shakes as he recalls the reason for his visit to his cousin's city state. Yes. The Agency was the particular reason for his arrival to this mess of a city. But he knew that his cousin had much to learn before she would lead again. Much to learn about governing and penance over her failure in this city. And also attending the trials of Sune'ere Dra'sin with her betrothed Daul Dra'sin. He wondered what lesson might be in that. The young Prince made his way through the street then, choosing to not just arrive by any other immediate way to the manor, as he sought to see the state of the city. Some buildings had been remodeled. Dorian crews had been hard at work. The harder stuff was the walls of course. The enemy had attacked from South, South East, and Eastern quadrants of the walls. While the enemy within had destroyed the inner walls from the West. If things had progressed differently, if the enemy hadn't been dealt with by Sune'ere, then it was likely that the city might have fallen. Or that the Primoris Caden or Khooey would have needed to deal with the monster. "And we arrive." The Prince murmurs as he walks up to that manor within the center of the city. No doubt getting an eye full of the entire landscape as he thought on what his cousin might be up too. What personal lessons had their grandmother might have taught her. Lessons that Lucian himself might need--
(Aug 12) 16:07:18 [Lucian] -- to learn himself when it came to Korel. The Prince would step through the front gates and make his way up to the manor at a moderate pace. It was time to visit some family.

(Aug 12) 16:21:36 Illyah Sat at her desk, head lowered as she read over the stack of reports left for her. The process of reconstruction for the city was going far too slowly for her liking, and it bothered her more that she couldn't do much to aide in the rebuilding. Though she hardly doubted it would matter, not with the potential fate of this mass of land being taken from her empress. Tongue would click behind her teeth before the shrill chime of her intercom chirped at her in report of their visitor. Scowling she'd tap the bundle of paperwork into a tight stack and lay it down gently before rising to her feet. Fingers would tug at her sleeves while she waited for the young prince to arrive,. Normally she'd give Jophiel a call to let her know of any company but she had a feeling her goddess was already well aware of his presence. Lucian of course would be lead into the antechamber that was Illyah's office by another of the pride and Illyah would push away form her desk to offer a curt polite bow in greeting to him. ”She will be with us shortly. Do please have a seat..” Hand gracefully motioning to the small couch that sat along side the left wall. ”Will you be needing anything, I can have one of the others get you something fresh to eat, or perhaps drink.”

(Aug 12) 16:31:22 [Jophiel] There was no greater shame than the type inflicted upon another through unfortunate failure. The general lack of complete security and the false fortification of the walls had proved no proper barrier against the beings that struck her simple empire. There was nothing particularly spectacular or important about Nexxian, only that it had been host to a great deal of abnormalities which had brought on interesting possibilities. Now though, now it was just rubble, slabs of broken rock and destroyed dreams that wouldn’t bring much of anything let alone the unity Jophiel had been striving for. Now that she thought about it, it must have been a silly effort to take on. Flying under the radar had always worked in the past but the agency had brought with it a slew of issues that had been massive in scale. Her simple slow town had become some hub for supernatural activity and Celesin’s involvement in her space had done nothing more than add fuel to the fire, despite their marching armies and borrowed protection. She wondered how much of it could have been prevented. She wondered how much she should really care. After the war Daul had been… absent. Her presence was no longer a constant and it had once brought her an odd semblance of unease. Being invited to Celesin grounds for Sune’s… battle of manhood had eased some of the stress but she found herself envious at the overall mass and power that ebbed from the unbroken empire. Her time thereafter had been spent on lessons and financial discussion about Nexxian’s overall future. The people still combed the street, and some of them… some of them were held as flesh-sacks and nothing more. They could go forward, in a way, but she just wasn’t sure… Her thoughts were interrupted by the slight shift of the lines. The song they sung was not the praise normally given to her Uncle but a softer more subdued curious hum. Slowly she rose from her battered leaning office chair and slipped into the stream of the lines. Her reappearance in Illyah’s office would be sudden, without
(Aug 12) 16:31:31 [Jophiel] without warning or flash. She was dressed in simplistic clothing, just her slacks and a red blouse without suit jacket. Her normally brilliant gaze was pale and dulled, without the unusual shine they carried but she was focused at least as she took her place on Illyah’s desk, her butt planted firmly on the wood and one leg crossed over the other. “Good day, coz.”

(Aug 12) 16:59:28 Lucian entered the manor as quietly as he could. He was not in the mood to cause a scene and even then, it wouldn't be proper to slam the door upon his arrival. The Prince moved through the manor to find the office of the aide Illyah. She also operated as his cousin's body guard. He would nod his head, smiling at the aide, as he sought to sit down at the appropriate seat. His attire was the same black suit and coat that had been his usual style as of late. The hat he wore was also taken off and placed over his lap as he waited for his cousin. "No thank you." He murmured quietly as he waved a hand to the aide. "That won't be necessary. I'm just here for a nice chat with my cousin." And he leans back into his seat, his eyes drooping some before shutting completely. He could feel the presence in her office. But it mattered little. He would wait in peace. It had been a nice walk through the city. And while he wasn't tired, he thought resting his eyes for a few minutes before the inevitable conversation came. His eyes would open then as he felt her presence in the room now. He shifted his gaze to his cousin as she was sat on the desk regarding him. The faintest of smirks tugged at the corner of his mouth as he saw her. "Hey, coz." He takes an inhale of breath as he turns his head to regard the office. "And how are you this fine afternoon? Seen any good fights lately?" And he can't help but smirk as those shark like teeth would be seen. The amusement was clear in his eyes as he thought of Sune'ere fighting for his life against his sister. Oh it must have been a sight. "How was it anyway? To see your betrothed's family all up close?"

(Aug 12) 17:22:20 Illyah Moved away from her desk and nodded as she moved back around it to take the paperwork off and set it to the side for later reading. When Jophiel joined them she moved to greet her and took position at her right side. Her role for now shifted simply to watch and wait. Her hand though settled at the base of Jophiel's back offering her queen her own warmth while staying silent as the two talked for now. She was herself unhappy about what had happened about how it seemed to affecting everybody. Still she would bite her tongue for now willing to shoulder these things on her own while settling in a touch closer to Jo so their that Illyah's side was against her arm as she pressed her hand palm down on the desk, and crossed her own legs. She would admit she was curious as to the visit, but all things would be explained soon enough she was sure.

(Aug 12) 17:41:32 [Jophiel] Upon her arrival Lucian was already seated, though Jophiel knew he hadn’t wandered the manor long. She wasn’t the sort to make family wait, after all. Still, it wasn’t every day that any being of significant power found the time to visit her. Each of them had their own individual projects while her own had floundered, so to say Lucian’s visit was a surprise wouldn’t be stretching the truth. With one brow quirked she crossed one leg over the other and with back straight she prepared for an afternoon of business. Instead, what came from Lucian’s mouth was a curious ask. “Good fights…” She combed her memories for something that might have impressed her but the truth of the matter was in her age it was difficult to be impressed. Furthermore, her mind had been on other aspects of her life while at Sune’s trials, not really the might of his prowess or some such dalliance. For a moment her gaze was lowered, a sigh of introspection as she collected her speech and quietly enjoyed the warmth of Illyah’s touch and metaphysical comfort. With a slight sound in the back of her throat more animal than human she bobbed her head. “I suppose they were interesting.” And Sune was a dedicated ally, despite his need to prove himself to his family. Hell, even Daul had smiled broadly at her father. Jo had no reference for such an emotion though, her father had always been… different and Arc wasn’t exactly the type to step into his place, considering his own children—though her uncle seemed interested in her pursuits. “I don’t care for it, though Sune is tolerable. The land the trials took place in was stifling, like a void. Some sort of… disconnect happened when I arrived. I assume it was their security measures but it’s very uncomfortable. I’m not sure why they need such things, their emperor is a god of some sort isn’t he?” Her actual understanding of Daul and her family wasn’t as vast as it could have been, though she was sure Kitsuko might have some mutterings scribbled down in one of her books from her time
(Aug 12) 17:41:34 [Jophiel] on the Nexus before Mesi’s ascension. Slowly she moved a hand to lay on top of Illyah’s own though her speech never faltered. “I think he did well enough. His talent is obvious. Though, I never suspected it wouldn’t be.” There’s no smile from Jophiel, just a solemn look of understanding. “Yet, I could tell I clearly didn’t belong there, so it was difficult to pay complete attention to the event.”

(Aug 12) 18:07:03 Lucian watched the aide as she moved about to stand side by side with her Duchess. And perhaps he was curious as to the relationship between these two. It seemed....intimate. He would need to inquire just how close the servant and her master were some day. When they didn't need to worry about war and the such. "Ah. Yes. I've recently met Sune'ere Dra'sin myself. He looked like quite the fighter. Came right out with threatening me when he thought I meant to cause trouble for his beau and her family. It's a curiosity the mate he's chosen to be bound too at that ranch." Yes he found it most interesting how the simple ranch girl had been chosen as a Prince's mate and likely betrothed. But as he heard about how his cousin had been disconnected, he found himself frowning all the more. "It was likely used to put a chain around those who might be perceived as a threat to their hold. To put our kind more on par for their....weaker soldiers. Something to bring up to my father, no doubt. Perhaps he can work on a counter-measure against such restrictions." And likely it was used to kill any trouble makers. It was a curiosity really. And he was sure more insight into Celesin would help in the war against them. "I, myself, refuse to see him as nothing more than the rival of my father. Nothing more. Nothing less." It was a game between them. Mesiphidon and Arcerion. A war unlike any other was brewing. And it was going to be catastrophic when it reached the boiling point. All they needed to do was wait and prepare for that day to come. "I saw him afterwards at that ranch. He seemed a bit roughed up but well for the most part." And as he heard of his cousin's discomfort, a frown took place over his face as he just regarded his fellow Shuinsai with a look of empathy. "You were in the lion's den, dear cousin. You're lucky to have been there at all. Things will hopefully improve when the entirety of Celesin and Dorian both know of your betrothal to her. Maybe some more acceptance from her family." It --
(Aug 12) 18:07:15 [Lucian] -- was the best he could offer for his cousin. And it was clear he was empathetic to his cousin's plights. To feel out of place was never good. She was a Shuinsai. She made her own place. And slowly he nods his head at the woman. "But alas there's more to my visit than just inquiring about the trials that Sune'ere went through." And perhaps that was odd of him. To refer to Sune'ere by his first name. The Prince stood up and would walk to one side of the room to survey whatever paperwork or books might be there. "I've earned us quite a boon for our family, dear cousin. A deal has been set between me and the rival Prince Sune'ere. He wants something that I know our family is capable of achieving. The resurrection of his dead friend Edward Elric. You recall him? A member of that damned Agency that was posted out here? Well the rival wants his friend alive. Except.....some complications have emerged that have caused me to be cast as someone who can't honor their debts." And he looks all the more uncomfortable, perhaps the notion that he can't succeed overwhelming him for just the moment before he spoke up. "What do you recall about the ones who engineered your city's downfall? I understand the mastermind masqueraded as a teacher for the Meta Academe. A science teacher or some such. Prince Sune'ere battled him until death. But there is a mystery still here regarding the Elric boy."

(Aug 12) 18:26:44 Illyah Stayed stoic as she leaned back a bit seemingly only half listening to what was being discussed, though she did wince slightly at her not being at Jophiel's side during her stay in the Celesin empire. She could have been support to the duchess a added security blanket and perhaps taste of home. That sadly was the past though and while she believed she had failed in that regard she could do nothing to change the outcome. So far all this didn't seem unreasonable to her, but it also didn't fall upon her shoulders to make such a choice. ”Should have come with you to their home world, it was foolish of me to let you go with no security in place to keep you from harm.”

(Aug 12) 18:56:07 [Jophiel] For a moment she was silent, merely contemplating the entirety of Lucian’s words with the sort of intensity normally reserved for her studies. With a soft sigh she leaned forward, one elbow upon the tops of her thighs so that she could rest her chin upon the center of her palm. With brow furrowed and gaze somewhat narrowed she recalled fractured memories of a time when things had been simple and the agency useful. They shuffled about her mentality with all the efficiency of a snail but they were there, sluggish from Kitsuko’s overall fiddling, but still there. Then finally she gave a gentle smile, though it was for Illyah—“No worries, One. I can take care of myself. There is more to my existence than this shell would have them believe. I’m fine with playing the uncomfortable damsel. ” And it was just that act that had originally kept her in power. It was also the act that had gained her Daul. “I have no intentions of just returning to that hub. If I must I’ll be sure to keep you close. I’m considering a… ship of some sort. Could you handle that? Build us something nice, we’ve plenty of funding. Use Dorian.” She still had Caden’s unnecessary amount of money. It was money she could have pumped back into the city, but it’s worth had depreciated immensely and she wasn’t sure if it was truly worth saving. Astoria was a far greater investment, with its tighter controls and suspicious grand scale mystery. Yet, the lines crafted beneath the city had been hand forged through her own ability. It seemed like a waste of her energy. She’d have to think about it more later, but it seemed easier to construct for the future. “They’re all so old.” She mumbled, knowing that Mesi, her Father, Arc, and even Kitsuko’s youth had been spent so many ages ago. Who really knew what any of them were anymore? “You and I are just cubs to them.” If not worse. She wasn’t sure what it was like to make another figure, any figure, proud of her. Pride wasn’t a factor in her youth. Perhaps Lucian had a frame of
(Aug 12) 18:56:11 [Jophiel] reference? “It’s exceptional, really. Though to make an ally out of Sune would be useful indeed. It’s a shame your debt remains unpaid.” Ah, and what a debt it was. “Edward Elric, the short man? Hm. Yes, his revival would be useful wouldn’t it? And Grandmother didn’t have it? His essence? “He was a teacher. I knew about the duality of his nature.” And she’d done nothing to stop him. Perhaps she found his challenge somewhat eventful. Perhaps she’d wanted to see how strong the words of a Celesin soldier were. “He killed the Elric boy, after he failed to capture an escaping criminal.” And that had been information she’d sat on too. “My original assumption was that the stranger had absorbed him. I watched him disappear. Perhaps he only has him hidden somewhere?” After all, Jophiel had a vast collection of corpses. “If he’s dead Grandmother would have felt him, no matter where he was. Her ability expands beyond the grid. This reality is easily manipulated.” At least, that was what Kitsuko would have her believe. Jophiel didn’t doubt it, Thargor had often mumbled such casual explanations too, before his ascent. She closed her eyes for a moment—“Do you think he would leave his brother? Willingly? Do you think he’s hiding?”

(Aug 12) 19:59:50 Lucian noted as the bodyguard spoke of not being there to accompany his cousin to the lion's den. That might have been for the best. If his cousin had appeared to come with force, then the Celesins might have reason to have attacked her. But even then his cousin could defend herself well enough. She wouldn't be a Shuinsai if she could be defeated so easily. But still he listened as they spoke of the hub and such. Though he was interested in her speaking of a ship. Did she want a custom ship? Maybe a war cruiser of some sort? Or just a personal cruiser for her to travel along the stars? He was curious but he decided against it. He was here for a specific reason after all. Though as Jophiel spoke of the old ones, his interest peaked once more and he could only nod his head slowly in understanding. "Yes. We are. They have lasted for generations more than either of us, they've likely been there since near the beginning of time. And we are just ants to them. Our own experiences are nothing but a tear drop compared to the oceans of history that they all must have obtained." And that was the truth. The Emperors and their Empresses and all the rest were the old generation. He, his sister, and his cousin were of the new generation. The younger breed so it were. "Yes, well.....an opportunity presented itself." And he smiles those sharp teeth at his cousin. A dastardly smile no doubt as he looked pleased with himself. "The Prince actually sought my help since he knows nothing about resurrection or the soul itself. But still that was when I conferred with our grandmother and she spoke of her inability of being able to revive the soul herself. Because it wasn't in the afterlife." And there was the problem. The soul wasn't in the afterlife ready to be snatched up and brought back to the land of the living. His head shakes some and he looks to the pair with that curiosity onec more as he listened to her speak about what had happened. His eyebrows rose in some surprise as she gave details about the leader along--
(Aug 12) 19:59:56 [Lucian] -- with killing the Elric boy. He stares quietly at his cousin with some deep fascination almost. "You were there?" That was information that might have invoked a reaction unlike any other. Lucian would need to plan this carefully so as to not implicate his cousin. If Sune'ere knew that Jophiel had sat on this information, it would be catastrophic. Lucian could only wonder the anger that Sune'ere might have unleashed on his cousin at this reveal of information. But the pieces were now starting to form into a picture. "That's a possibility. I had believed that he was in cahoots with this teacher. The thing that lead the attack on Nexxian was Elric's father, and since his brother was with Fenris of Olfwood on a mission and he was not in the city at the time either. I thought that he was a dutiful son to his father. It seems I might be mistaken." And he leans back against the wall by the doorway as he regards the pair of them. That quiet uncertainty overtaking him as he thought of what else might have happened out there in the desert. "Elric was chasing a criminal with the girl Annie, who was a Titan shifter, and then was attacked by his father. And he is not dead. That much we are certain of. I thought he might be in hiding but the answer is more confusing. You speak of he and his brother as though they are as close as can be. That....conflicts with the idea he would abandon the younger Elric for so long. No. There is something else going on here......And Sune'ere Dra'sin and the girl Rose are coming to Nexxian to find out just what." Well it looked like that Jophiel would be having some more guests sooner than she expected.

(Aug 12) 20:18:54 Illyah Had fallen silent again as they chatted once more taken to idle listening to their back and forth until mention of a ship caught her attention. For a moment there was glimmer in her eyes a flash of excitement that was usually controlled with much better ability and then it was simply gone that grin lost to her normal more contained smirk. ”I would enjoy such a challenge I believe it would be a wonderful distraction from the tedium of my normal duties to be sure.” Oh the possibilities it almost made the woman giddy with the storm of delightful thoughts. Settling further on the desk she'd lose herself to those thoughts mind already working on a possible design for such a majestic craft. A perhaps flagship for the goddess, a bastion if you will for the pride to rally behind.

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