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Fireknaught Federation: Recruiting Empty Fireknaught Federation: Recruiting

Post by Solvictus on Mon Aug 08, 2016 12:32 pm

Fireknaught Federation: Recruiting Us-apl

Fireknaught Federation

The Fireknaught Federation is a Utopian Socialism; they succeed together and they suffer together. The one thing that makes their Utopian Socialism a success is the fact that the actual species that started the Fireknaught Federation were a hard working people that rooted in the desert with elfin and human bloodlines. After many years of success in this galaxy, a catacylysmic event occurred that knocked many empires, good and bad, on their backs. Some nations and people suffered more than others, such as the Fireknaught Federation had. The magics on the universe was harsh towards the Fireknaught, but they still cast more mercy of them than most any other people. In the realm of the Sanctum world, the Fireknaught Federation was magically sealed deep within the desert and has been waiting for thousands of years to rise. While most consider certain places a 'Sleeping Giant', the Fireknaught Federation is known as the 'Sleeping Phoenix'.

The Fireknaught Federation is easy to get along with for the most part. They do not believe in gods as many others do, and to give a god praise for the actions of a mortal is blasphemy to them. After trust a 'god' once, they soon realized why their forefathers believed in gods as a 'Creator' and that was it, that a mortal decides his own fate and how their life turns out. This belief has served them well even in their current state. The belief in works has pushed them to eventually figure out how to raise their land back to the surface and begin their quest for peace; via diplomacy or war.

To join the Fireknaught Federation simply takes initiative and determination to progress forward. The Fireknaught Federation is usually very welcoming, but that does not mean everyone will be welcomed. In fact, those they define as Evil(this doesn't mean Dark, this means Evil), are smote on the spot without hesitation. One can find beings using Dark Magic as often as those who use a Holy Magic within the confines of Fireknaught Federation.

With all this said, the Fireknaught Federation follows a strict code of military conduct that is dedicated to pursuing their ideal goals; Freedom, Justic, and Prosperity. To achieve this, the Fireknaught Federation has been known to follow the path of the 'Greater Good' without hesitation if it effected their people or people who longed for what they had. With Freedom, Justice, and Prosperity as their oath to the world, the Fireknaught Federation knows what will come their way and what they have to do.

So if peace is something you seek, whether it be through fighting in wars or using your tongue as a sword to diplomatic weapon, the Fireknaught Federation is for you. Help us rise from the sands, bring life to a world that has been stricken by pain and suffering so long due to the eternal circle of politics that engulf it. We are far from perfect, but we will strive to make the world perfect so that no child goes hungy, no more slavery, no more uncalled for death... and primarily, no more dictatorships or tyranny. The Fireknaught Federation is for those who want the universe to to flourish as a whole, not those who want to rule it for their selfish reason.

OOC Interests and Contacts:

Fireknaught Federation is looking for older players with a story as well as new players to create more stories. Their power or species is up to you, as all types are welcome. Keep in mind, there is always the option to play a Fireknaught/Phoenixian, which I will gladly explain if you choose to do so.

Fireknaught Federation is seeking all positions from basic citizens and business owners, to political and defensive leaders. There really is no limit to what we can use, just keep in mind Evil characters(not Dark, sincerely Evil.) are not welcomed and will easily be detected within their range.

Activity is not an issue as long as you can make at least one post a week. I would like to see more activity than that for the benefit of Sanctum as well as this Roleplay.

Current starting location for non-Fireknaught:

If a person chooses they want to play a Fireknaught, they can post here, which is the follow-up location to the starting location:

As for communications, I host a forum that has more stuff involving the Fireknaught Federation and Phoenixians. Sanctum is more than welcome to post an add whenever they would like, but if you need me, Just PM Admin or drop a message in the chat.


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