Dorian Empire Recruitment is Open

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Dorian Empire Recruitment is Open

Post by Arcerion on Wed Jul 20, 2016 1:56 pm

The Dorian Empire is recruiting people of all shapes, sizes and creeds!

We are currently accepting all types of Role Players looking to further their plots, make a name for themselves and join a growing community of experienced players.

What do you need to know?

Dorian as a whole controls a large portion of off world territory within the established Sanctum Lore. Currently our only major holding on Sanctum is the City of Korel but we're looking to expand rapidly into new territories as interest grows. We run off of a meritocracy system. Essentially the more that you put in, the more you get out. Even lower tier adventurer's can gain accolades from the higher ups.

We are currently recruiting fighters of all shapes and sizes. Have a beefy shield user who wants glory on the battle field? Come lend your shield to our cause! Want to cast army decimating spells from range? Have we got the job for you! Not much of a fighter but prefer to do your deeds in the shadows? You'll fit right in. Are you the kind of person who can talk their way out of any situation? Diplomats and Merchants are key to our continued prosperity! Maybe you use your brain to support the front lines? We're always looking for new methods of thought to supplement our tech!

For more in depth information see these posts:
This post covers the governmental system and basic laws in more depth. It also covers our two primary forms of technology and Magic. The Spore Tech System and Lord's Hold system.
This post is a basic description of Korel the base of Dorian operations on Sanctum.

What do we require?

1) Most importantly is a willingness to participate in or generate Role play. And by extension have fun.
2) If you're a combat focused person we ask that you adhere to a Turn Based Logic system when fighting. Some places prefer preparation rounds, or a dice roll system. We're not them. Simply put your character needs to operate off of their own internal logic. Conversions from other systems are always welcome and if you require help, we have an excellent panel of seasoned combatants at our disposal (Both within Dorian, and upon Sanctum as a whole)
3) If you wish to work within the Dorian established lore, we ask that you talk it over with the head of the faction. (That would be Me, Arcerion) The reason I ask for this is, at the moment there are few examples of Dorian in lore RP. So you want to play one of our personal Lore races? Well determine which one. Most races such as Starbody, Utopian, Viceling, Zephyran and Dorian are open to all. However Bale and Exercion due to their rarity are only playable when given the go ahead from someone in charge.
4) If you wish to bring your own lore into ours there are two ways to go about it. The easiest is to establish yourself and your lore within Korel. As it is placed upon Sanctum, where many multi-verses meet it would not be hard to simply have a wandering adventurer come to town, or even a tribe of people. On the other hand if you wish them to be part of the off world Dorian Empire we do ask that you give a good reason why these people have not been found yet. Don't worry though, if it's a cool idea I am always willing to work with people.
5) We ask that you be relatively active, a post or two a week isn't asking a lot, going out of your way to start your own plot, even if it's as simple as hanging out at a tavern. I personally have run table top games for almost two decades. If I see a group of adventurer's sitting somewhere I will probably give you something to do besides sitting on your butts and drinking, promise.

How to contact us

I typically check this account once a day so any private message should get a response in under two days. Less if I know people are asking questions.
Another great way to contact me is through skype. I am almost always available unless I'm at work or sleeping. My skype information is brendon_h_smith Go ahead, add me, I don't bite. Unless you ask me too.

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