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Post by Meng-Die on Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:49 pm

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In chat log so far:

Fenris arrived via drop-ship from an ship to the North, sent on a southward trajectory past the barbary straight and into southern Discordia. The drop-ship was rather simple, and archaic for Celesin design but it would get the job done. It moved quickly past the grey-plains before its steep decline brought it at the edge of the great-cliffs. The cylindrical pod slowed in its descent as its black colour shined slightly when it made land-fall causing a noticable boom but a controlled one that was not excessive, a crater forming beneath the pod as its built in shock-absorbers allowed the passengers other than Fenris inside to survive. After about 30 seconds the pods front area opened up and Fenris traversed out first, with 8 Ultonis behind him as he stepped out into the plain about a mile from the cliffside. Another 10 seconds and Fenris would look at his men. "Four establish a perimeter and make camp... The other four come with me..."

20:11:21 -Vivi- gave no sign of noticing, but of course how could it, given it was likely in the castle istelf, still, there was a surrounding feeling of....offness, but of course if one was not expecting that here, one was quite foolish, although here it was amplified, clearly coming from up the cliff, but almost...unrestrained. If any among them relied on magic from the world around them they may fin it oddly muted here; the sense only growing worse if they drew closer to the castle itself. Perhaps the strangest thing even a non-sensitive person might notice however would be the trees in the immediate area, seeming to react to the sound and sway towards it, those further out gently, but those within a hundred yards of the booming noise violently thrashing. One of the nearby ones splashed into one of the terrible looking puddles of liquid not too far off and seemed to get simply stuck from a moment before pulling away with strings of the tarry substance still attacked. Overhead in the clear blue sky the first of the<C>

20:11:29 [-Vivi-] birds began to circle; so high above it might even appear normal....

20:41:29 [Fenris] The Four he left behind nodded, two moved to opposite sides at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock while the other two went inside the drop-pod emerging a few seconds afterwards with a bundle of what looked like weird wooden rods that were greenish grey in colour. The four with the rods planted them into the earth, creating a radius of 50 feet with 8 Rods in total forming a circle. When planted the men worked with a device which released a pulse as the green-rods grew of their own accord blooming into trees which changed colour and texture to match those of the landscape. Potruding 20 feet in the air each and spouting branches. From the "trunks" of the false trees a fine mist began to waft upward. The men then returned in the pod to get more devices to continue the process of establishing camp, while the other two moved with grace-

20:41:40 [Fenris] -upon the newly created branches of the false-trees to give them a higher vantage point with their bows crouching upon the branches and activating their cloaking mechanisms to bend the light around them to create a blending effect. The Alis were for the most part humans, relying on advanced technology as their main way to cope in the world of Nexxus that pertained to violence. However Fenris felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end, he knew he was an interloper here but his own power was both innate and a part of the realm he was independent but even if he was not suppressed he knew the things here would be in their home territory. He would tread lightly.-

20:42:01 [Fenris] -He saw the puddles of tarry substance and nodded to his men. "Watch where you step, be mindful of the wildlife as well." he muttered as he gestured at the birds. They moved like ghosts upon the field quickly and gracefully the group taking long leaping strides that covered dozens of meters in a single bound as if they were all moving in low gravity. When they reached the tunnel Fenris looked at one of the Ultonis who nocked an arrow into his bow and fired it into the tunnel, where it would traverse several meters inward before hitting the ground. The shot fired as the group moved on either side of the tunnel as the arrow exploded into shrapnel to embed itself into the walls and any living things inside if there were any. If there was no reaction Fenris would traverse first into the mouth of the cavern, remaining vigilant, a blade in his left hand that was akin to a short sword but perfectly clear.-

20:42:33 [Fenris] -he sniffed the air lightly seeking the most prevalent and more subtle scents in the tunnel, and moved ahead as his men followed behind, one facing with him, the other two facing behind to cover their entry as they slowly made their way through the tunnel.

[-Vivi-] The reaction tot the explosion was swift and quite violent. Something that maybe was once a wolf or related to it was torn apart, another severely wounded – but it was most notable what the wounded wolf-thing did, not limp away but immediately go on the offensive. It was easily larger than a horse; its flesh covered in not fur but thick black insect-like natural armor with patches of quills covering it where fur would have been thickest; its mouth split at the lower jaw as it snarled at the men and advanced – quickly considering its limp. It would likely be cut down but it showed no fear; its mad eyes wanted only revenge on those that had hurt it. But of course they'd seen what had come out of the sewers; what lived here could only be expected to be far worse in how twisted it had become. Once the wolf-like creature was dealt with it would be a relatively smooth if dark trip through the tunnel. Apparently defending this place hadn't been high on the list of the War Beast's priorities. It was only when they<C>

20:55:38 [-Vivi-] were around there quarters of the way through that anything changed; there was a sudden wind through the tunnel a black red mist barreling over them faster then the wind that should have carried it and yet without ruffling a hair unlike the wind; but it puled back in as abruptly as it had come out. Fen might know what it meant; might not, but even if he didn't the outcome and eventual reveal would be the same; at the other end of the tunnel the goo that typically flowed around it and left the path clear ahead defied physics; parting at the top as normal but drawing back together, and hands seemed to reach from it; made of only that substance as though it poured over invisible flesh; but hands that did not reach past the border laid out by the thickness of the supporting pillars...

The men came out of the pod, one carrying more of those false-tree rods, the other carrying discs, in a pouch and a shovel. One began to plan more tree's within the radius of the others creating a makeshift "thicket". They were going to be here for a bit probably, since extraction would take time. The one with discs planted them around the edge of the first 8 "trees" planting proximity mines while the other planted another 4 trees, and then went back to get more, as the others stood guard.- The vigilance of "Vengeance" was rewarded as the beast came in, they did not go in and allowed it come out while being flanked two arrows came from opposite sides one aimed at its head the other aimed at its side each one emitting a shockwave upon impact that could possibly liquify the wounded beasts inside and crack its shell. Once it was dead the men took extra time to carefully drag its carcass away towards the side of the caves mouth, in a ditch. Once inside the men and Fenris were subject to the wind, Fenris narrowing his gaze as it happened. -
-"Be vigilant." he was not sure what it meant but it probably meant their presence had now been discovered in earnest at any-rate, or they had tripped some sort of defensive mechanism. "Plant some explosives in the walls." one of the men nodded and began setting charges backtracking as another covered him with the arrow. Fenris was not leaving anything to chance if he could help it, he could imagine being chased through these tunnels by a horde of abominations, and having a trump card might be nice, though it would be dangerous to collapse the tunnels if they were in them, if timed right it could save them as well. Eitherway it was an option they would have on the way back assuming they made it that far.-
-It was rare Fenris felt a bit threatened, but he knew "Operation-Longarm" would require all his tactical skill. He had the option of back up, but for now he would try to be as subtle as possible. He stayed a distance from the "barrier of hands" at the end of the tunnel and looked at his men. "Stay clear." he picked up a stone and chucked it at the barrier to see what happened. It seemed perhaps that mist had been some sort of "security-mechanism". "We might have to try traversing over the cliff..." such a thing might mean suicide for most men, or be impossible but such feats of mobility were well within Fenris' and the Ultonis' abilities. He tested the thresh-hold first however, this was not a race yet afterall.

:29 [-Vivi-] The wolf was no challenge, nor was it meant to be; just a careless thing caught in a life it was never meant to have and twisted over generations by this place. The hands though; they were a different story; one of them deftly reached out and caught the stone as it drew near; and things began to change; the arms all drew together from both sides joining into that one as the curtain of goo pulled back from the edges and moved inwards only to block the path ahead It spoke, with a voice Fenris would not be entirely unfamiliar with, it was the voice of Erna in its other worldy quality but it was different; it was not malice in it but resignation, and almost kind of pain; things echoed in it terribly as well, as though it held the dying gasps of the carvings it poured from they could not see lining the walls within itself. These carvings, those close enough anyways, also moved as the curtain pulled back, their faces, still twisted by the pain, turned and tracked the movement of the men; and as the thing spoke<C>

21:28:42 [-Vivi-] some of their lips moved with it. ”The memory of Malice says you are Fenris.” it stated, a face pushing itself from the remaining curtain of goo blocking the path; the face taking up almost the entirety of the curtain above the remaining hand with the stone grasped in it. It tossed the stone into the pit the path and the balcony/gazebo was over. ”I do not often get visitors” it inhaled, that wind again for a moment ”Let alone ones that smell so much of Him and yet bring no army. That is quite a disappointment” it tilted its face to the side ”I always root for them you know; but thats not the point, why are you here?” it asked
/me He had almost expected the pebble to be caught, and recognized the voice of erna, but knew he was speaking to another aspect of the creature. Aspects within aspects it seemed. "I know better than to bring an army..." he said as he looked at his men. "Leave the cave, if I do not come out then maintain the perimeter of base-camp till the extraction and inform the Imperium." he told his men. He did not want to lose any of them in this mission. He looked back at the hand. "I know better than to bring an army... That would only work in your favor." he replied evenly. He grinned at the question. "To be quite frank I do not know why I am here." he said semi-truthfully. "That has yet to be decided..." he recalled that he had been told from his researchers that there Erna's core had been seperated, perhaps the second core was what drove this aspect which for now seemed to be a "guardian" of sorts. "You are the other half of Erna are you not?" he asked. (Maugris and his researchers.*)

21:50:13 -Vivi- 's guardian seemed to care a lot less then Erna about needling the man on ”I guess that’s true; but what other way is there to destroy this place?” it laughed at what Fen said next; it couldn't help it, but it was a sad one ”You come here without even knowing why? Do you know how many would not come here even with good reason? I envy your freedom, little mortal.” it paused and considered. ”Is that what its taken to calling itself these days? I am the other Gemini, yes; I am....I don't know your word for it. Sorrow, Pain, Loss. I am the first made of His three angels; for He cares for what I hold least.” it paused again ”You should be lucky; He finds you entertaining, as is the empire you come to represent. Most of the time He'd have told me to cast you into the abyss by now.” The faces that were watching the men before turned towards the place all the goo seemed to be going under the castle momentarily. The curtain of goo, however, still did not clear the path. ”Of

21:50:24 [-Vivi-] course, I do not advise testing His patience nonetheless; without business, your kind has no place here.” Indeed, within the walls there might be what feels like a reversal of how Vivi usually feels; instead of the creature or the place feeling off; one tended to feel as though they should not be here; that they are the ones that do not belong; they are the affront to this reality.

Fenris The less this creature knew about Fenris the better. Deception, misdirection, anonymity, these were resources to be exploited in this endeavor. He would play the part the creature gave him for now. He did not boast or assume he had the capability to avoid this "abyss" it spoke of, but he would tread lightly. "I said I did not know what I was here for, not that I did not have buisness. I will not disturb you more than I have already then..." he said as he turned to go. This was obviously Vivi's territory, Fenris was trying to figure just how much it could impose its authority here. It had the capacity to banish beings, though it did not yet know the extent of what Fen was or perhaps it did not care, if the latter was true they shared that in common. "I will leave this place then." he said inclining his head to the doorway and making his way outside the cave unless stopped but remaining vigilant. He had gleaned much more than he had previously known even from this brief sortie, but he did not plan on -
-trying to "destroy" this place for it would only feed the beast. No he had subtler plans. He was not the hammer of the Imperium, but the sword, the knife.


a day after the initial meeting, the nightsky was rife with what seemed like shooting stars. Dozens of drop-pods dropped from orbit half of which falling in Southern discordia the other half falling in Northern discordia. Within hours each squad within each pod would establish a thicket, and each Pod landed a few miles apart from each other as they established their base camps. Within each pod were six months worth of rations and various necessities and supplies. However Fenris knew they would have to find someway to renew such supplies which would be their next order of buisness after establishing perimeters. Overall there would be over 200 Alis Ultonis present if nothing was done to stop the small-scale invasion.-
Each squad would follow the same protocols of the first establishing a "thicket" around the landing zone. They would then go about scouting their respective territories adding to a collective "map" of the area and recording practical data and collecting samples of the tar-pits, soil, and water. Overall these initial actions would require about 3 days to achieve. In the meantime Fenris was waiting on word from the envoys he had sent, maintaining the initial base-camp, as his own men scouted out the area around them short of passing through the tunnel which lead to the Fortress. Fenris was being vigilant, he knew he was in incredibly hostile territory, and was mindful that the land itself might turn against them.

-Vivi- reacted in a way Fenris might not have been expecting, but he was most certainly among the first to witness it given the location of his camp. The massive cliff wall began to ripple, as thought thousands – maybe even millions – of limbs and faces pressed against it, straining to get out, some human sized, some as massive as several story homes, but then the wall returned to its flat state and there was suddenly thick mist everywhere on the gray plains; winds increasing as it began to move towards and seemingly vanish at the wall with alarming speed – but it lasted no more than a second or two before the mist was gone. It was quiet for a second before the castle itself was suddenly visible above the cliff; not moving towards them by any means, but simply rising directly upwards with brilliant white light pouring from its windows. From within the inner rim of the wall the four statue pairs at the cardinal directions stopped flowing downwards and starting flowing upwards in spiraling patterns towards the<C>

17:10:22 [-Vivi-] castle, separating itself from the main mass after a large orbiting ring formed around the castle, stretching until it was a half-sphere covering the top of the castle. Suddenly, it pulled apart into even sized spheres of the substance then compressed downwards into hardened crystals roughly eight feet tall each. The speed of their orbit increased rapidly before they began to get flung off one after another with echoing shock waves; riding on blasts of that white energy at seemingly random trajectories and speeds. The castle began to lower again. Most of the crystals would land in wilderness, a few near towns, one had the luck to land in a farmer's field someplace; another crashing through a home, and more than a couple into the oceans; none however wold land in north or south Discordia, nor near them. In the unlikely event someone had thought to count, there would have been 238 in all.

Fenris Fenris foresaw the castles emergence. "Well well..." he muttered. as his men braced for what might come. The shards fired were too numerous to intercept but when Fen felt the ripple he prepared his own inner power. One of the shards traversing overhead would be intercepted by a movement of his blade focusing his power through it as it resonated. A thrust given at the speed of sound meant to knock the shard off course and send it flying a few miles east of his base-camp. "Three come with me, four establish a perimeter and guard the camp, one establish communications with our other forces and let them know what just happened, keep in contact and share information." he said as him and the three he called moved out assuming he was able to intercept and ground oneof the shards.

:09 [Fenris] hes projecting a concussive sound wave through the thrust of his blade if that was unclear.* so its a projectile kinetic attack.

-Vivi- made no further efforts to guide the shards, and thus, Fenris would be able to down the one he aimed for; it crashed tot he ground, leaving a crater but no other visible effects. It did not shatter or indeed even appear marred by the force of the blow or the landing. Here it felt like more of the same – but they should know what that meant, the thing didn't feel right at all when taking in context of normalcy. It was as hard as a diamond but otherwise it seemed inert, slightly translucent black gem of massive size

17:25:48 Fenris Fenris narrowed his gaze suspecting things already. He took his blade and extended it tapping the diamond like substance and projecting a vibration through it along any existing fault-lines. His men hung back with their bows nocked. Fenris knew this was only a prelude, a test, perhaps even a way of being mocked but he knew whatever this thingwas it was dangerous and there were 237 more to worry about. He wanted to understand what this thing was as soon as possible.

-Vivi- continued to plan from within its castle. That had gone well enough; it didn't pay attention to what they did after or much care – the piece, separated from either of its cores, evaporated readily as the creature opened its eyes from within its throne room again. Entertainment was always good – time was endless, amusement was not.

18:48:24 Fenris Fenris called for Meng-Die who had come within one of the several dozen drop-ships. He had planned on putting her in charge of the northern front, however the advent of the strange black crystals had changed things. Intel had told him that the others had not reacted the same way as the one he shot down. THey were also sturdy and hard to destroy, so Fenris might have to authorize the use of fused-magi shots which would kind of hurt his resources but it could not be helped. The sooner he could get a larger distracting force the better. He called Meng to brief her on the objectives of the operation and share intel so she would be well placed too act. Fenris awaited her arrival in the makeshift thicket that surrounded the drop-pod him and his own squad had initially landed in. It was guarded along its perimeter by Ultonis on the synthetic tree-tops who were remaining vigilant from anymore tomfoolery from the chaos beast.

18:58:40 Meng Die didn't like the look of this land. At all. No one did, but, it wasn't simply the nightmarish aesthetic, gray grass, the blackened and withered flora and a complete lack of fauna but the layout of the terrain. Meng wasn't worried about a lack of pretty colors and spring flowers but the disadvantages that the land exhibited. But, they were Ultonis-- they'd figure it out. Eight other people shuffled out of the pod behind their captain; all of them wearing muted gray tactical ponchos with hoods that belted over the shoulder and left slits on either side of the shoulders for the wearer to easily use their arms. Considering they were rangers who used blades, batons and so forth it was necessary. Fashion choices aside it would be Meng who stopped and observed the others doling out the disks for the synthetic trees and 'planting' them as ordered. Soon enough she spotted the gray of her Primoris' master's cape and approached him; silent on her feet as usual. -
18:58:47 [Meng Die] Once she felt secure enough to do so, as per training and paranoia, she dropped briefly to one knee and put her right fist over her heart. The two satellite soldiers behind her did the same. 'Primoris Ultonis.' She looked visibly shaken, if briefly, while letting her dark eyes scan over the terrain once again. A hand bedecked in fingerless gloves and a gauntlet spraypainted deep slate so recently that it still smelled ran through her close cropped black hair. Sure, she'd done a number of alien landscapes before but this one, for some reason was particularly unsettling. Meng also knew she'd worn the unconventional expression and immediately tucked it in with the hopes he wouldnt bring it up in front of her underlings.

19:11:35 Alphonse_Elric had been picked up by a drop ship. It had been an odd ride from one location to the other. "This place feels wrong." The young man murmured to himself so quietly one would have to strain to hear him. He had been studying far too much for his own good. Kitsuko had instructed him in the ways of life force energy. Energy that not only coursed through one's own body but also through the very planet that all living beings thrived on. A planet's natural energy that was otherwise known as chi in some places. He had learned some over the time he had been spent studying along with the human anatomy and some medicinal arts. The coloring of the area also added a dreary feeling to it all. Unlike the dark uniforms that the others wore in this pod, he had chosen something lighter. His green coat with a white t-shirt and blue sweats said it all about his choice in camoflauge. His blond hair was still as golden as ever. His golden pupils assessed the others who were quick to plant what appeared to be disks of some--
19:11:42 [Alphonse_Elric] -- sort. The alchemist moved quietly from the pod, casting a wary glance over his shoulder at the advanced machine, before trailing onward to the assembled group with a suitcase in hand. Al didn't know how long he would be here. He hadn't gotten to know much of the men and women who were part of this group. Only that they worked for Fenris of Olfwood as part of the Celesin Empire. Finally he would be before the group. "Mister Fenris." He dips his head forward in a nod to the Primoris. There was no bowing. No obvious sign of devotion or vows from the alchemist. But at the same time it wasn't the usual hate filled speeches from his elder brother either. And he and the Primoris had an understanding of some sort. Alphonse knew his brother had made (some) peace with the Prince who had murdered Rain. Perhaps wounds were finally healing for all parties. "I was told to come along and that this mission pertained to the safety of the Nexxian Kingdom. What do you need done?"

19:14:49 Fenris Fenris looked at Meng and sensed her apprehension it was to be expected she was mere mortal and it was a testament to Ultonis valor and professionalism they were able to maintain their wits in such a foreboding landscape. "At ease Meng." he told her as he looked at Al. "You remember stonehart? This is a harder version of that. I need you to be the medicus for now, but your primary responsibility will be studying the land, seeing if it can be purified and establishing hydroponic agricultural resources that are shielded from the corruption. The Ultonis are scouting the land, and it should be done in three days, when the land is figured out we will plan our next move, for now we are merely to stay and hold the line and fortify our position Mr. Elric. I have faith in you, as I do have in my subordinate." he turned to Meng. "I am putting you in charge of the Northern half of the region, several shards have been sent out from the palace, I have destroyed one but Intel says the others are not reacting the same-
19:18:34 [Fenris] -way, we must destroy the black crystals, there are a little over 200 of them, so far they have proven durable, but fused-magi shots should be more than enough to destroy them, The current objective is to establish a foot hold in the region and wait for a main-force while in the meantime finding any objectives for us to exploit. I have already heard tell of a temple that we might be making a strike team of. He got out a data-chip and gave them to Al and Meng. "This contains all the intel I have gathered and our overall goal. Study it so that we may be successful in this endeavor and stop the threat to your current homeland." he said looking back at Al. "You can catch your bearings here for now, I will be keeping Alphonse till we establish a a foothold here and then I will send him to you when he is finished. Hopefully the envoy to Jophiel will bode good news in regards to our current area. Do not eat the food here, be weary of the air, and do not touch the black tar pits they will eat you. The wild life is -
19:19:44 [Fenris] -also corrupt and highly aggressive. Do not engage in direct conflicts unless ordered." he said turning back to Meng. "The chaos-beast feeds off conflict so we must be careful in how we oppose it." he told them. "Mr. Elric might need a hazmat suit or some Ultonis gear." he said with a sigh as he took a swig from his canteen. "Any questions?"
19:19:56 [Fenris] to our current situation.*
19:22:50 [Fenris] "and dont drink the water."

19:30:46 Meng Die gripped her wrist at the small of her back and inclined her head to him in one short, curt movement before allowing herself to be literally at ease. 'As requested, Sir, I've brought the Alchemist.' She went silent as they began to speak and watched both of their faces while the exchange took place. She had a stillness about her that was almost reptilian, and, combined with her lack of a natural personal scent? Meng Die may as well have been a ghost. There was a reason they called her the Viper and it wasn't simply her tactical skill. Sadly, she could also sometimes make people uncomfortable with her presence alone. 'Sir.' was her response to being in charge of the north. Intently, she listened to him explain the deals with the shards and resisted the urge to cock a brow-- this could be a complication, couldn't it? 'When would you prefer I deployed to the north and how many suboordinates am I to be allocated?' -
19:30:58 [Meng Die] Good for her, she wasn't speaking too quickly or making a mess of herself in any way though, goddamn these lands really rubbed her the wrong way. And for the usually calm if not cold Captain Meng-Die could be unsettled by something as small as scenery something was truly wrong. She imagined she would get used to it within a couple of hours. Somewhat dirty (as usual) fingers seized the data chip and she wasted no time opening a false skin port behind her ear and sliding the chit into her HUD interface. No, the Ultonis Captain wasn't a cyborg of any sort but all Alis were augmented with several different forms of wetware. 'You say the beasts feed off of conflict? Is there anything here that might cause artificially heightened tension or adrenaline responses, Sir?' Like all Ultonis she thought several steps ahead and already wondered if she'd need to consult the mood enhancing and stabilizing provisions they'd brought along with the other supplies as was custom.-
19:31:04 [Meng Die] First aid for the militants was as much mental as it was physical and she had an idea those items might come in handy. When he was done speaking she'd wait, turn to the brightly dressed blond and addressed him. 'Please, come with me. You'll need to change Mr. Elric.'

19:45:38 Alphonse_Elric only nodded his head as he recalled the land of Stonehart. It wasn't easy and this would not be either from what he could tell of the land. His brow furrows as the request for hydroponic agricultural resources was made. "Is the corruption magical in nature? Or a result of whatever.....thing is here?" He glances down at the ground as though to indicate his clear disgust with what he was feeling. His brother had once explained the feeling of energy to him but this was something else entirely. This would be a test of his Alkahestry skill that he had only now just started to develop. Already he could feel the tension building up. This would truly be a test of his skills. "I can help establish the base around here. Helping to fortify this area with whatever structures you need for you and your troops." He would be the medicus, have to help grow the agriculture, and also help fortify their current location. And all of it not being paid for of course. But that mattered little to Alphonse. When he --
19:45:45 [Alphonse_Elric] -- had heard the truth of who this enemy was, he knew that this job needed to be done. His head turned and he raised an eyebrow as the chip was given to Meng Die and was.....inserted behind her ear. Machine? Or perhaps just a cyborg. "There could be something like that in the air if it's not breathable in some places. His corruption could add some narcotics to cause delusions if he thrives on conflict. Tainting the mind would be the best way to starting something to feed off of." He was analytical in nature and theorhetical too boot. The possibility of this creature being capable of that wouldn't surprise the alchemist in the slightest. "I'll figure it out." He nodded his head to the Primoris before turning to his Northern commander with a faint smile on his face and a nod of his head. "Of course, Miss." And if she lead the way he would take his suitcase with him as well. It was going to be a long endeavor for them all it seemed.

19:48:12 Fenris "You will be given half overall there are 240 Alis present. Which means you will have 120 under your command in the entire north but you will need to rely on local commanders to carry out your will." he told her. "The fact is this is a hard endeavor, however if you are attacked by the Wild-life or by anything respond, if not then don't engage unless I give the command. Suppressive measures such as cryogenics and fire are recommended." he told her. "The land is under the back and call of the Chaos-Beast and will follow his whims, so not only is the territory hostile it is also intelligent to a degree. It hates us and wants us out or to turn us to its cause." he told her. "This is a test of the Ultonis' capabilities, the hardest one yet." he was not mincing words with her, she had to understand the situation. " I might ask for technicians and scholars soon once we establish our presence. Laborers too, I might even bring in some magi-golems." he told her. He looked at Elric. "Both... I don't like -

19:51:08 [Fenris] -the term "magic" as it has dozens of definitions. The fact is that there is more than physics at work here possibly." he told the young alchemist. "I might want walls around this initial area, and an area a half mile away as a supply depot, beyond that when and if the main force arrives you will helping to establish their base. The Ultonis are not meant for organized defense and open conflict, the less conspicuous our locations are the better." he told Al. "That might be something to look into." he said noting the Alchemists intellect. "Above all be vigilant and careful do not take unecessary risks, this is just the first phase."

20:02:48 Meng Die '120 will be sufficient, Sir.' Meng let them speak and of course noted Alphonse watching her insert the chit behind her ear. It had to be kept in mind that he wasn't a Celesin national or from these lands in general and, thus, some things might be a bit of a culture shock to him. Or, simply, he may have just been fascinated. From his words alone she could see he had a sharp analytical nature and liked to remain fully aware of his surroundings while questioning them. All that at a glance? She wasn't the captain of the Ultonis for no reason and, that said, she had to remark that at first impression he'd have made a good number among the ranks- except for showing up in nearly every color of the rainbow, of course. 'Meng is fine. Captain Die otherwise but, please, I prefer no honorifics.' [Pronounced ”Mahn Dee”] her voice as always was steady and maybe even a little too quiet though it managed to somehow hold the authority of her station.-
20:02:52 [Meng Die] Now, she hopefully was leading the Alchemist and possibly her commander back to the pod where she'd lead Alphonse inside. 'Please disrobe.' Spoken calmly and there was no hint she acknowledged he might be body shy or simply unwilling to do so. Celesin was all too open and egalitarian when it came to these sorts of things. Lucky for him she hardly had her eyes on him while fetching an ERB helmet for him since he would need a rebreather as much as her militants did, a therm-optic camo suit and another of the deep slate military ponchos. The mouth guard would fasten easily with the poncho's flap for seamless integration. 'Would you like anything for defense? I could sign an MS baton out for you, Elric.' If needed she would assist him in donning the admittedly somewhat complicated Ultonis field wear.

20:18:11 Alphonse_Elric could only nod as the confusion of "magic" was brought up. It was an age old problem really and it wasn't likely to get resolved. "I can have the walls up in no time. Just give me a little time to adjust to the area." The Primoris wanted their current position and another supply depot walled up. He intended to do just that. The mission would be important and he intended to act as his brother might. Focused on the objective and securing its completion. The alchemist followed the Captain quietly with his case in hand. He had brought some supplies for the trip after all. "Meng then. You may call me Alphonse or Al if you want." Being referred to as "The Alchemist" would get a bit boring if they decided to go that route of titles. The young man paused at her request and only flushed for a moment before he refocused. His coat was the first to be removed and followed by the shirt. Unlike his brother, his own physique was of a larger frame. Something more akin to their father. He had stripped down --
20:18:20 [Alphonse_Elric] -- for the woman and tried to remain cool and collected as she helped him get what he needed. "No thank you, Meng." He tugged up at the pants and made sure to turn in place to get a good feel before the shirt was applied. But it was the helmet that did the trick for him. The helmet was applied and he noted how advanced the rebreather was. "One of your soldiers will likely need it more than me. If push comes to shove the terrain will be my weapon." Which could prove useful in using the terrain against itself. What kind of effect would it cause? He had to wonder if perhaps he was making a grave mistake. "So I'm in charge of the medicus, the construction of the walls, and also creating the agriculture. I'm assuming that the troops here have enough rations to hold out until I can get something worked out. The supply depot I need to make will likely also bring in food supplies until a sufficient time has passed for the hydroponics to function." His mind was analytical and quick to adjust for--
20:18:41 [Alphonse_Elric] -- the timing of everything. With a tug on his sleeve, he would turn and flash a quick smile to the Captain. "Where should we start with these walls?"

20:28:05 Fenris Meng seemed to be in fine shape to proceed. "You may move out tomorrow if you wish or sooner, so that you can acclimate." he then told Al. "Erect 12 foot walls around the circumfrence of this thicket, and make a 30 foot deep 12 foot wide ditch in front of the wall." he told the Alchemist. "And perhaps elevate the land so the trees extend over the wall." he added. "Lets focus on one thing at a time for now, and we have enough supplies to last us six months assuming they are not corrupted."


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Re: The Jump Off

Post by ElricBrothers on Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:55 pm

The alchemist had heard the name shouted by the figure and had paused for only a brief moment. Truth. “God” may have been a proper term if he was a religious man. Still there would be a conversation about that being if this Vivi ever were to stand down and be civilized.

He had landed in the tunnel and was ready to move, thinking that the explosives may have been with one of the Celesin soldiers, but complications once more arose as the ground sought to block them off from the rest.

Alphonse wasn’t sure about the presence he felt. He wasn’t sure how powerful any of these people were. The ground shuddered and they were pushed upward through the ground to be beside the Primoris. His brow furrowed and he eyed the one known as Vivi. The area shimmered under the power that Fenris of Olfwood possessed. Vivi’s power also seemed to have influence in the area.

We’ll come up with something else. Al thought before he turned to move with the two Ultonis. The gear activating as Alphonse sought to throw him a great distance to go back over that hill and descend to where the group had started. They needed to retreat back to the base.


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Re: The Jump Off

Post by Vivi on Wed Mar 11, 2015 8:02 pm

The mutated horror did not flinch – but by now the Ultonis should be expecting that, it even began to weave the holes in itself back together as it continued its mad pursuit. This was as close as a once mortal creature got to being remade in the image of the chaos-born, the hive angel that represented Vivi's true military might. Not some utility creature like the worms either – these things were tough and not entirely unlike their commander in their resilience and 'healing' abilities, though truth be told it was just spreading what material was left back out. It made another twisting leap towards the man as Vivi raised its hand.

Unless the man was very observant and had very good instincts, he probably would be caught off guard by what happened next – it seemed even the beast nearly was. Vivi flicked its wrist to the side and the airborne creature's direction and speed changed drastically, from an arching leap and one would expect to being propelled directly towards the Ultonis. Damaged though it may be, if it managed to get its claws into the Ultonis no one was coming out in better shape.

Then of course its foot hit ground and froze in place. It paused and tilted its head. Fine, if it wanted to play with the earth play it would, its left and right hand began to move in circles, energy drawing itself around them into rotating runes as both arms began to split into four – not unlike how Azul Baizare's four arms used to weave together powerful magics – but this was far different – Azul had been a creature born of this world channeling magics from beyond it forcibly through the veil. The veil was here, but worn, thin, and ready for a creature from beyond it to push its presence – his presence in this case – through. Its already brilliant eyes began to burn brighter and brighter as its hands spun glowing brilliant runes from nothing, turning around lazily as the hands turned quicker and quicker. From nothing at all tendrils of black and of beautiful colors unknown at the same time pushed forwards, seeming to ignore the armor as they pushed into each arm, filling the armor with empty nothingness. Vertigo might undertake the mortals and those of this world in the area – that sense of not belonging may intensify – and looking at the chaos-corrupt around them might reveal towering burning things – a bit of human occasionally flickering through but too brief to be sure as the things writhed. And the armor – well that was both there and not – filling it, reaching from a place that seemed to be the temple and to the temple at the same time was a thick, long tendril that branched off and seemed to fill the shape of the armor. It was from this origin that something reached, like a blunt tendril at first but turning into a three fingered giant claw as it neared almost as fast as the eye could see for those sensitive enough to seven see the thing that both was and was not there. It reached for an Ultonis near Alphone and sought to simply snatch it up and take it back to wherever the thing originated with alarming speed. Unless, of course, someone were to intervene by engaging the war-beast it was going to continue to use the area to its advantage as Ferris had. Boring, maybe, but two could play at that.


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Re: The Jump Off

Post by Fenris on Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:46 pm

The first arrow did not stop the beast, but the second was released just after the fact, this one releasing a sonic pulse, along with an extremely bright flash, timed on target to strike as the creature charged forward though the sudden acceleration might move it past the attack, the other Ultonis were not idle and covering their comrade another arrow was released from the creatures right side at its head, a liquid-nitrogen shot that if it penetrated would release its chemical pay-load directly into the creatures skull with considerable pressure in addition to the cryogenic effect. The other Ultonis unable to react and temporarily vulnerable despite being on "over-watch" during the course of the cover-fire, but if it managed to delay the creature and buy time he would release the remaining arrow point-blank into the creatures stomach, another frag-shot only at close range it would be much more powerful, and all of its power would be released upon the creature as opposed to spread out, as the Ultonis glided to follow his companions but remained facing the battle, moving backwards in long gravity-defying leaps, they would soon be out of the battle-zone but if the tendril attacked them they were still airbourne and this also brought them time.

The quae-fueram which had saved Al and company was also still near them and would seek to entangle itself with the tendril as well. However Fenris was still playing it deceptive and yes, boring, he was not going to give Vivi what it wanted if he could help it, but he had to admit it was frustrating fighting a creature that fed on conflict, something Fenris had dedicated years of practice to honing his skill at. He had to remain calm and level-headed. and see the "truth" of this creatures vulnerabilities. The "package" Alphonse had been carrying had not been abandoned, instead it was being spirited directly under the temple coated in the protection of Fenris' essence as the "detonator" remained in his right hand, and his blade in his left hand. Just seemingly to piss Vivi off further he tapped the ground gently with the tip of his blade, focusing the power he had gathered in his previous action into an oscillation that would traverse the medium of the earth to weaken the ground Vivi was semi-caught in and causing it to collapse under its own and the chaos beasts weight, hopefully burying Vivi in a ton or two of sundered earth creating a pitfall. "Call in an air-strike on the Palace, I'm sick of this shit." Fenris spoke to the Ultonis on their comm-channel.

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Re: The Jump Off

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