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Post by Fenris on Mon May 30, 2016 9:17 pm

Several Months after the war, Fenris had regrouped and sought to make sure he could keep tabs on Vivi. If nothing stopped him, he would had the land "terra-forged" creating a natural border between Discordia and what would later become his newest penal-colony. In turn the valley created protected him from the lands of death. The Terra-Forging having destroyed and purged the land, while then being manipulated and accelerated in its re-development to make the geography beneficial.

Natural Lava-Flows and purified areas, along with Ley-line and magi-tech seek to keep the corrupting influence of Vivi at bay, after having reduced to the land to a smoldering heap, and remaking it into a fertile and defensive area. The great walled state would have its entrance barred by lava flows, designed to flow into Discordia or out into the ocean if disturbed, in addition to the technological wall mounted defenses. If uncontested within the span of a few months a colony just beyond the borders of Vivi's land would be made. Forged from the earth itself. The land appearing more symmetrical than normal, with natural defenses in place. Fertile due to its induced volcanic rebirth. Beautiful the same way a master-crafted arm is, for its functionality and purpose.

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