Korel: Sydoite's new Home

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Korel: Sydoite's new Home

Post by -Dorian Empire- on Sun May 22, 2016 2:11 pm

The city of Korel lays in Dorian controlled territory on Sanctum, upon the south east corner of the Black Suns own continent. Bought with coin, favor and promise of military assistance, Korel is situated between ore rich mountains and the ocean. With an advanced transportation network in the works between port and mining encampments. The town is in a highly defensible position, with large walls manned by multiple companies of Dorian elite. It posses many more defenses both seen and unseen. The town is rapidly growing as more Dorian citizens move to the oppertunity rich Sanctum, and pilgrims from different realities find safety and riches within its borders.

The city is divided into multiple sectors. Residential, Noble, Industrial, research, and commercial.

The residential district has a variety of housing complexes from apartment buildings to town houses and even a few larger houses with yards for the rich. The price ranges from being able to support the financially destitute to the naturally rich. Given that not all utilize the Dorian Credit as a form of currency exchange rates for both outsider currency and a barter system for a place to sleep has been put in place.

The industrial district is where most who prefer to work with their hands or a trade skill will find work. Forges and mining stations are always recruiting as well as farmers and looking for people to man ocean bound ships to begin trading with other Sanctum ports.

The research district is where most hospitals and scientific and educational structures can be found. Modern Dorian medicine has made it possible to fix most if any wounds, and few diseases are not treatable with their advanced technology.

The commercial district is where people who are better at talking than working with their hands may find work, as well as sell their own trade to the highest bidder. It is not uncommon to find contract adventurers loitering about waiting for their next big score. Pubs, clothing and entertainment stores line this district as well as restaurants which serve high quality Dorian cuisine.

The nobles district is where most of the governmental bodies meet, situated in the heart of Korel at the Lords Hold. This sprawling manor looks new, but holds an old feeling to it. It is where dignitaries of other nations are stationed, and where the royal family keeps to themselves while in town.

The technology level of Korel strikes a blend of high science fiction, easily hundreds of years surpassing current time earth, and magical ability. The culture of Korel and by extension Dorian is a religious meritocracy, with multiple knightly and religious orders to join. However for those not seeking a higher calling, the drive of profit and self betterment is always open to Dorian citizens and adventurers alike.

Korel, where a man with not a penny to his name, can rise above the rest and become a hero.

-Dorian Empire-
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