The Rift Amphitheater

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The Rift Amphitheater

Post by Arbitrator on Sat May 21, 2016 7:45 pm

All combat that takes place within the games, be they ranked matches or exhibitions are held within the Sanctum Rift Amphitheater. The Rift is a distortion in the space/time continuum unattached to any location and hosted between space. Combatants may go wild without worry of inflicting lasting damage upon their worlds. But perhaps more importantly the rift is a place between time where those that enter to compete are only removed from their world for a single moment in time, no matter how long they remain within the rift. In this way, combatants need never worry about their participation in the Games hindering their ability to interact or respond to the events of their world. The landscape of the rift will be identical for single and team matches, with a malleable landscape for Theater of Contest events.

(In essence, the games are hosted within an anomaly of space/time that will in no way interfere with the world or timeline of stories taking place outside the games. Unless of course the character dies, which will result in their corpse if one remains reappearing in their world at the location they had entered the rift.)


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