Elementian Colony

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Elementian Colony

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It is here that the five true nations of Elementia,
Our mother world, meet in unison under one banner, Elemomni.

One Hundred foot high walls of thick, Dwarven crafted stone, re-enforced with Elementian-Steel that has the strength and durability of mithril surround the city. Ten meter tall, bridged sentry towers manned at all times, line the walls at 40 meter intervals, trading shifts once every twelve hours with another file of Elite Civilian Soldiers that both constantly observe the land, and man cannons of Elvish make that line the ramparts; some of them powered by the nigh infernal flames of pyromancers, others by water benders. Each district has its own main gate forged from the famous Elementian steel Forges. Gate A leads into District Wateria named after Typhoon, the Elemental God of Water. Gate B leads into District Fira, named for S`hevner the Elemental God of Fire. Gate C, otherwise known as Gaia, leads to Earthron, named for the Elemental Goddess of Earth, and last but not least Gate D known as Eshe, after the Elemental Goddess of Air leads to the District of Aeros. All four districts surround and connect with the central district of Elos. Each District unique to the other, but all united in the octogonian offspring Kingdom of Elemomni.

A district of merchants an inns, where many commoners and foreigners go to seek their fortune selling weapons, jewelry, spices, apparel and more. Stalls and tents line the streets, outnumbering the inns two to one. Blue banners of the finest make whip in the wandering wind over the walk-ways, bearing the Oroborous symbol in homage Elos. Many civilian homes also populate this district; ranging from farmers, to merchants, to even the district Jarl, whoever that might be at the time. A well trained Civilian Police presence regularly patrols the region with several barracks dotting the area in effort to dishearten thieves who may attempt to prey upon any resident or patron with coin. Shatter proof glass columns continuously pump flowing streams of highly pressurized water throughout the district providing irrigation, sewage, an even water for house hold usage. This network also provides for the rest of Elemomni; from the farms in Earthron and to the Mines of Fira.
Wateria partially got its name due to the vast aquifer beneath this part of the city, but also due to the fact that the main purification plant resides just above it in the undercity. Water benders and manipulators keep the Dwarven systems tuned and perpetual as they were meant to be, and train for years just to work in this most coveted, well-guarded, and well-paid of positions.

This district is one of the more unique regions of Elemomni, due to being semi-cut off from the others by a thick, dual chambered wall filled with well-guarded doorways big enough to accommodate large vehicles. Science, logic, and hard work are the credo of this district. One notices upon entering Fira that the air is quite heavy, thicker even… though well circulated by a filtration system worked by Air benders and manipulators in the Aero main control center. A complex network of fans continuously pump the pollution from the air and take it through a web of insulated pipes, filtrating and then returning it to the surface via louvered ventilation ducts mounted on posts throughout the district. An immense triple layered, transparent shield covers the entirety of Fira in order to keep the pollution, and even noise, from spreading to the other districts; everything is recycled, nothing wasted. There are three major mines with each one possessing unique ores and precious gems as well as general building supplies, then there are the fabled recreations of the Burning Land's of Elementia forges where the citizens of the district craft swords, firearms and all sorts of unique weapons and armor. Fifty foot tall towers belch pollution from the forges alongside rows and rows of similar stacks from immense factories that shape and make everything from building materials to weaponry, to certain types of household goods. It is however, the smiths that ultimately craft everything. Blacksmiths, Gunsmiths, Whitesmiths, Stonemasons and the like line walk-ways hosting red banners promoting the Oroborous seal above each opening. Homes, Taverns and barracks for miners and other workers also take up space throughout the district, and like Wateria a home in honor of the Jarl of the time.
Fira can be considered the heart of the kingdom’s wealth and production.

A vast, and supremely calming presence pervades the district as soon as one enters, as if Gaia herself is constantly present. It is hard to miss the huge statues in the likeness of Gaia, the Goddess of Earth at either end and just taller than the dividing walls themselves; A giant Tyrannosaurus Rex of stone and crystal with a protruding horn above her nose and eyes crafted from what seem to be crude diamonds. Temples dot the landscape throughout the district with the sigils of each god or goddess they represent in front of them. The temple of Typhoon, the Water God rises in a square of solid blue marble surrounded by many columns of thick, reinforced glass shaped to look like ice with a giant sea serpent of crystal the color of water in front of the shrine in a huge fountain that perpetually showers water over his form. The temple dedicated to S`hevner, the God of Fire, is a massive structure shaped from what seems to be riveted iron and cobblestone with columns of the same robust glass as the others, but colored and fashioned into tridents of flame. A third temple far more simple and not as large as the rest, rises in pure stone, with carpets of grass and flowers, and columns shaped from stone in the form of fists with a miniature representation of Gaia in each. A fourth and final temple, more lavish than the rest, hovers above the ground via columns of conjured air. Pink marble steps lead to incredibly ornate temple doors of precious metals and gems, framed by solid pink marble. Supple curves and spires flow over the top of the temple like a crown in various hues of pink and gold. The temple is a testament to the Lady Eshe's beauty and her obsession with it. The inside is even more of a sight to behold, with fountains, and ponds, and flowers everywhere, with even birds singing day and sometimes night as a visage of a young, nearly nude, achingly beautiful woman stands in the dead center of the temple.
All but Infra's and Rahama's temples reside in Earthron.
Infra's temple resides in the heart of the Kingdom, within Elos. Rahama's worship is forbidden due to the belief that he is the source of all evil in Elementia.


District Aeros can be said to be one of the most unusual and elegant regions of Elemomni, for it is a city borne by the air itself. Elegant tall spires of cream colored flagstone beset with blue roofs resting on conjured clouds and pockets of dimensional instability, where even small islands float amongst them. Nobody really walks from building to building in Aeros. Many long walkways of moving, conjured air move people back and forth between buildings as well as the availability of lighter than air travel. Each building also has its own portal network for the most expedient travel between locations and even between other districts of Elemomni. Gold flags with the Oroborous sigil flutter atop each spire of the Great University of the Magickal Arts in honor of the balance that makes all. Students come from all over the kingdom and lands a far to learn from the great magisters, and many of them continue to live and work in the districts of Elemomni after they graduate.

The land below is almost unusual, for it was the original mine that built the city and has now been terraced for farming and sectioned off for the training of the Civilian police with many training grounds, fortifications and barracks. Groves of trees are everywhere along with every kind of food you can imagine, while in other sections there are grassy fields for the various kinds of animals needed to feed and care for the denizens of Elemomni. Lifts and conveyors purvey the day’s pickings to the teleport system for transportation to the districts of the city for delivery. Some terraced sections are actually stacked on top of each other with pillars to support them. Aeros and the hinterlands truly is a masterpiece of Dwarven engineering.


The very heart and soul of the city, Elos stands above the rest, surrounded by vast gardens dedicated to each of the other four elements and respective districts, with flora from all over the kingdom and various sub-shrines. Every major gate in the city has a tie here, forming a nexus point known as The Path Of Lights; a whirling orb of all colors and none upon a massive dais of iridescent marble and precious metals. Three roads diverge from this point, one to the judicial branch, one to the legislative branch, and the main road leading to the palace itself. Homes of the Lords and Ladies of Court strategically dot the landscape around a massive palace, temple, and library complex covered in thousands of thin spires and many crystalline domes. All is white stone, gilded with tri-color gold, and mithril, and platinum ornamentation… so white it shines almost like living snow. Each dome radiates different colored energies, depending on placement, that combine to form the great shield of iridescent energy all colors and none that protects the entirety of Elemomni in an impenetrable barrier against all who would come to do harm.

The Main offices of the judicial branch, The Primus Curia, open to the left of The Path of Lights; an almost austere, but none the less impressive building with ponderously huge marble columns around the entire edifice, supporting a huge green crystal dome. One must walk beneath a gigantic marble statue of Justicia Herself, a blindfolded angelic with wings spread wide, who holds the Scales Justice, in order to enter or leave the Primus Curia. Both sub-branches of the judicial branch connect to either side of this grand building as if they have always been there, a part of everything, and united in cause and purpose; the Verietate Concordia with blue dome under the left wing, and the Vox Populi with gold dome under Justicia’s right wing. One cannot help but feel dwarfed and humbled…

The great building of the Council of Facultas simply has no way to be missed on the right hand of The Path Of Lights. Parliament, as it is commonly called, sits behind a grand fountain with statues representing all of the five elements and their respective patrons. Cleverly crafted glass and multi-colored crystal create sprays of light and water play amidst the delicate songs of the spheres and the unity of the gods and goddesses. Five paths A great silver marble building lies behind, surrounded by multitudes of finely crafted and reinforced glass columns built to represent all of the five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Aether. Five paths, each constructed of the corresponding elemental crystal, lead through the fountain. One each of Emerald, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz, respective to each element, blending into one path before two great jade doors featuring the dragons of the balance itself.

The next progression along the Path Of Lights leads one to a most unusual edifice… both there, and not there, solid, yet not, and made almost completely of light and crystal. To enter Infra’s domain one must pass through the mouth of a giant, transparent, glowing crystal dragon into what lies beyond… The very world around all who so do tends to warp and fold and become swallowed in light and peace and an almost impossible, yet subtle strength. Light becomes solid, solidity becomes light and formlessness. She is ever present and endless. All who enter both see, and are seen from every angle, as She so desires. If she finds you worthy or you have been called to the palace, Infra will open the way, depositing you in the main palace grounds quite suddenly, but only then.

A Sign reads
Palace Grounds Currently Closed For Remodeling
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