Spring cleaning! We now have subforums, new open settings and a more welcoming arrangement

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Spring cleaning! We now have subforums, new open settings and a more welcoming arrangement

Post by Conservator on Fri May 06, 2016 7:52 pm

In order to make Sanctum less intimidating for newcomers and give users a place to have open roleplaying (rather than wondering how to fit in any number of large and intimidating empires) we have added settings that any user can integrate themselves into rp without a struggle:

The Lowborn - A pub or a hole in the wall in the infamous market-city. No empire had claimed jurisdiction to the market as of now...save for the Celesin empire which, of course, assumes they have absolute power. Luckily, they mostly ignore it.

The Crawl - A seemingly endless jumble of tunnels underneath Novus Orsa. Several large junction rooms connect endless miles of of circular tunnels beneath the city. Some lead out of the city proper, others may even be dug under the ocean bay that N.O. uses for port trade. Crime, murder, smuggling and black markets which disappear over night are common here.

Sadjeem's Bazaar - The legendary bazaar within the continental confines of the Black Sun Empire. Known for its rich culture and somewhat expensive prices. Many eateries, busking performers, rare jewels, art, silks and imports can be purchased here. Perfect for those with refined tastes. Located in the Maur Secundus providence which the Empress and royal bloodline have called home for two millennia.

Heaven's Blade - While not on the Sanctum world itself, this is another open setting within the Dorian Empire. It is a gentleman's club, a casino and a bordello all in one. The spire itself is owned by King Nebuchadnezzar.

Vasten Ocean - Open to any and all RPs needing an ocean setting. Absolute freedom, do whatever you like!

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