Nebuchadnezzar and Helivant - A pleasant introduction

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Nebuchadnezzar and Helivant - A pleasant introduction

Post by Nebuchadnezzar on Wed Apr 20, 2016 6:49 pm

17:42:26 Nebuchadnezzar No outside logos of fanfare announced the spire; only a lattice of dim violet light encircled it; making it stand out over the terrain like a dark beacon. Several stories high with only the occasional minuscule window peppering the chassis between the diamond shaped caging that the outer lights provided. There was a sizeable urban sprawl on the planet known as Rosa Decidua; recovering after a war for the freedom of an enslaved populace (a vanished one, in fact) and several well moneyed and lower tier Dorian nobles were snatching up land on the green world and establishing themselves along with commerce and other methods of gain and control. Nebuchadnezzar had learned all about the skirmishes, the vanishing populace as soon as Dorian had assisted in defending the slaves in their uprising (surely just coincidence) and had chosen to establish something on the surface. The King, now more or less being referred to officially as Nebuchadnezzar Shuinsai had personally decided to not correct anyone who applied the illustrious and powerful name to her any longer. Her kind were not known for having surnames. Nothing more than their assigned project codes was needed to address them and last she had checked not even Esarhaddon, her identical counterpart, had appended “Dra’sen” to her title. Almost as if in celebration and, to sort of toss it in the face of those certain upper echelon residents and politicians who had no idea who she was, how she became a Shuinsai and possibly resented her presence in the royal family— she decided to open and invest in her first personal project: a simple venue catering to those hemorrhaging social and fiscal capital who also happened to be easily bored and did not mind rubbing shins with the exotic, the strange and the unpredictable. And thus Heaven’s Blade was born: the construction of the spire had  completed only a few months prior and the King had personally hired her own designers and promoters to be sure it fit the image in her head and would be a perfectly balanced blend of membership. Fifteen floors with the only entrance located at the very top and accessible be aero-capable vehicle, one’s exotic capabilities or however else people may choose to get creative about it. Otherwise? They had better hitch a ride or sit the good times out. And for those subtle restrictions the King had still seen her venue fill to the brim within a week. Not a night went by where the bottom twelve floors of her operation weren’t filled to the brim with the freshly minted adult children of nobility, drug dealers, politicians, sex workers and even extremely high tier head hunters and military brass. A melange of bodies swayed, drank, danced sinuously and on other floors they gambled or perhaps they’d enjoy time on the more private seventh, eighth and ninth club which were for lack of a better word: sex dens. For all the possibility of grime Heaven’s Blade never failed to dazzle with any theme be it: the club floors with black felted walls and the same dim violet light as outside, the golden floors of gambling and even classic games like billiards along with more alien strategies as well and then slate, water, serene blue light and beings of every providing a wealth of services as long as one had the right (and exorbitant) amount of Dorian credit. But the top three floors were off limits to anyone but the King and any guests she may choose. The ‘Penthouse’ of sorts and seems Nebuchadnezzar had finally chosen a second home outside of the House of Leaves. It was all unvarnished stone walls with a cut in hearth and overhead light so bright they mimicked a halogen daylight. The only entrance was a pair of absurdly tall brushed metal doors from the lift and with a code she personally communicated from her own eyes directly into the security console. The King was the Key itself. And the King was currently leaving the triple story penthouse with its one enormous work of art on the wall all in whites and grays depicting some sort of Infernal struggle. One eye turned red with a bright white pinpoint not unlike an LED light; and the console responded to her. ’Farewell, Nebuchadnezzar. Do not terrorize the linear beings too much? They are at your mercy’ to which the King only smiled at the facsimile of Konstantine’s “Mütter” program now retooled and sentient to run and protect her home and investments. She entered the lift in one of her signature black dresses and made her way down to the second tier of the spire: the club floors where she’d traipse through the dim light and music with its bass like a beating heart; bodies swaying around her, a few nobles staring in her direction as she cut through the crowd for a sound proof office in the back of the sprawl.

18:06:36 Helivant It was with a swagger unlike any other seen in the Dorian Empire that Helivant arrived at the club owned by Arcerion’s pet King. Rumors abound, after all, about the great and the powerful. Especially at the bottom, where flesh smiths operate. He had heard a great deal of this woman and the great initiative on this planet. And as he looked up at the metal monstrosity that loomed above he smirked. All the vanity in the universe had built this monument to her own hubris. He found he liked this woman already. Without even meeting her. He tilted his head as he spied out the entrance platform. His crimson, slitted eyes narrowed upon it and the aerial vehicles waiting to offload their ‘important’ passengers. He smirked slightly and waited for his moment. Then he vanished from the foot of the tower and reappeared upon the platform above, forcing whoever might be on it to fall to their deaths. If they were powerless, of course. And those didn’t really matter, in the grand scheme of things. He smirked, tongue  running across his teeth as he watched them fall. His clothing was a mixture of archaic and modern style. He enjoyed how classy the archaic pieces complimented the modern. The pale man, as tall as, if not taller, than an Excerion, whipped his crimson velvet coat. Underneath that was a black suit pinstriped in red. His white shirt beneath gleamed, complemented by an ascot at his neck. His shoes were wingtips, white and black combo, nice and glossy. He entered the club and smirked, crimson irises almost glowing in the light of the club.

18:25:55 [Nebuchadnezzar] Before reaching her “quiet room”, a circular affair much like the rest of the Spire’s theme, Nebuchadnezzar casually lifted a bottle of something not unlike champagne but in a red so deep the fluid appeared black within the club’s stylistic lighting— useful for a good time if not discerning any details. The server may have complained if he hadn’t lain eyes on the woman long enough to get a look at her and see she was the King and owner and he’d simply have to go into the stores and fetch another bottle. At a glance she was only another stunningly beautiful woman of average height: around 5’7 and statuesque in the most classic of ways while the plunging neckline for the dress she wore always threatened to have her substantial decolletage spilling out of it...and yet it never happened. Where other women were decked out in asymmetrical or sky high hair styles and ensembles it was honestly the hubris her newest guest and nefarious Bale that  inspired her to tone her own image down: her hair was loose and brushed plenty to the point it looked somewhere between ink and lush fur and her sharp bangs were pinned back to leave stark features free for once; no jewelry adorned her milk pale skin and her makeup had been dialed down, for once, to somewhere near natural save for just the right amount of khol around her eyes. Other women earned stares but those with tastes gawked at the club’s owner, the sway of her hips, the dress (an imported pseudo-kaftan from the Black Sun and quite expensive which left her hips and breastbone exposed) along with her Before opening the obsidian doors to the private office chamber she did the site of someone looming over the crowd. Very tall, a gilded man and it only took a glance to discern important details about him: the hands, the eyes. A Bale. Now, that was reason enough to put off brooding and compiling in her office while watching the bodies outside as she preferred.The same server she’d snatched the bottle from returned with a flute which had an unpolished, horribly sharp edge— and one side of it rose to a dagger point. Before the server could flee, she’d pinch him by the cuff of his black uniform until he turned to her; his black Oni mask not hiding the wide brown eyes beneath. ’That man. Red coat. Send him an invitation and pour him a glass of this. Bring him to the third tier.’ Which was the “VIP” section of the club and a loft, so to speak. From there, it was quieter with eerie music, low sitting tables in obsidian and the black glass that walled it off was two way— they could watch the other two floors of the club from above in privacy. And should anyone be up there now? Well, their fun time was over.

18:45:27 Helivant - The man himself looked eerily similar to Nebuchadnezzar, with his pale skin and ink-dark hair what fell to his shoulders, though his was parted at the front to leave himfree to gaze out at the masses. His stature earn him an open path wherever he chose, for not many here had seen anyone quite so tall, save for Exercions. Bales were rare in these days. Only the Dorian Empress was to be seen in this part of the universe. And now he, Helivant, had joined the fray. He nearly stumbled over the server and was about to shove the man aside when it spoke to Helivant. An invitation from the King herself. Excellent. So he had been noticed. Wonderful. He smirked down at the man, “Perfect, dear boy. Lead on.” His smirk grew wider. He had counted upon this. She was curious about him. Him and his kind, no doubt. He doubted that she was on very friendly terms with the Empress. And so Helivant would be her source for information. Now both had a chance to have their curiosities satisfied. He doubted that it would be hers. There were only five Bales known to exist in the universe. Correction, five full-blooded Bales. The mongrel Bale-Exercions didn’t count in his opinion. He followed the server up to the third tier and, if it was empty he simply sat and took a glass of whatever it was that the man poured for him. He’d sniffed, mutter a spell, and once he was sure it wasn’t contaminated, not that any poison she possessed even could kill him, he sipped. If it was occupied by anyone other than Nebuchadnezzar, he would become instantly cold, projecting an aura of power that could not be denied as he said just two words, “Get out.” He was the kind of creature who could say such things and be obeyed.

19:00:59 Nebuchadnezzar - And thus, Helivant had done the job of ridding the neckers from the Third tier. There was some sort of mogul occupying it with a gaggle of women with jobs as assigned by the King that were not unlike Geisha— beautiful women who’s purpose was to entertain and not to provide sexual services. Instead, again like Geisha; they were free to be sponsored and pampered by the very rich if patrons of Heaven’s Blade took a liking to them and then any physical congress between them was their business. Until then, in effect, they were property owned by the King like more additions to her collection of rare baubles and trinkets. And she chose only the most beautiful. Three of them were present and entertain a very rotund and yet characteristically handsome man in a black and gold suit. As soon as Helivant entered the women scattered and the mogul prepared to protest until he, too, was summoned by the server who’d lead the Bale upstairs. Every complaint he might have had was stifled by the King soon entering behind her illustrious guest— a smart Mogul with no title knew better than to get on the bad side of a Shuinsai Marchioness, after all. Especially one making a very public and dominating entrance into commerce outside of her club. Nebuchadnezzar padded to the other side of the room where built in shelving of matching black glass rose waist length upon the viewing window. There, she placed the champagne bottle she’d taken from the server and filled her own sharp, dangerous flute. Helivant would finally get a look at her after she was finished and turned away from the items to lay her pale eyes on him— up at him. He was as tall as Arcerion. Not that Nebu resented her height at all… ’Welcome to Heaven’s Blade.’ she’d purr in a voice husky, cultured and always suggesting a sort of puckish haughtiness. Exposed hips in her exotic but again, simplistic and cultured dress swayed as she crossed over to the other wise of the room. A wall unit twisted out from a formerly invisible slot and revealed other refreshments. ’You’re related to our indomitable empress, I assume? The lovely Kanatal Vileur-Shuinsai?’ finally, a small widened across her lips rendered in a delicate mauve. Now, she was approaching him and holding her glass out. Speaking of hubris— she seemed to not have found a reason to introduce herself. After all, he must have known who she was. ’To the empire. And how would I properly address a man of your stature, wealth and taste?’ She doubted he’d ever heard “Sympathy for the Devil” from a world far away but seemed lightly amused at the reference enough to reward Helivant with a slightly wider smile.

19:45:03 Helivant - It was a lucky thing that Nebuchadnezzar entered directly behind him. After he issued his command, of course. Lucky for the mogul. Helivant had been preparing to eviscerate him and leave his intestines hanging from the chandelier. Not that getting his hands dirty had ever bothered him, but the King might have taken offense at having to have her VIP section cleansed of blood and viscera. He turned as Nebu entered, the murderous look on his face siphoned away as he examined her. He took her in from head to toe, inside and out with his arcana-enhanced vision. Unless, of course, there was something about her that might keep him from viewing what it was she was made of. He smirked as she uttered the name of her club. His eyes shifted over the refreshments she was revealing around the room, examining their contents. Helivant was capable of enjoying a wide variety of refreshments. Unlike vampires, who were insects compared to a Bale, they had their pick of what went into their bellies. Not that they would gain any sustenance from it, but they could appreciate it. Helivant turned his eyes back to the King who was now approaching and he extended a hand out to the side at one of the bottles. His fingers flexed and it unstoppered itself, the liquid curling up and out of the bottle and into a glass. Once it was full the glass was drawn inexorably to his hand. His long fingers curled about it, “Vileur-Shuinsai. Tchah. I was never a fan of her marriage to Arcerion.” He smirked slightly, “As for Kanatal being ‘lovely’, you must never had met her in a bad mood. She may be cultured and urbane, but she is still a Bale, darling.” He reached out and tapped his glass to hers, “The Empire, if you insist. As for how you can address me, Nebuchadnezzar, you may call me Helivant.” He lifted the glass and sniffed, then tilted it back for a sip. Then he turned and moved to languidly seat himself on the couch where the mogul had been being entertained by the Geisha. He lifted one leg and draped it across the other just above the knee, the bulk of his calf resting against his leg. His arms lifted to the back of the couch and he stared at her with his crimson eyes, “Tell me, my dear. How might you be related to the illustrious Emperor? I wasn’t aware he had any non-Excerion relatives.” It was clear that, judging by his posture, Helivant was used to dominating any given room the moment he entered it. Not only was it his aura, but his gaze and the unneeded sense of power. His eyes were pleased with what they saw, surprisingly. Helivant was a known racist, looking down on many species that might be the equal of a Bale in power. But they were simply arrogant in that manner, as always. And thus many prime examples of the female form had gone unnoticed by him in past years. However, since his last encounter with his wife which left her as nothing more than a puddle of black goo, his views had shifted. He knew he would never be free of Arsceva, but he could entertain himself with females who piqued his  curiosity.

20:15:35 Nebuchadnezzar glanced at Helivant’s hands. Not that she had to as she’d seen them before on others. His nephew, Lucian Vileur-Shiunsai had his own and the first day they’d met at her black tower— more a landmark for the gateway into her true home, the House of Leaves— she’d complimented the young man on them before experiencing some very improper and visceral thoughts about him. As for what the Bale in question would see for Nebuchandezzar? Not as much as he thought. If he could see she was somehow constructed of neutrinos rather than the usual material he would glean such information along with her core of power being more like a void when not engaged. Likely, she was one of the more strange and unique beings to grace the universe. But Helivant surely had already heard of Kings. As he claimed the seat on the couch the King was a bit more subtle in her displays of dominance and power. She was never one to claim the center of the room— instead she preferred to be above people or even below them; draping on something like a feline and exhibiting the exact same amount of languidity. Thus, Helivant could have the couch...The King chose the large tatami-style cushion on the floor and stretched her legs out in front of her; head craned upward to face and her upper body propped up on her elbow and the flats of her forearms. ’Oooh, I see….’ she’d say to his bit about Kanatal; giving him a coquettish look for his statement. ’As there are so precious few of the Vileur Bales as I have heard, you must be one of her legendary cousins or a sibling? And I am ever charmed, Helivant. It was gracious of you to come and bring such class into my venue.’ briefly, one of her eyebrows cocked playfully and she licked her lips. Her tone did not make it clear if she was being sarcastic or truly paying him a lush and buttery compliment. No one could ever tell, truth be told. Nebuchadnezzar took a small pull of the dark champagne and rearranged her legs before answering his next Question ’I am the adopted daughter of Mundus, a satellite member of the Shuinsai clan from times of yore. No one has seen him in years. Shortly after my creation I was thrust into this world knowing and nude and it was he who took me under his wing and guided me. And then when I was worthy he nearly killed the both of us by awarding me with half of his power. It was then I was suddenly in possession of a family unlike every other King outside of what we are to each other.’ Now, she paused. Usually these games of introductions and questions between powerful elites bored her, but, this one was a bit more pertinent and closer to home. For once she was engaged— she’d been curious about the full blooded Bales and now she had one. What a lucky day it was! ’So. For one not so much a fan of my uncle, the Emperor and perhaps his empire what brings you into it? And of all One such as yourself seems miles above the fair I’ve crafted in such a place.’

20:41:59 Helivant - Looking down upon others seemed his natural state of being. The information gleaned from his examination of her substance was intriguing for certain. However, this was not the time to study his findings. He took a sip from his glass as he let his eyes rest upon her, a chuckle rising from his chest, “Legendary, is it? Well, I can see how that might be the case here in Dorian. And yes, she and I are, in fact, cousins, of a sort.” He tilted his head, looking at her as she explained her situation, ”I see. Adoption. Not something I would have thought of an Exercion. They are nearly as cruel as we are. Count yourself fortunate that you did not end up raped, tortured and ripped limb from limb for his amusement.” He took the glass to his lips and drained it, though it seemed not to phase him. He set the glass aside and leaned forward to look closer at her, ”My motives are my own, for the moment, darling. As right as you are about me being miles above the people who frequent this place, there  is one who, at least, comes close to me. And that, my dear King, is you. You see, I have heard of your species from many mouths in recent years and I find myself curious.” He smirked slightly, leaning back again, ”And mine eyes are not displeased at what they find. You are quite the interesting specimen.” His eyes glittered with curious, ”Allow me to explain. You see, I have special interest in creation. The flesh is my speciality, and the forces of life itself. I have been working toward the creation of a singular being for many years now, with no success. And as you have just admitted to me that you were created, not born, I was right in my assumption that I might just find an answer or two in you.” He tilted his head, wondering if she would be offended.

21:01:01 Nebuchadnezzar brought her glass up to her lips as he spoke; somehow not having to lean into the side with a forearm still in the tatami mat. Balance, somehow, was not one of her concerns. She allowed Helivant to speak his piece in its entirety before choosing to engage him. Instead, it was more pertinent on her end to absorb as much information as possible. Every raised or lowered pitch or cadence of his voice was measured— he hadn’t lied yet. A small pause after he was done speaking and she wore another one of her mysterious little smiles; amused, engaged but still a million miles as was the usual candor of any King. ’Well...they may have tried to do so.’ she’d say, giving a gallant shrug. ’Regardless I was but a babe in the woods; naked….certainly not afraid. And now, I’ve come to be a Marchioness of the Shuinsai. I suppose they must see something in me worthwhile.’ her tone was a sort of faux-humble; intentionally talking herself down simply because she felt like it. In her eyes she was toying around as usual and enjoyed the little game of verbal knives between herself and someone who could keep up. However, something he said did give her pause. Isaak had come to her those years ago singing the same sort of beautiful poetry into her ears: an interesting specimen he wanted to study, nothing like her, her very existence may contain the answers she wanted. What was it with her and attracting these types, platonically or otherwise? Thus, Helivant would see her neglect to speak for a full thirty seconds as she casually reached up to push her windfall of luxurious, inken hair from her shoulders. ’ ex husband sought answers as well. He too was a well honed man of the sciences and while he did learn from me the King’s Codex is so complex and wound up that even we cannot untangle it.’ a short shrug. ’But of course that does not mean all is lost unless you’ve chosen to engage in the fool’s errand of trying to recreate what I am— it simply is not possible. Otherwise, I may well be able to oblige you.’ And now her unreadable vixen personae flooded back into her features and she tilted her head at him; eyes even more pale than Kanatal’s trained on him. ’The question is what do I receive in return? To be your vulnerable subject and…expose myself for you?’ and she did hope he wouldn’t be so vapid as to suggest physical or financial compensation. Nebuchadnezzar already possessed enough in assets.

21:24:50 Helivant - His chuckle was soft as could be, and yet still audible as Nebu contradicted him, ”Hmm. So instruction in your own innate abilities is not required, it seems. Imprinted upon your mind, probably.” He wanted her to know that he, too, could collect information. He was keen of mind beyond what she might be used to, dealing with this rabble.He rolled his eyes, ”Oh please. Don’t bother with the self-deprecating act, Nebuchadnezzar. There is value in your mind, your abilities and the status that having you as part of his clan brings.” He arched a brow, hearing the tale of her ex-husband and what they managed to discover about her nature. When she finished, he laughed. He laughed deeply, ”And what makes you think I care about this Codex of yours? I do not wish to recreate you, dear. I wish to create life based upon my own designs.” He shifted forward, moving to the edge of his seat and placing his forearms upon his knees, ”You see, I care not for the race of Kings. I do not wish to replicate you. My goals reach a good deal further than duplication of a species, impressive as they are.” He was selfish to a fault. He didn’t want the knowledge for knowledge’s sake. He didn’t want it to unlock the secrets of her species. He wanted the how so he could create his own monsters. He smirked softly as she inquired as to what form of compensation she might get for being his subject, ”Well, to begin with, there is very little left to expose, darling. However, since you asked, I can only offer you what you truly desire.” He paused, leaving her in suspense as he used his powers to refill his glass and summon it once more, ”Information. We are rare, we Bales. You have no need of wealth or flesh. Judging by how quickly I was invited here upon entering your establishment, I would say you are. . . exceptionally curious about me and mine. Am I correct?”

21:39:52 Nebuchadnezzar was only entertained when he rolled his eyes and, for all intents and purposes, told her to cut the shit. He was going to have a hard time getting her to stick to such a request as speaking out of both sides of her mouth was simply part and parcel of Nebuchadnezzar’s personality. And she quirked a bit when he mentioned of being imprinted rather than learning— it was close enough to the truth, of course. He was a bit more well versed in the structure of Kings than the vast majority of intelligent beings that knew of them. You’ve done your homework.’ she’d purr behind the flute of dark champagne. And when he laughed and told her he wasn’t interested in the Codex she was honestly relieved rather than offended. People had died and wrecked entire populaces trying to get at the King’s Codex; especially if they were enemies or rebels toward the Celesin Empire and figured understanding how their new Empress ticked would give them an advantage against Mesiphidon. ’Your disinterest in our core coding is a boon to me— it means we are indeed not wasting our time here. Which would be a shame...alone with such a gorgeous being and nothing to show for it might have ruined my night.’ Spoken shamelessly as usual. While celibate since she’d accepted her abandonment by Isaak (had she simply been too much for him? Or had he gotten what he wanted and saw no reason to stay?) she was never shy about such things and cared not whether someone viewed her as the Madonna or the Whore. ’I could glean near anything I need to know about you by touching you. Trust I have made attempts to grace the bare skin of the Empress once or twice in the rare occasions we’ve been in the same room. More or less she chooses to remain on that desert world and fortress of hers...toiling away.’ Now she finished the glass and rose from her position to stand and cross the room behind the couch— she’d pass Helivant close enough that He might glean the scent rising from her: nothing organic at all as Kings had no natural scent, but boasting just enough of the scent of jasmine applied in her penthouse before she’d come down to the lower floors. As minimalist as ever. ’So in our exchange I am subjected to your whims and I only need to lay a hand on you.’ A hand rose so she might look over her own palm and digits; her nails currently boasting a deep, sinful red not unlike the wine they sampled. ’I suppose that is fair...may I?’ she teased; turning to look at him over her shoulders and understanding fully well that he might well refuse at this juncture.

22:07:21 Helivant , as stated previously, was selfish. Which meant that he did not care one whit about power struggles in this universe. He really only cared about achieving his own goals, and whether that impacted the galaxy at large or not was not his main focus. He arched a brow as she came right out and called him gorgeous, his lips stretching into a full-blown grin. He listened as she spoke of her attempts to glean information from Kanatal. He chuckled, ”If she knew of your interest, I know you failed. Kanatal was never one to give up secrets idly. But I rather think that you will fail, especially with me.” He stood as she asked him for permission to touch him. Instead of answering, he stripped off his coat and folded it before tossing it across an out of the way piece of furniture. He then offered her his long-fingered hand. The moment she took it, she’d realize something was wrong. She was getting information, but not all of it. She was being blocked by defenses unknown. And so while she wasn’t getting the  whole picture, she was getting most of it. The missing pieces were mostly biologically inclined. Anything she might be able to read of infer from his DNA was simply not coming through. He could read, in a way, what she was getting. His personality traits, his habits, even some of his brainwaves. But she got nothing about his physical body or biology. He grinned, ”It does not work as intended. As a flesh shaper, I have protected myself from the vast majority of tampering by encoding my DNA to protect it. If you wish further information, darling, you will simply have to glean it the usual way. By word of mouth. And that will require. . . persuasion.” He grinned at his own cleverness. He would prolong their interaction and, quite possibly, satisfying some of his extraneous needs. She might pick up on those ideas through the contact that continued even now. One of them involved throwing her up against a wall and shredding the dress she was wearing.

22:24:49 Nebuchadnezzar ’Oh I am quite sure that via Arcerion— she was well aware of what contact with me would bring. Even the emperor himself often wears gloves around me. It is just so demoralizing to be distrusted, wouldn’t you say?’ she briefly pouted and while convincing it was only more coy theater. Nebu understood the hows and whys for keeping how they ticked from her. While their family was a close knit tribe they never let down their guard; always understanding that the metaphorical knife in the back could come from any and every angle when one least expected it. However, Helivant surprised her when he rose and took his coat off after saying she might fail. It didn’t offend her, it interested her. He wasn’t the first being to be able to block her extreme spectra and nor would he be the last. But knowing how the proverbial roadblock worked was still knowledge in and of itself. So, she turned from the viewing window fully and took his hand— and at first contact he’d feel a brief, static-like shock and might even catch a bit of blue coursing over her hands and if he were keen enough? A slight, still and stimulating hum. Much like with Kitsuko had her naked down in her labs sometimes skin contact with an Umbrageist was literally a tad electrifying— a little symptom of her neutrinos imitating the true subatomic particles that the usual beings were comprised of. Helivant could now see her hands turn black as well as her eyes and the only sign she was still breathing was a brief tick of her skull. His long, much larger hand would be captured by both of hers for a little less than twenty seconds. ’Curiouser and curioser…’ she’d purr; the darkness hissing from her hands and her eyes snapping back to their former unnatural but still close to humanoid shade. Now he was speaking of persuasion and Nebuchadnezzar gave off a huff of a laugh. ’Is that so? To think we’ve only just met and appear to be getting along oh so well….isn’t that fortunate?’ Now, there was a predatory look in her eyes although it was a brief one. The King stared at the Bale; measuring him visually as he had gone and ensnared her via inquisitiveness. ’Follow me, Helivant. Such a conversation is worth more than a room like this. Let us continue in my penthouse.’ she’d say, suddenly releasing his hand and padding around him again; heading for the exit to the Third Tier. and if he acquiesced he’d find himself in the lift momentarily and rising to the enormous tall space which spanned all three floors on the 13th, 14th and 15th.
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